Celebrity Crush Episode 18

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[Nothing is impossible]

Episode eighteen

🌹Kim bum🌹

I cleaned her tears from her eyes

“are you ready to explain to the media why you are crying?”,I asked, and she looked at me.

“what do you mean by that?”,she asked.

“don’t you know? You didn’t put on your face mask? Your fans must have sotted you here!”,I replied.

Just then, her phone beeped thrice.

She didn’t wanna look at it, but then I persuaded her to.

*riele spotted crying in a garden*.

“news spread quickly, like wild fire”,she sadly.

“yeah”,I replied.

“now, what will I tell them, cause I know reporters are in their way here”,she said.

Immediately they rushed in.

“our fav Korean actor is also here”,one of the reporter said.

“so, why are you guys here?”.

“why was riele crying?”.

They just kept asking lots of questions.

“just go along with what am about to say”,I whispered, and held her hands.

“riele was crying, as a result of joy, its tears of joy”,I said.

“Tears of joy? How?”.

“i asked her to be my girlfriend”,I replied, and everyone stared in shock.

🌹Sean ryan fox🌹

I turned in the TV, and saw the news, live.

*riele and Kim bum?*.

I ran over to jace’s room, and turned on the TV.

“Look, live”,I pointed, as jace was eating.

“oh my gosh”,jace shouted.

“when did riele break up?”,I asked.

“i know right? When did she even started talking to Kim bum, talk more of dating?”,jace asked.

“yeah, I think its pretence to cover up something”,I said.

“yeah! I think something happened to riel. Look at her, she looks unhappy, though she’s faking a smile”,jace replied.


I just have to go with this!

It might help ease the stress pain and over thinking.

Pray I find happiness!

Kim and I went out on a fake date, though it was really fun.

The reporters were following UA though.

We locked ice cream, and some rubbed on my lips.

The reporters wanted Kim to lick the ice cream off my lips.

He looked at me, while I stared back at him.

I used body language, to tell him to go ahead.

He came closer, pulled me by the waist, and licked the ice cream off.

The reporters then echoed

He looked at ms, while I closed my eyes.

He crashed his lips on mine.

For a moment, I really forgot that it was all fake.

I think he also did too, cause he didn’t won’t to let go.


Oh my gosh!

I came to Julia’s room to chat with her, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Kim and riele kissing?

It went viral.

YouTube, Fb, internet, instagram, on the news and so much more.

Wow! I don’t even feel bad seeing them.

I am so happy for riele, after she helped me reunited and help me know my true feelings, she has also unite with her lover.

T b c

✍️Prin cess✍️

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