Celebrity Crush Episode 14

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[Nothing is impossible]

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🔞Episode Fourteen🔞


“look lisa, I like jace, but as a friend. We have been friends for long, and that’s how it will continue to be. Also, I know jace, he has fallen for any girl. This is the first time its occurring, don’t you get?”,she asked.

“ok, listen. Even if I like jace, I would keep it to myself”,I said.

“why?”,I asked.

“cause, it will cause havoc in my relationship with julia. Julia is head over heels for jace”,I replied, and she smirked.

“really?”,she asked.

“yes”,I replied.

“ok, follow me”,I said, and took her to Julia’s room.

“look, all the walls, covered with pictures of him, jace”,I replied, and she smiled.

“am a girl. These stuff happens a lot. Ok, let’s seat”,,she said, and we went back to my room.

“listen, her feeling is a mere crush ok, if I happen bring another celebrity she likes, she would react this way”,riele said.

“really?”,I asked.

“yes. Ok, mention the names of her celebrity crush”, she replied.

“uhmn Lee Min ho, jack griffo…..

“pause. Jack griffo. Good, he is in town”,she said, and dialed a number.

It seems she is calling jack gtiffo.

“done, he is coming”,she said.

Will she really act that way?


I sat down, bored.

“jace”,I called out, and he faced me.

“what?”,he asked.

“do you hate me?”,I asked.

“nope, I don’t”,he replied.

“then why do you like being around lisa and not me?”,I asked.

“that’s what I found myself doing”,he replied.

I breathed out loudly.

“look, I like you okay, but not that way you want. Am sorry”,he said.

Let me just face the fact.

We can never be together.

🌹20 minutes later🌹

A horn was blown, and security man opened the gate.

The car drove in, and then riele and Lisa came outside.

Two bouncers came out of the car, and then a guy came out.

He pulled off his face mask and glasses.

Oh my gosh!

My celebrity crush, jack griffo.

Jace stood up, and walked over to him.

“whats up bro?”,jace said, they shook hands and hugged

Now, I want Jack griffo.

I ran over to him, and hugged him.

“am your biggest fan”,I screamed.

“plus jace’s greatest fan too”,riele added.

“yeah whatever”,I replied, excited to see jack.

“my fan huh? Well, you’re cute. I love cute fans”,he replied, and if I were a bomb, I would have exploded.

He pulled me close, and planted a kiss on my lips.

Gosh! I must be dreaming right now.

🌹Riele dawn🌹

I knew it!

I was right all along, she don’t really likes jace, she is just an over possessive fan.

“see?”,i whispered to lisa who was dumbfounded.

Well, I planned it. It took a lot of pleading before jack agreed to do this.

Jace walked up to us.

“sweetie, you left me bored. I missed you”,he said, and hugged lisa.

I called out to julia, and she tuned.

She saw then hugging, but her expression clearly shows she didn’t care.

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✍️Prin cess✍️

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