May 14, 2022

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Life Or Riches: 7days Episode 2

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Subtitle: happy Christ birth annual celebration.

Episode 2

Lying on the armless cane chair is Jethro the second son of late Mr. Okafor in his empty sitting-room.

Jethro: kill the three goats [mumbling while sleeping] kill the cows too, am Chief JP the money monger.

The dirty curtail covering the sitting-room gave way with a swift swipe of the hand from his wife, she stood before her sleeping husband talking in his sleep about buying the whole community and talking to the president.

She quickly dragged his leg and Jethro was forced to the rough floor wincing in pains.

Jethro: Chimoo! [he exclaim] this witch, what is the matter?

Jethro’s wife: Jethro be a man biko, am begging you try and be a man, how can you be sleeping on the chair by this time while your mates are looking for money?

Jethro: woman, are you sure you are not mad and no one have told you? Adanne, where do you want me to be if not my house, is this your father house Adanne?

Jethro’s wife: oh! so here is not my father husband? [arms akimbo] I would not have married you if you were not licking my feet and worshipping the ground I walk on, you better stop the charm you used on me so that I will escape this poverty of yours.

Jethro: [laugh] charm on you? is that what your friends is telling you? you were the one forcing yourself on me, how did a handsome and hard working man end up with biblical Delilah is still a thing of confusion to me, are you sure I wasn’t drunk when I took my people to your father’s house?

Jethro’s wife: Jethro have shame, biko. Go and work before hungry will kill your children and me?

Jethro: look at someone that is talking about hungry, when I married you from your father’s house you were like broom now you have fat and filled the house no space for me again.

Jethro’s wife: Jethro you are shameless.

Jethro: Adanne you are a disgrace.

The couples kept on exchanging words until they got tired and called it a quit for the morning, Adanne hissed and stormed out of the sitting-room.
Jethro’s two daughters entered the sitting-room from inside the house and greeted their father.

Chichi: papa, I will teacher said we should buy omo in the school to wash toilet.

Jethro: did I send you to school to learn or to wash toilet?

Chichi: but pap..

Jethro: will you keep quiet there before I give you back hand.

Bridget: papa I have not buy my home work book.

Jethro: what do you mean by home work? I should also buy home work book that I will be the one sending the work to do at home, tell your teacher that you don’t need any book to work at home.

The two girls giggled at their father’s ignorance.

Bridget: but papa isn’t about working at home, the book is for me to do assignments so that I will take first position in school.

Jethro: ehnn.. This what you would have say, you know we didn’t go to school like you people. How much is it?

Bridget: two hundred naira only, Papa.

Jethro: eehnn [screams] you are calling two hundred naira only? ask your teacher to give you when I return from selling my palm wine today I will give you the money to give him tomorrow.


Back to Emeka’s compound were he is talking with his younger brother Igodomigodo under the mango tree.

Igodo: what do you mean by to convince me to die? I don’t understand.

Emeka: what is there that you can’t understand? tell me the difference between you and death people? how is you being alive helping our family, instead of helping us you are adding adject to our poverty.

Igodo: you lie brother Emeka! I have a bright destiny and I know I will be rich.

Emeka: [laughing hysterically] hope you have not changed church or you have not been listening to that your new mad pastor, you are already twenty two and still living in mud house which destiny do you have again apart from hunting?

Igodo: Emeka don’t insult me.

Emeka: what will you do?

Igodo: you can’t handle your wife, dead manhood.

Emeka: what do you say? [get up from the chair he is sitting]

Igodo: [get up too] you heard me Emeka, I said dead manhood.

Both of them started fighting, it took Emeka’s wife and Okafor who came visiting Emeka to stopped them from fighting.


Later in the evening Okafor gathered his father’s sons together as the eldest son in his compound away from his house.

Okafor: [stand up] my brothers you are all welcome [others acknowledge his greetings] Emeka why will you fight with your younger brother?

Emeka: he insulted me.

Igodo: I didn’t insult him I only told him the truth.

Emeka; brother, you are hearing him bah?

Okafor: why are you two behaving like a child, both of you should apologise to each other.

Okafor settled his brothers grievances before going into the matter that he brought everyone together that evening.

Okafor: I have been thinking about the sacrifice, I think I should be the one to give his life to liberate our family as the eldest son.

The happiness in his brothers hearts couldn’t be measured but they all showed fake concern.


Later in the night Okafor lay on his bed with his wife, he narrated the outcome of the meeting to his wife because she always had her way on knowing everything Okafor does in the day time.

Okafor’s wife: Okafor! Okafor!! Okafor!!! how many times did I call you?

Okafor; what is your problem? why are you shouting? do you want to wake the children?

Okafor’s wife; why won’t I shout? I will have to wake the children in fact, Umu-Ugba oohh!! my husband want to make me a window ohhh!

The night was packed with excessive drama that Okafor prayed he never encountered such in his life again.

Day 2.


somebody should do happy christmas for me oh

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