Celebrity Crush Episode 16

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[Nothing is impossible]

✍️Prin cess✍️

🔞Episode Sixteen🔞


We all moved to my room, where riele was operating my laptop, while I was watching TV.

“uhmn, am feeling sleepy, so i’ll get going”,riele said.

“riele come back”,i pleaded, but she moved her lips in shape of *NO*

This is really awkward.

I continued watching the movie, while jace joined.

In between the movie, game of throne, they began to kiss, clothes were pulled.

I search with my hands only, for the remote, but instead I touched somewhere I wasn’t meant to touch.

It seems the movie is making him horny.

I turned slowly.

“am ….uhmn…am really sorry”,I said, while he stared at me. He looked deep into my eyes, like he was searching for something.

I turned to fave the TV, when he dragged me down, and kissed me.

At first, I didn’t reciprocate cause I was still in state of shock, then later, I did.

We kissed deeply, I romanced hia hair, while he hands held my butt.

🌹Jace norman🌹

I never want this moment to stop, we just kept kissing and kissing.

Who will believe a typical Casanova like me will fall for a girl?

Well, I did!

Am madly in love with lisa, and the more she tries to get away from me, the more I find my self wanting her.

🌹Kim bum🌹

I decided to find out what lisa have to say about the deal.

I walked in, but the place was quiet, except for her room I think the TV is on.

I opened the door slowly, and I was shocked.

Lisa and jace?

What the butt!

Nope, can’t let it happen.

They were watching a movie together.

They didn’t notice my presence, so I closed the door immediately.

A bond might form through this.

T b c

Abeh, let’s laugh at Kim bum

✍️Prin cess✍️

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