Annabel’s little secret Episode 10

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Little Secret💋
(What happened to her?)

Episode 10

By: Faith Lucky.

Esther’s Pov:
I took out the pen and opened the diary curiously to read and just then, the door of the bathroom opened and she walked out.

Her eyes dilated at the sight of the diary in my hands.


“What do you think you’re doing?” She snarled and came to me in a full force, snatching the diary from my hands.

‘Have you gone nuts?” She barked.

“What makes you think you have the right to go through my diary? Can’t I have some privacy?’

I opened my mouth in shock and was too stunned to even say a word.

What…what the hell is that?

I stood up on my feet and scoffed.

“Annabel, are you alright?” I asked, transfixed in shock.

‘Yes, I am. And I think you and your sisters should just stay out of my way” she replied angrily and left the room with the diary.

I gasped and turned to look at the door in shock.

Is that Annabel?

How can she get so mad over her diary?

How could she speak to me in such manner?

What do you think Annabel’s hiding in her diary? 🤔

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Brought to you by Faith Lucky.
Love you all💋💋💋

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