In love with my dad Episode 25 Finale

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It was my birthday, the weather was so special and my heart filled with joy as i on my phone and saw many good wished streaming in like flies in through sms.

Many people that attended the party were so excited because of the way it was prepared.


I knew that it was Ella’s birthday but i dnt know how to take excuse because of such from my boss doctor Chris.

To my greatest surprise when i came to work that day my boss asked me to go to Ella’s birthday that he knew how i feel about being absent in such great event.

“Sir, how did u know about this pls?” i asked surprised.

“C’mon, am also invited but am gonna come late, just go okay” he said smiling.

My heart was filled with excitement as i was leaving the hospital to the bus stop.

I dnt know what to offer Ella as a gift in this her special birthday, i just bought phone worth of 105k just to sure her how i feel.

Aaron who was then working in Lagos sent his own gift in envelop which i didst opened to know what he gave.


I was so surprised when i saw Daniel in that party despite his new job.

“Don’t u go work darling???” i asked him as i hugged him so excited.

“My boss granted me permission to come.
Baby, i hate what u did yesterday, why would u drink urself to useless pls??” he said holding me lose to his chest, everyone were watching but they dnt know what we were discussing.

“Am so sorry darling, it won’t happen again pls” i apologized.

As the party was going on, my dad signal the DJ to pause the music.

“Goodday everyone, am more than happy here not only that my only happiness is celebrating her birthday today but she narrowly escaped death” he paused and cleaned his face with handkerchief.

Everywhere was so quiet and attentive as he was addressing the attendants.

“My dear Ella, i married ur mother Linda and we spent 18years without child, we tried everything to no avail.
When i noticed that ur mother is getting old more ans more and i dnt want to bring another wife to the family, i suggested that we go and adopt a child to make ur mum happy.
She refused the idea saying that i should go and marry another woman to give me a child but the love i had for her was not doubtful.
We consulted our different parents and they asked us to go ahead and adopt a child.

That very day in the night, ur mum told me that she has a child that is staying with her parent which got outside wedlock.
It brought so much argument before she convinced me with her romantic apology that she was raped when she was in secondary school.
The child was 18yrs when my lovely wife died and she sat as my wife, the child is the cardboard copy of my late wife both in everything.” he started crying.

“Where is the child daddy?” i asked cleaning his face with my hand.

“The child is Ella! The child is u my love” he said sobbing.

“With the love i hv for u, i here ask u to forgive me in all i hv done to u, i present this as my little gift to say, am sorry” he said giving me a car key.

Daniel jumped up from where he were and hugged me tightly and hugged my dad too.

He knelt before me and started.

“Legends are not meant to give up, i hv being mistreated and humiliated because of my heart desire.
The greatest affection in life is love, Aaron is the guy that made me stand on my feet and fight for my heart beat, thanks where ever u are my lovely friend.
My angel, loving u is the prize i hv decided to pay in any predicament i find myself, i love u my queen.
My hope, WILL U MARRY ME!” he said with a golden ring in his hand.

“Gosh! Why would i deserve this God!
Am broken hearted but u gave me counselor and a comforter even when am still sinner.
I WILL MARRY U MY HERO!” i shouted with tears of joy and hugged him and hug my dad too.

“The one that replaced my wife is now taken by this noble young man here and am gonna offer him a car to say sorry for what i hv done to him.
As a man who hv stayed with love and can.t corp without the love, am here to ask Vivvian in this august meeting, WILL U MARRY ME!??” my dad said with a ring in his hand.

Vivvian grabbed the ring with joy and hugged me with joy, dancing like it was her wedding already.

Everybody was so surprise to what happened, many were crying in joy while many just folded their hands in amazement.

Daniel later married Ella and they lived happily.

David married Vivvian and they equally lived joyfully.





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