Celebrity Crush Episode 10

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[Nothing is impossible]

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🔞Episode Ten🔞

I know am wrong.

But the way she asked was as if she was dating him.

I could hear the sound of a guitar.

It must be her.

She always plays a guitar whenever she is sad or annoyed.

I walked to her room, and stood by the door.

Yup. Its her.

She is singing this same song someone you love by Levis capaldi.

🎸🎵🎶Am going under in the summer field, there is no one to save me

🎸🎵🎶This one really nothing got away, you driving me crazy

🎸🎵🎶I need somebody to hear

🎸🎵🎶Somebody to know

🎸🎵🎶Somebody to hug

🎸🎵🎶Somebody to hold

🎸🎵🎶Its easy to say

🎸🎵🎶But its never the same

🎸🎵🎶 i guess I kinda like the knocked all the pain

🎸🎵🎶Now the day blinks

🎸🎵🎶And tonight fall

🎸🎵🎶And you know am here to get me through it all

🎸🎵🎶And let ma goddamn

🎸🎵🎶And then you pull the rock

🎸🎵🎶I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved.

I walked back to my room.

🌹Kim bum🌹

I came to Jackson’s house to get something from him.

I heard this beautiful melodious time coming from somewhere.

I ran to Jackson room, expecting the voice to come from there.

I entered, and it wasn’t from there.

“is there any female musician around?”,I asked.

“nope, so you are also enjoying that voice?”,Jackson’s asked.

“yeah bro, I could that type of voice for my next concert”,I said.

“and it has some kind of nice backup, like a guitar or something”,I replied.

“come on, let’s check it out”,Jackson said, and I nodded.

We followed the sound of the tune, and it led to us to a room.

We opened slowly, only to see the clumsy fan, playing the guitar and singing emotionally.

“wow, she is good”,Jackson complimented.

“ssh, let’s hear her”,I said.

🎸🎶🎵And I….try to close my eyes when it hurts sometimes am falling to your arms….

🎸🎶🎵I’ll be safe in the sun till the cold back the road

🎸🎶🎵So now the day blinks

🎸🎶🎵And the night fall

🎸🎶🎵And you know an here to get me through it all

🎸🎶🎵And let my goddamn

🎸🎵🎶And then you pull the rock.

🎸🎵🎶I was getting kinda used to being someone you love.

She stopped and stared at us.

I quickly removed my face, but I was still looking

She wiped her tears.

“pls shut my door, you are intruding in my orivacy”,she said.

Jackson walked in.

“sorry I’d you think we are, but we were wondering where such melodious tone was coming from”,jackson complimented.

“i don’t think its we, its just you”,she said, and looked at me, but I quickly looked away.

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