Celebrity Crush Episode 11

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[nothing is impossible]

✍️Prin cess✍️

🔞Episode Eleven🔞


“no seriously, your voice was amazing”,jackson complimented.

“thanks”,I muttered.

“please leave, I want to be alone”,I said, and stood up.

Jackson and Kim bum left, while I locked the door.

I need to be alone, well not really.

I miss my bestie so much.

I cries my lungs out.

From there, I fell asleep.

🌹The next day🌹

I woke up, its a new day, everything is ok.

Well, hope so.

I freshened up, and walked downstairs.

I didn’t see Julia.

I looked around, ans even checked her room, but she was not there

I went to the hotel, and went to riele’s room.

I knocked, and she opened.

“hi, have you seen my bestie?”,I asked, and she shook her head.

I knocked at Sean’s room.

He opened.

“hi, please did you see Julia?”,i asked, and he shook his head.

The last room, 301, jace’s room.

I knocked softly, and jace opened the door.

“hi, pls did you see Julia?”,I asked.

“come in”,he said, and I was reluctant, but later came in.

Yup! She’s here!

“i will just freshen up, and come out”,he said, and entered the bathroom.

“julia, you are here? Why didn’t you tell me?”,I asked worriedly.

“what do you mean by that huh? Are you my body guard? I don’t owe you any explanations about my whereabout”,she replied rudely and signed.

Am fed up with her attitude.

I left immediately


I won’t talk to her.

This is the first time we have ever argued, and taken it up till the next day.

Whatever! ! !

🌹Jace norman🌹

I sense tension between both of them.

I entered the bathroom, and heard their argument.

By the ways, julia came to my room, early in the morning.

She was pleading for kissing me just like that,so I forgave her.

That was when lisa arrived.

I freshened up, came out, pretending as if I didn’t know what happened.

“uhmn, where is lisa?”,I asked.

“oh, uhmn, she left”,she replied.

“why??”,I asked.

“oh, she is hungry”,she lied.

Bloody liar!

“uhmn, ok, pls leave, I have something personal to do”,I said, and she stood up.

”i uhmn might be of help”,she said.

“nope, like I said, its personal”,I said.

“ok if you say so”,she said, and left.

Geez! What s bestie!!

I wore a casual outfit, and lied down on my bed.

I went online.

Lisa was online, good!

“hi, you left without saying bye”,I sent.

It showed seen, but she didn’t reply.

“are you snubbing me again?”,I asked.

“bye”,she texted.

I wanted to text, but

What the f*ck.

She blocked me.

I called her lone, and it was switched off.

What the f*ck!

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✍️Prin cess✍️

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