Celebrity Crush Episode 15

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[nothing is impossible]

✍️Prin cess✍️

🔞Episode Fifteen🔞

🌹Jace norman🌹

The hug warmed my heart.

She didn’t push me away, am so glad.

I released her slowly.

She kept in looking at me.

“is there something, you would like to say to me?”,I asked.

She kept mute.

“no”,she finally said.

“oh come on”,riele yelled.

“whats the matter?”,I asked.

“oh never mind”,she said, and shot lisa an annoyed look.

“ok, I gotta get going now. I just dropped by to see you guys”,jack said.

“am coming with you”,julia said.

“sure, why not?”,he asked, and she entered, then came out again.

She ran to lisa, and hugged her.

“come back soon”,lisa said, and julia nodded.

🌹Jack griffo🌹

Although this was meant to be pretence, I actually like her.

She is fun to be with.

But somehow, I now feel insecure, its as if jace likes her too.

“uhmm, do julia, do you have a boyfriend?”,I asked.

“no, I don’t”,she replied.


“uhmn, do you like jace?”,I asked.

“as a fan, no strings attached”,she replied.

“nice”,I said.

She stared at me.

“why are you asking these questions?”,she asked.

“i just wanted to know”,I replied.

I will ask her out tomorrow.

We went to the park , the beach, casino, and we had a lot of fun, though a lot of fans were interrupting.

I then took her to the hills.


I don’t wanna blow up my big chance by telling him, *I like you*.

He is fun to be though, funny, sometimes naughty.

We spread a mattress on the hill, and laid, looking at the clowd.

“here is the perfect view”,he said.

“huh?”,I replied, and turned to face him

“i love you”,he said, and turned too.

He placed his lips on mine.

We kissed deeply, and he dragged me closer.

I stared at him and smoked

My love life is falling into place.

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✍️Prin cess✍️

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