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Life Or Riches: 7 days Episode 6

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Subtitle: Happy new year

Episode 6

Okafor: *clear his throat* which part were you joking with? I hope you are not joking about the sacrifice part.

Igodo: *sit on the ground* ask him oohh! ask him oohh!

Jethro: Igodo why are you sitting on the ground? well… I can’t sacrifice myself because I believe that my daughters will get a scholarship to travel overseas *laughing* you know what that means?

Emeka: which of your daughters?

Igodo: I am tired of poverty, am tired of poverty.

Jethro: you will know when the time comes, I saw it in my dream.

Okafor; as you all can see am going to my house I have to go and see Reverend Job he has a work for me.

Igodo: what kind of problem is this? you are taking a dream you are not sure of serious. Oohh! I will kill myself oohh! am tired of poverty.

Emeka: you don’t have to kill yourself, you can sacrifice yourself for us to be rich.

Jethro: am still feeling sleepy, I will be inside.

Emeka joined Okafor leaving Jethro’s compound, Jethro went inside and left Igodo sitting on the ground.


Emeka was busy thinking on the road when a stone landed on him from the bush, he screamed in pains.

Emeka: who is that fool? may thunder finish you, show your face I will deal with you.

He started ranting looking around the bush, a man putting on military camouflage emerged from the bush looking angry.

Soldier man: who do you want to deal with?

Emeka: ehem… *scratching his head* ehem.. ehm.. ehm.. the person that stoned me.

Soldier man: I am the one that stoned you, what will you do?

Emeka: Tony, Tony, Tony my man. You know you are my man, how far?

Soldier man: Emeka so am now your man, you are not sharping your mouth again as usual.

Emeka: that was then na, you know I was high then.

Soldier man: you told my mother I will be your bodyguard when you will become rich, why are you not rich since?

Emeka: *smiling* your mother sef, how can she take a word from a drunkard serious.

Soldier man: kneel down!

Emeka: people will see me kneeling down Tony.

Soldier man: obey before complain.

Emeka knelt down, Tony subjected him to dehumanizing punishments.


A group of men about six were seen close to a bush, a huge man amongst them whose car was parked behind them was pointing at the bushy land.

Rich man: you know what to do Engineer Fred, make sure the house is big?

Engr Fred; I will do that, sir.

Jethro rushed to were they are escorted by a youth.

Jethro: Chief Madu, what are you doing in my land? I told you am not selling this land.

Chief Madu: who is this mad man? Jethro, you have no choice am paying you three million for this land so that you can start a better life and leave poverty alone *all of them start laughing except Jethro*

Jethro: am not going to take your bloody money, before I count of three all of you have disappeared from my land.

Chief Madu: boys! deal with this miscreant.

Two huge men with Chief Madu stepped forward to attack Jethro who was wielding a matchet.
He was disarmed and beaten to stupor, Chief Madu called cops on him and he was arrested.


Emeka rushed home with just his boxer on shouting on top of his voice, his wife came out of the house and saw her husband looking unkempt with just boxer on.

Emeka: Tony, don’t worry I will deal with you in this village.

Emeka’s wife; my husband, what happened to you?

Emeka: don’t ask me any stupid question, just leave me alone.

Emeka’s wife: why are you angry at me? am not Tony that beat you oh!

Emeka: what did you say?

Emeka’s wife: I didn’t say anything oh!

Emeka chased his wife inside.


Igodo was walking on the road and sighted Ifeoma with a man standing before his car talking, he rushed over.

Igodo: Ify, what are you doing with this young man?

Bright: you know him?

Ifeoma: *roll her eyes* he is a village beggar, just give him two hundred naira and he will leave us alone.

Igodo: Ifeoma! me Igodo beggar? because this small car.

Bright; have it, get yourself what to eat.

Igodo got angry and punched him which resulted to a fight, Bright called police on Igodo and he was arrested.


At the police station Igodo was stripped and kept on the counter ready to be put inside the cell room.

Police man 1: you no get money and you dey fight, how you wan take bail yourself now?

Police man 2: carry this mumu man put inside cell room.

Igodo was dragged and locked in the cell room, he saw someone sitting in a corner looking helpless and injured.

Jethro: Igodo, what are you doing here?

Igodo looked at him not able to recognize him because his face have been disfigured.

Igodo: Jethro is that you?

Jethro: yes it is me, Chief Madu have finally done it, what brought you here?

Igodo: one stupid boy I met with Ify called me beggar and we fought.

Jethro: who will now release us from here now?

Igodo: I don’t know.

Both of them sat inside the cell quietly, a policeman came to release Jethro who came out to meet Chief Madu.

Police man: oga sign here.

Jethro: I don’t know how to read.

Chief Madu: if you sign that paper I will give you the money and you will be release here, you will stay away from the land.

Jethro thought about it and signed the paper and gave up the only inheritance he got from his late father, he also begged Chief Madu to release his brother Igodo.
Both of them were released and they went home late in the night.


Day 6

Igodo was heading to Emeka’s house who called for the family members to converge and discuss issues concerning the family when he saw Ifeoma trying to carry a goat.

Ifeoma: Igodo my love, come and help me.

Igodo looked at her and hissed then walked away, he got to where is brothers are and sat with them.

Jethro: I have never been humiliated in my life like the way Chief Madu did to me.

Emeka: you people don’t have to worry am going to sacrifice myself.


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