Complicated Love Episode 7

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®®C.O.M.P.L.I.C.A.T.E.D L.O.V.E®®
[Is love a crime?]
{By Destiny Godfrey}.
Episode 7.
“Who is next?” Serena yelled at the crowd.
“Who want to have a one night with me?” She asked boastfully knowing that No one would dare.

“I will.” Nikos voice came in as he rode in with his horse.
Her mouth was agape as she looked at him in shock. He smirked and came down from his horse.
Now he walked like a god towards her.
“Do you want to dare?” She asked feeling relaxed at least she’s sure he would die.
“I won’t dare, I will do it.” A cynical remark came from Nikos as he moved close to Serena.

“Back off Nikos, you are going to die.” The king cautioned with fear. But Nikos shrugged.
“Lets see.” He moved to Serena.
“Should I make love to you?” His voice was low and breathtaking.

“If you can.” Serena sneered.
“But are we going to do it here. Can’t we go into a room.” Nikos asked with a voice which could wet the most obstinate woman.

“Do you really want to dare?” The question came up with little fear attached to her voice.

“I asked a question, are we doing it here or in a room?” His voice was rather, harsh.

Serena looked around and signal her guards and they came in with a small moveable house.
They pushed it to the center of the crowd.

Serena gave Nikos a glare and walked in to the little house. Nikos returned the glare with a smirk and walked in too. While he shut the door behind him.

Seconds ticked to minutes as the crowd waited anxiously, expecting Serena to come out boasting while the left over of Nikos body would be thrown.

No sounds were coming from the room.
But then, a loud sharp cry was heard inside the room.
No one was able to detect if the cry was from Nikos or Serena.

Serena is the ice princess, no one dare mess with her body. Anyone who touches her lustfully would die.

While Nikos is the cursed Prince, no one dare falls in love with him talk more of laying in a bed with him.

Now among the two, who’s gonna die?”

The king was perturbed by the long silence. So as everyone. A heightened tension. The environment seems eerie and sinister.

After fifteen minutes, the door suddenly flung open.
Everyone gasped as Nikos came out with a face void of expression. He ignored everyone and headed to the palace.

Quizzical glances were exchanged among the crowds. Serena is not yet out.

Just as they were about to check what went wrong.
Serena came out slowly. And for the first time since she was born, The king saw her crying.

Why is she crying?”

Then everyone’s eyes trailed to the lower part of her body.
As little blood dripped down like droplets of water falling down from a leaf.

No soothesayer is needed to announce it, it’s obvious.
“She has lost her virginity to Nikos.
She’s deflowered.”b
But how?

Not just her virginity, but her pride and ego has also been lost. The shame is overwhelming. Would she ever come out to the public.


<<<Nikos pov>>>

I paced around the room, thinking weirdly.
She didn’t die after the s*x. That’s strange. Is she my soul mate.

If she is…then What of Anastasia.

“You are confused right?” The red fairy asked.
“Of course, I am. The enigma is too much.”

“What if you found out that your soul mate is No one but “us.” The three fairies said making me flinch.

“What do you mean?”
“We meant that….” The Green fairy was about saying when she was hushed by the blue.

They whispered something among themselves and kept a tied-lip.

“Nikos….” Prince Kyle rushed into the room while the fairies hid behind me.

“There’s an urgent war. And the two princesses (Ariana and Anastasia), are on their way. We’ve to save them before the enemies do something to them.” I rushed his words.

“Is this another way of trying to kill me, after a failed attempt?” I asked, not smiling.

“My sisters are in danger, what the hell are you saying?” He scowled.

“Is there any danger worse than hitting me with a stick and drawing my body to a deadly cave.” I gnashed.

“To hell with your help.” He scorned and ran out.


“He might be right.” The red fairy said as she came out of her hiding place.

“Right indeed. He’s looking for a way to kill you, those princesses are immuned to death.” The blue interjected.

“What do you mean?”

“We can’t say for now, but there are many things you ought to know.”


“We can’t tell for now.”

“Then go to hell.” I fired and walked out of the room.
I bumped into the queen as I was storming out.

I quickly apologised but she smiled instead and told me not to worry.
That smile is so broad. Is there something behind the smile.

And it seems, she bumped me on purpose.

I headed to the toilet and washed my face.

“How can a human be so handsome?” I praised myself while admiring my reflection.

Such a cute boy like me, needs a beautiful young lady, not too slim not to fleshy. Princess Tasha possesses the qualities. Too bad, she’s dead.
Anastasia is too clingy for my liking.
Serena is too rude and haughty, Ariana is just too plain and quiet.

So, who is my soul mate?

Serena and Anastasia are the ones in question for now.

Or could it possibly be that the curse is no more.

Maybe I should try sleeping with some maids.

I never knew sleeping with a lady is quite enjoyable. Serena stole my virginity. Lol.
And it was kind of awesome.

But, it’s raw….Raw. sex

What if ……..
To Be Continued.


© #destinygodfrey

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