Golden Flower Episode 4

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written by Eunice Nwodu
Chapter four 🍀
Nana’s pov
I still couldn’t believe am in one room with the Golden boys, all of them.

Black couldn’t stop staring.. Then he scoffed.

“What kind of joke is this Vic? “He asked manager Vic.

“It’s not a joke Tae hyung. You all should accommodate Kim Nana. She’ll be singing this song with you as her first and open act, then after that… She’ll start singing her solos. “Mr Vic said.

“So, you want us to announce her to the world? “Jeremy asked pointing at me.

Manager Vic nodded and Jeremy scoffed.

“Whatever.. “He muttered.

“Continue your rehearsal and mind you that Nana will be the one leading this song so you can as well say… SHE’S INCHARGE. “Manager Vic said before leaving.

He jammed the door and my heart skipped. One room with this people.
Black must solemnly hate me after the video I uploaded.

Besides, what could he be thinking… A revenge?

“Uh.. H.. Hi. “I muttered.

They ignored my greeting and remained quiet.
After a whike, They all glanced at each other and smirked.

Jeremy, Coco and Guy stood up and left the room leaving just Black and I.

He walked close to me with his hands in his pocket.

“Hi, Nana. How are you? “He asked.

We were standing so close to each other with his eyes fixed on me.

“Fine. You? “I muttered.

“Do I look like I have any problem? “He asked.

“Uh… No. “I stuttered.

I looked up at his face to see he was staring at me with an intimidating glare.

“What’s your hobby? Making videos of stars and posting them online?

“Well Nana, I have a hobby too, should I show you? “He asked.

I gulped.
This is harder than I thought. What’s he gonna do to me?

He took steps closer and I was forced to take steps backwards. My back touched the wall but he kept coming.. Too close.

One of his hand encircled me by my waist then he used the other hand to slid into my dress touching the end of my thigh. I gasped with my eyes widened.

He rubbed it slightly and I could tell am already wet.

The way he was looking at me, I lost control of myself.

The whole feeling is so new to me and I just can’t tell why it’s happening so sensual and fast.

He brought his face down to my neck. I could hardly breath.
His soft lips smooched on my skin kissing it softly.

A moan escaped from my lips and he stopped. I tried to hold it in but I moaned again.

My legs were already feeling wobbly.

He pulled away and smirked.

I felt so stupid. Am too vulnerable.

“Give up now Nana, cause if you don’t, am gonna make your stay here a living hell. “He said.

I can’t let him threaten me.

“You’re not the only one with that motive Tae hyung. Am going to make you beg for mercy by the time am done with you. “I said.

He scoffed.
“It’s on then. “He said.

Unknown’s pov
I got down from the plane with my servants carrying my things. I got into the Limo which was parked close by.

“Ma’am, your Estate or your Penthouse? “My driver asked.

“Penthouse. “I replied taking my cellphone. I called my personal assistant.

“Find a good baker. His birthday is in two week. “I said into the cellphone.

“Done, ma’am. ”

I switched off my phone and dropped it beside me.

Am back to my Hometown and I have two motives. –
I’m Ready to win back my love I left two years ago.
I heard he’s a Rascal now, sleeping with many women but am back now and I want him.

And also to find my daughter I gave birth to when I was just 16. We’ll reunite and I can finally set things right.

Sorry it’s not lengthy like normal.
Guess who’s the lover and daughter.?
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