Celebrity Crush Episode 5

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[Nothing is impossible]

✍️Prin cess✍️

🔞Episode five🔞

🌹Sean Ryan fox🌹

I was hearing some noise coming from jace’s room, so I went to riele’s room to call her, so both of us can find out what’s going on.

“are you sure he is not kissing a gal?”,riele asked.

“na, I don’t think so, its as if he needs help”,I replied.

“or maybe, a crazy fan somehow saw him, and is not letting him go”,riele replied.

“yeah, you’re right. Come on, let’s go”,I said, and we both went o his room.

We knocked, buy seems no one is hear, so we twisted the knob, and it was opened, so we just walked in.

I think riele is wrong.

But, ion get, jace is wiggling on the floor like an earthworm.

I walked over to him, while riele checked around.

“ooooooouuuuuuch”,riele shouted.

Now, who will I attend to first.

I ran to riele.

“what happened?”,I asked.

“behind the curtain, behind the curtain, be careful”,she replied, and I carefully opened the curtain, only to see a pretty gal hiding.

She stated at me.

“ah, Sean????”,she screamed and hugged me.

“am your biggest fan”,she added, still hugging me.

“oh, so you are a fan of Sean and not me?”,jace asked.

“oh, come on jace, are you jealous?”,riele asked.

“ok, let go of me now”,I said, and she let go immediately.

“can someone explain to us what’s going on here?”,I asked.

“ you remember that gal on Fb that I told you was always doubting am the real jace?”,he asked.

“yeah, so?”,riele asked.

”well, I got fed up, and asked to meet me”.

“geez”,I said.

“go on”,riel said.

“I’ll take it from here, I came, and he tried to rape me”,the pretty fan said.

“oh my gosh”,jace shouted.

“ok, so what next?”,riele asked.

“i…uhmn…I tied him up, pepper sprayed him, that’s all”,she replied.

“and so why did you spray me?”,riele asked.

“cause I thought you were some kinda security personnel”,she replied.

“i never tried to rape her”,jace defended.

“then, why did you drag me in?”,she asked.

“cause you are pretty”,jace said almost immediately.

“come on jace, as you can dee, not all girls like you”,riele said.

The pretty gal moved over to where jace sat, and sat close to him.

“do you wanna apologize?”,jace asked slowly.

“na! I just came close you know to tell you how I really feel about you. I hate you, you a the the worst, in fact, I dislike everything about you, I like Sean, as a fan, nothing more”,she said.

“why do you hate me?”,jace asked.

“cause in your movies, you kiss a alot. Not only that, you copy too much”,she said.

“copy? How?”,riele asked.

“for example, when captain man is saying something, you copy him a lot. Also, you always form cool”,she said, and we all burst out laughing.

“seriously? You have a problem”,I said, and she smiled.

“anyway, I gotta get going now”,she said., and stood up to leave.

“wait”,we said at the same time.

“you can’t tell anyone, that you saw us here, please”,I said

“well, I’ll do it for you, but on one condition”,she said, and we all looked at her.

🌹Jace norman🌹

“what?”,we asked.

“jace here will carry me on his back and walk round this room 2x”,she said, and my jaws dropped.

“never”,I half yelled.

“ok”,she said, and took a pic of us.

“ok, wait”,riele said.

She came to me.

“jace please”,she said, and Sean nodded.

“alright fine”,I said and stood up.

I bent down, and she entered.

“horsey, move faster”,she said, and hit me at the back

I moved faster, and walked round the room 2x, and put her down.

She waved at us, and left.

Gosh! That girl is such a pain in the neck.


I got satisfied and happy.

I sneaked back inside my room, but Julia was there.

“Julia, what…why…what are you in my room?”,I asked.

“where did you go?”,she asked, with a serous look on her face.


“speak, or I’ll tell aunt”,sh threatened.


I made a promise.


I went to Lisa’s room to chat with her cause I was bored.

I knocked a lot of times, but no one replied.

Is she asleep?

I twisted the knob, and it was open

I walked in slowly, and no one was there, I checked her bathroom, but she wasn’t there.

I also checked her closet and other rooms too, even outside the compound, but she was not there.

I waited anxiously in her room, and she came in thirty minutes later.

With the expression on her face, she is hiding something from me.

I am her bestie, for crying out loud.

“uhmn….I just went for a stroll”,she replied.

“without me?”,I asked.

“sorry, I thought you have slept by now”,she replied.

“oh”,I said.

“so ma, am I free?”,she asked.

“sure”,I replied.

“well, I came here to talk to you cause I was bored”,I replied, and she sat down close to me.

“ok, so do you have a gist?”,she asked.

“uhmn well no, but when I finally meet jace, I will be like……

“jace hun, then I will post a pic of us on Fb, I will be so popular”,I replied, and she smiled.


With what she just said, this is the more reason why I can’t tell her.

Sorry bestie, but its not everything you need to know.

”you, what are you gonna do when you see jace?”,she asked.

“uhmn, I am gonna punch him in the face”,I replied.

She burst out laughing.

“you will find yourself in jail”,she said admits laughter.

“if…uhmn…jace likes me, and not you, what will be your reaction?”,I asked.

“oh men, I will be so depressed, cause out of all celebrities, he is the one am truly crushing on”,she replied.

That means, I will never chat or meet jace again.

“then, guess what?”,she asked.

“what?”,I asked.

“i just heard in the news that your crush Kim bum is close by”,she said.

“huh?really? Where?”,I asked anxiously.

“uhmn, its says that he is in crassy hotel, and that he is staying for only a week”,she replied.


“do you know his room number?”,I asked.

“uhmn no, and its a secret blog, but the news has been brought down by unknown”,she replied.

Well, I won’t give up easily.

“ok, am feeling sleepy, good night”,I said, and she stood up.

“yeah, me too. Good night”,she said and left.

I cant wait🙂🙃🙃🙂

🌹The next day🌹

I woke up very very early.

I took my bath, brushed my teeth, and walked into my closet.

There are many dresses to ear.

I need to look my best.

I picked a black flay gown, packed my hair in a pony tail, and put on a white sandals which matches my bag.

I walked downstairs, and breakfast was ready.

Julia was already eating.

“whoah, where are you off to?”,julia asked.

I walked over to her.

“you know…Kim..”,I whispered

“oh, well, you have to wait”,she said, while eating.

“why?”,I asked.

“uhmn, well aunt said we should wait”,she replied.

“ugh”,I grunted, and sat don to eat.

We waited in the sitting room, then after twenty minutes if waiting, she arrived.

“hi, well sorry for keeping you guys waiting, but I wanted to introduce you guys to my two sons, Jackson brothel and josh.

“wow,hello”,we both said.

I can’t believe this!

Well, I won’t be around, cause i will be travelling”,she said.

Soon after that, she left.

“well gals, you might know us, but we won’t know you”,Jackson said.

Anyways, I need to go.

As I stepped out, I bumped into someone.

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✍️Prin cess✍️

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