Celebrity Crush Episode 12

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[Nothing is impossible]

✍️Prin cess✍️

🔞Episode Twelve🔞


I want to resolve this whole situation between my bestie and I.

I know, in order to achieved that, I have to stay away from jace.

He text me, I blocked him, and I switched off my phone.

I walked to Julia’s room, and she pretended she was asleep.

I sat down close to her.

“i know you by now julia, I know you are just pretending. Please listen, even though I know I didn’t do anything, I am here to say sorry. Why julia? Why did you want our long bond break in a twinkle of an eye? Well, I don’t want that to happen, I will…..stop seeing jace in order to make you happy, even though jace and I are just mere friends. After all I said, if you still want to stay away from me, its your choice”,I said, and left.


She knows me too well, I wasn’t sleeping.

After she left, I sat upright.

I care about her, and she is right, how can I let a bond which we fondled for many years be destroyed all fo what? A guy??


Never! I went to her room, and she was crying.

“lisa, am really sorry, for the accusations, for everything. I was feeling insecure over nothing”,I said, and she looked up.

I cleaned her face, and we hugged.

“i love you”,she whispered.

“love you more”,I replied.

🌹Jace norman🌹

I tried the line again, still switched off.

I am going to her house.

I changed my clothes, into a casual outifit.

“jace, are you going somewhere?”,riele asked.

“yup”,I replied, and put on my face mask.

“where? And have you seen lisa? I have been calling, but her line is switched off”,riele asked.

“yeah, that’s why I wanna check on her”,I replied, and carried my phone.

“ok, am coming with you”,riele said, and out on her face mask.

We got there, and was allowed in

Lisa and julia are playing outside the compound.

It seems, they are now friends again.

“why aren’t you picking jy calls, and why did you block me on Fb?”,I asked.

“for the Fb blocking, check again, and then I decided to switch off my phone, sorry”,she replied, and smiled at me.

“do you wanna join us? Think fast”,julia said, and threw the ball at me, but I caught.

I threw it at riele, and she caught it.

We kept throwing, and it was much fun.

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✍️Prin Cess✍️

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