May 14, 2022

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Life Or Riches: 7 days Episode 8 (Final)

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Subtitle: Happy New Year

Last Episode

Three of Emeka’s brothers waited for a longtime expecting him to surface from the bush but it didn’t happen.

Okafor: are you sure Emeka is still inside that bush?

Jethro: you think is easy to die, lets just wait for him.

Igodo: am tired of waiting for him is already getting late, I can’t wait to be rich. *Igodo face the bush*

Okafor: where do you thinking you are going to?

Igodo: to check Emeka ofcourse.

Jethro: allow him to go.

Igodo went inside the bush while his two brothers waited on the road, he came out later looking frustrated.

Okafor: what is the matter Igodo? why are you looking like a clown?

Igodo: Emeka isn’t in the bush, I have searched everywhere.

Jethro: are you sure? lets go and check him. He can’t deceive us just like that.

Three of them went inside the bush and searched for him.


Emeka sat before a table on which a lit local lantern was placed on it, he was eating fufu and egusi soup with lots of meats.
Voices were heard from a distance, his daughter sat on a mat playing with two sticks.

His wife came out of the house on hearing the voices from distance.

Emeka’s wife: are those not your brothers?

Emeka: umhm..

Three of them came closer and saw Emeka eating, they were shocked.

Okafor: Emeka, is that you?

Emeka: yes, eating delicious egusi and enough fufu with meats, come and join me.

Igodo: oohhh! what kind of useless brothers did God give to me na?

Okafor: will you keep quiet Igodo!? Who is your mate here? do you think to die is easy?

Emeka’s wife: God forbid, my husbands what did my husband do?

Jethro: Emeka didn’t tell you?

Emeka’s wife: yes, he didn’t say anything to me.

Emeka: they want your beloved husband to die like sacrificial cock.

Emeka’s wife: over my dead body.

Okafor: is getting late we have find the person we are looking for, good night.

Igodo: all of you are cowards! I will sacrifice myself tomorrow.

He shouted repeatedly storming out of Emeka’s compound with his hand up, Jethro and Okafor left walking together while talking.

Jethro: do you think Igodo is serious?

Okafor: leave the stupid boy, can he leave Ifeoma and die?


Next day at the shrine, the priest faced the oldest big tree adored with red and white clothes.
With bottles and charms with skulls placed on strategic places, the four brothers stood aside waiting for him to conclude the incantation.

Chief priest: who among you is the sacrifice?

Okafor: Igodo?!

Igodo: umh..

Chief priest: today is the last day, the sacrifice should step forward.

Emeka: Igodo.!?

Igodo: umh…

Chief Priest: don’t waste my time, step forward!

Jethro: Igodo, you are wasting time step forward.

Igodo: what happened to your legs for you to step forward?

The Chief Priest started another round of consultation and requested for one of them to step forward but none of them did, it ended with banter.

Chief Priest: I can see none of you is willing to sacrifice, *incantation* without sacrifice nobody will be rich in your family, come together and raise mighty men in your family. Leave my shrine before I strike all of you with thunder.

All of them scampered away, they all stopped on the way to catch their breathes.

Okafor: do you hear what the Chief Priest said?

Jethro: I hear it, as a family we are not supporting ourselves and we can’t even come together to help ourselves.

Emeka: I think he was just testing us and we all failed.

Igodo left his brothers and walked away without saying a word.

Jethro: what is wrong with him?

Emeka: I think he is disappointed.


Ifeoma saw Igodo on the way and blocked him, he tried to change direction but she still blocked him.

Igodo: ehnn.. what is this na? some people are looking for who to be sent to early grave.

Ifeoma: Igodo, why are you avoiding me?

Igodo: I shouldn’t avoid you so that your father will use me and revamp his rusted shooting skills?

Ifeoma: I already told you that my father was mere threatening you guys, you know I love you Igodo.

Igodo: what happened to your rich boyfriend?

Ifeoma: he isn’t my boyfriend, he is just a schoolmate.

Ifeoma’s father sighted both of them and approached them quickly.

Ifeoma’s father: you are still after my father?

Igodo ran into the bush and find his way home through the bush.


Igodo was sleeping under a mango tree in his compound when a group men wearing yellow vest with MTN logo walked into his compound, they woke him up.

Igodo: good afternoon, how may I help you people?

Man1: we are looking for the owner of this compound?

Igodo: I am the owner hope there is no problem?

Man2: not at all sir, your land is in a strategic point for us to place our MTN max, we are only renting the land for ten years and also giving out four security chances.

Igodo: the entire land?

Man3: no, just that little space to erect our max, we are going to pay four million naira.

Igodo: please, who do you want to give four million naira?

Man1: the owner of the land

Igodomigodo fainted.


Three days Igodo invited his brothers to Mama Tutu bar and ordered for a lot of ishi ewu and goat meats pepper soup with enough beers.

Okafor: Jethro, Emeka, am not eating all these until Igodo tell us where he got the money to buy them?

Jethro: I hope you are not planning to use anyone of us as collateral?

Emeka: Igodo, where did you get all these money?

Igodo: my brothers enjoy, I was just sleeping and money came to wake me up am rich.

Emeka: what do you mean by you are just sleeping and money wake you up?

Igodo: Mama Tutu bring more beers let my brother drink beer for the first time.

Jethro: Igodo, explain to us na.

He told them what happened and all his brothers celebrated with him, mighty men are made in family through sacrifice, love, togetherness, sharing of burdens, no man is an island, in Africa your brother exist for you to live.

The End.

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