June 30, 2022

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Life Or Riches: 7 days Episode 7

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Subtitle: Happy New Year

Episode 7

Igodo: I hope you are not going to chicken out like Okafor and Jethro.

Jethro: ehn… ehn… hold it there, have you ever say you want to sacrifice yourself?

Okafor: don’t mind him, he thinks to die is easy, if it is easy let him come forward and die na.

Emeka: my brothers you people shouldn’t quarrel, this evening we are going to the shrine.


Igodo returned from his brother’s house heading home he met Ikem is old time friend with a brand new car, he didn’t recognize at first until he came out of his house.

Igodo: is a lie, Kemo! is this you?

Ikem: yes, flesh and blood it is me my brother.

Igodo jumped up happily and wanted to hug him but he blocked him with his hands.

Ikem: no, no, you know you have not taken your bath.

Igodo: Kemo trust me na, I have taken my bath. long time no see, is this your car?

Ikem: that is one of my baby.

Igodo: oh men, Kemo drive me around the village please.

Ikem: next time am rushing somewhere, have this and use it to brush yourself up village champion.

He gave Igodo one thousand naira note that he received and thanked him warmly, Ikem got inside his car.

Igodo: Kemo, drop me off. you are going my way na.

Ikem: next time, Igodomigodo the village champion.

He ignited his car and sped off while Igodo watched him sadly.

Igodo: is me that Ikem is calling village champion? wonder shall never end.

He shook his head and walked away.


Jethro came out of his house followed closely from behind his wife Adanne who looked like an angry tiger.

Adanne: Jethro, I don’t understand you, do you want hungry to kill my daughters and I ehnn, Jethro?

Jethro: have you seen anyone that hunger has killed?

Adanne: Jethro, Jethro, ehnn.. I don’t want to be called bad woman oohh! am warning you now to give me money to buy soup ingredients and cook.

Jethro: no respect again, you are even calling my name without respect, if not that you are the mother of my children I would have sent you back to your father and take back the dowry I paid on your head.

Adanne: how much did you pay? you are still owing my people.

Jethro: that is my compensation for marrying a wife without character.

Jethro was about to leave.

Adanne: Jethro, where are you going to?

Jethro: I can’t be in the same house with a mad woman am leaving this house for you.

Adanne grabbed his belt tightly and held him back.

Jethro: Adanne, remove your hand before I tell you why I was called Dragon of the East.

Adanne: Jethro do your worse.

Jethro: I will kill this mad woman ooohh!


Okafor was busy sleeping under his mango tree in his compound when his first son came to wake him up.

Okafor: ehem, Ogbonna what is the matter?

Ogbonna: papa, mama didn’t keep amy soup for me am hungry.

Okafor: so?

Ogbonna: papa am hungry na.

Okafor: at your age I was already married, you can’t even make common WAEC all you know is food food food and food.

Ogbonna: but papa isn’t my fault na, you refused to pay for expos.

Okafor: so I sent you to school to pay for expos? come and eat me.

Ogbonna: papa I will die oh!

Okafor: you are lucky slave trade have ended I would have sold you off.


Emeka washed his hands in a water bowl served by his wife, he licked his lips and waited gingerly for the arrival of the food. But his wife came out from the kitchen into the sitting-room without bearing the expected tray.

Emeka: Agnes, what is the matter?

Agnes: I thought you said you want to die, death people don’t eat.

Emeka: if I open my eyes and close my food is already on this table.

Agnes: am not bringing any food for you, your plan to make me widow and my daughter fatherless won’t work.

Emeka: Agnes, poverty is sending you on a suicidal errand oohh! am warning you.

Agnes: am not bringing any food.

Emeka got up from the chair and his wife flee, he ran after her.


Jethro lay on the bed in his bedroom with his wife standing arms akimbo before him.

Adanne: Jethro why are you so stingy? you can’t even pay for your daughter jamb form with the four million naira chief gave to you for the land.

Jethro: Adanne A.K.A Jezebel right handmaid, am not touching that money and am going to return it to Chief very soon.

Adanne: over my dead body will you do that.

Jethro: you better die oohh!

Adanne: poverty isn’t my portion Jethro.

Jethro: but your father is poor.


Okafor and Jethro with Emeka, Igodo were seen heading to the shrine.

Emeka: am feeling somehow in my stomach.

Okafor: is normal, is just fear. You know you are about to do a great thing for this family, father will be proud of you.

Igodo: ofcourse, I will fulfill all my promises Emeka my brother.

Jethro: me too.

Emeka: I want to use the toilet, shit shit..

Emeka ran into the bush leaving his brothers standing waiting for him.


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