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Life Or Riches: 7days Episode 3

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Subtitle; Merry Christmas.

Episode 3

Early the next morning before cock crow Jethro was standing outside his house in his compound, he faced east with his both hands up imagining the befitting buildings he is going to erect.

After cock crow the sky gave little light, his wife emerged from the room standing in the frontage looking at her husband demonstrating buildings that he wanted to build.

Jethro’s wife: Jethro! hope you have not run mad?

Jethro ignored her and continued demonstrating what he was doing, she came down from the verandah and walked close to her husband and tapped him.

Jethro’s wife: should I call our Umunna and tell them my husband have run mad?

Jethro: woman, let me be. I will send you to your father’s house when the millions am expecting comes.

Jethro’s wife: [claps her hands] eehhhhheemm! Jethro, is that what you dreamt last night? [touch his body] do you have fever and malaria?

Jethro: just wait and see.

Jethro left his wife and went inside the house.


Emeka was walking on a muddy road while whistling, he wanted to turn back when he sighted a man paddling on a bicycle towards him.

John: Emeka! I have seen you, don’t run.

He stood and waited for him, John dropped his bicycle and grabbed Emeka’s collar.

Emeka: what is the meaning of this? Johnbull.

John; you are still asking me meaning of this after owing me for two years three months and three hours forty two minutes and five seconds, if you don’t know the meaning let me tell you Emeka pay me my money am begging you.

Emeka: because of coming three thousand naira you are holding my throat, Nigeria that is owing trillion of dollars how many countries have you seen holding Nigeria throat?

John; Emeka, all I want is my money am not concerned about trillion of dollars Nigeria is owing, Emeka pay me!!

Emeka: stop that! I don’t like it!! remove your hand from my collar so that I can give you back your chicken change.

Immediately John removed his hands from his collars, Emeka started the charade of bringing out money from his pockets and immediately took to his heels. John ran after him but his left leg wasn’t helping matter because he had an internal injury when he was young.

John: ewooooh! ewooohh! [wincing in pains] ooohh! Emeka thunder will injure Igod


A girl carry can on her head coming from the stream through the footpath that leads to Ogbomini the hamlet closed to the stream, Igodomigodo ran after her calling her name but she refused to answer, he got close to her and tapped her buttocks.

Ifeoma: oohh! Igodo, what did I do to you? am I the only beautiful girl in this village ehnn Igodo?

Igodo: I have been calling you Ify!

Ifeoma: yes I heard you but I don’t want to talk to you, aahh! let me be.

Igodo: you know I can’t let you be am deeply in love with you.

Ifeoma: Igodo, please don’t love me. I don’t need your love, just let me be in this village aahh!

Igodo: I will soon come to pay your dowry and take you home.

Ifeoma: [laughing] who will borrow you money to come and pay for my dowry? and who will marry a poor man like you? you better kill that dream of yours.

Igodo: Ify, don’t worry after today you will see that Igodo is no longer the one you use to know, I will break your father’s block house he built in 80s and built befitting house that suit my in law.

Ifeoma: are you insulting my father?

Igodo: no na, Ify my love, omalicha.

She hissed and walked away ignoring Igodo who was pestering her, he followed her down to her house gate.
The old gate gave way and an aged man stepped out from the gate on sighting Igodo with his daughter.

Ifeoma’s father; you again?

The man went inside back while Igodo took to his heels, left Ifeoma laughing at him.

Day 3

The son’s of late Mr. Okafor gathered in their usual meeting style to discuss the way forward to escape poverty.
Okafor stood up after his first son entertained everyone of them with palm win.

Okafor: my brothers, you all know I wanted to sacrifice myself for the well being of this family.

His brothers: we all know, we should be heading to the shrine.

Okafor; but my wife and children refused and I think I agree to what they are saying that I shouldn’t sacrifice myself.

Jethro: Okafor you lie! you are the first son and you must sacrifice yourself.


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