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Life Or Riches: 7days Episode 1

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Subtitle: Merry Christmas Eve.

Episode 1

Four young men stood before the priest shrine who sat on the mat consulting the gods, the young men are all children of late mr. Okafor who died as a hunter and he remained a pauper all his life.
His first son named Okafor after his late father, Jethro the second son with Emeka the third son while Igodomigodo his last born.

Chief Priest: [clears his throat after consulting the gods] I can see riches in your family [jubilation erupts in the shrine] silence but…

Okafor: there is no but in this matter Baba, go ahead and tell us what the but is all about we are serious about being rich, my brothers am I not speaking your minds?

Others; yes, you are.

Priest: one of you will sacrifice himself for the remaining ones to be very rich.

Jethro: is it to sacrifice manhood or what, our brother here already birthed three useless children so there is no issue if you render him impotent for us to be rich afterall we are all family.

Okafor: ehnn.. Jethro, who told you I want to be an impotent? I am still in active service so am not ready to retire, you can retire after all you are already a father of a two stupid village girls rendering charity to every available di-cks.

Chief priest: both of you keep quiet! how dare you quarrel in the shrine of the gods?

Mr. Okafor’s sons: we are sorry.

Chief priest: one of you will die for the others to be rich, one amongst you should step forward for the sacrifice rites.

The sons of Mr. Okafor looked at each other waiting for who to make the bold move, none of them did after several minutes the priest urged them on but none did.

Emeka: Igodo, are you not tired of living? because yesterday and today you only drank garri.

Igodo: Emeka I haven’t given birth to any child, you can die I will inherit your wife and kid I promise to take care of your wife and child.

Emeka: so you are eyeing my wife?

Chief priest: both of you keep quiet! how dare you quarrel like women before the gods? in seven days if none of you step forward to sacrifice himself for the others, you all will remain in abject poverty. Go home!.

Late Mr. Okafor’s sons left the shrine silently as they all headed home.
His first son went home to his wife and children, after they retired for the night.

Okafor lay on the bed with his wife that he is yet to complete the payment of his dowry, the local lantern illuminate the room with its burning flame. The two couples settled on the mat placed on the baboo bed.

Okafor lift his hand and landed on his wife left bre-ast but she removed his hand, he tried to remove her wrapper knot but she removed his hand and tightened her wrapper.

Okafor; woman, what is the problem? why are you not allowing your husband to enjoy his investment?

Okafor’s wife; you have not told me what the priest told you and your brothers when you went to visit him.

Okafor: why do you want to know what men discuss in the dark?

Okafor’s wife: am your wife, if you want to enjoy me this night, tell me what the chief priest told you people.

Okafor was caught in betwixt making two difficult choice, he desperately want to have his wife for the night.

Okafor: the Chief Priest demand for human sacrifice amongst my father’s sons.

Okafor’s wife: I hope you are not trying to make me a window at my age.

Okafor; I will not my love, one of my useless brother will die so that we can be rich and enjoy.

Okafor’s wife: [excited] I will have my own car and new wrappers to attend village women meetings.

Okafor: yes, we will even live in mansions in Port-Harcourt and Lagos.

Okafor quickly cross his leg across his wife and find his way to remove her wrapper from the knot.

Okafor’s wife; you are liking this thing too much my husband.

Okafor didn’t bother to respond because he was focused on getting his wife naked, when he spread the wrapper his wife tied to her body and bare her to himself.
He knelt on the bed and removed his singlet and tossed his wrapper tied on his waist and find his way to his wife.

Igodomigodo was ina car driving with crowd of children following his car, he horned as he past elders and parked his car aside.

Voices: Chief Igodomigodo eziego!

He started throwing money in the air and watched the crowd scrambled for the flying dollars notes.

He woke on his mat and rubbed his eyes with his palm to confirm if he was still asleep or awake.

Igodo: so this how I will be celebrated if I become rich.

He thought of a plan on how to convince his older brother to sacrifice himself so that his family will be liberated from poverty, he cut chew stick and put it in his mouth and dressed up.

He met his brother with his wife under a mango tree discussing.

Emeka’s wife; aahh! my husband, you came to visit us.

Igodo: yes, our wife. You are looking beautiful, how is our child?

Emeka’s wife; she is sleeping.

Emeka: woman go inside let me talk to my brother.

Emaka’s wife exit and Igodo occupied her chair.

Emeka: what brought you to my house as early as this morning?

Igodo: our elders say when a child see a first rain, he had to ask the elder what it is so that he will learn.

Emeka: why all these proverbs?

Igodo: this is the first day from the seven days the Chief priest gave to us for one of us to sacrifice himself.

Emeka: you are right my brother, I was about coming to your house after eating to convince you to offer yourself as sacrifice.

Am ashamed to realize that after 3years of my free service to the people visiting this page, no one have my back.

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