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Life Or Riches: 7days Episode 4

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Subtitle: Happy Christmas

Episode 4

Okafor: Jethro sit down, who are you to tell me what to do?

Emeka: *get up in midst of words exchange* why are we quarreling ourselves brothers? if Okafor doesn’t want to sacrifice himself let him be.

Igodo: Emeka what do you mean? Okafor should keep to his word let him don’t be a coward our father wasn’t known as such.

Okafor: Igodo of yesterday have find his voice to talk when married men are talking, do you think is easy to die?

Jethro: am out of this meeting.

Emeka: Jethro, you don’t have to go yet because we are not done with our discussions.

Igodo: what is there to discuss Okafor have already said he isn’t going to sacrifice himself.

Emeka: are you not going to join him Igodo?

Igodo: my grandfather will not forgive me if I leave these drinks and food untouched, breakfast.

Jethro was seen talking to himself on the road by Mazi Idaye.

Mazi: this one you are talking to yourself Jethro, I hope all is well?

Jethro: how can all be well when my brothers and I are poor?

Mazi: but that is a common knowledge, you know am a good friend to your father who was a famous antelope hunter. So you can talk to me what the problem is.

Jethro: ehhnn… No wonder my father is very poor because he has people like you as friend Mazi Nduka.

Mazi: don’t insult me Jethro, what is wrong being in a famous hunter? tell me the problem I know your dead father can not be the problem.

Jethro: chief problem solver, so that you will have something to broadcast round the village radio without battery.

Jethro looked him up and hissed then walked away, Mazi called him back but he waved his hand and walked on. Mazi shook his head and kept his hands akimbo.

Mazi: nikpanimo, is that not Jethro of yesterday? he has now grown wings to challenge me Mazi.

Emeka and Igodo were heading homes from Okafor’s compound.

Emeka: have you heard that Obinna is back from London?

Igodo: ofcourse, I have heard oh! the first graduate of this village. He had married a white woman and brought so many cars with his children.

Emeka: I wonder why papa didn’t train us in school.

Igodo: me too.. Ewooohh!

Emeka: what is the matter?

Igodo; I will come to your house and sew you later.

Igodo started running towards the stream, Emeka looked towards him and asked what he is going to do in the stream but he gave no response.


Igodo thanked his stars on sighting Ifeoma leaving the stream, he ran and met her on seeing Igodo Ifeoma frown.

Ifeoma; what is it again Igodo? what did I do that you won’t allow me rest in this village?

Igodo: you stole my heart away, I love you with my body and soul Ify.

Ifeoma: you love me shey?

Igodo: yes, with my body and soul.

Ifeoma: being your people to my house and come n’ marry me.

Igodo: Ify, are you serious?

Ifeoma: Igodomigodo Ifeoma is serious.

She carried her bucket and walked away while Igodo tried waking himself from illusion but realized it is real, he punched the sky and celebrated.
Ifeoma has gone sone distance away from him.

Igodo: I will come with my family and aeroplane, rang-rovers, Benz, six trucks of cows.


Later in the noon Jethro was sitting on a chair positioned before him is a tray with plates covered, he sat thinking without moving his muscles to eat.
His wife came inside the sitting-room and saw him in that mood.

His wife; my husband you have not touched your food.

Jethro: I don’t think am hungry.

His wife remained silent looking at him, she came closer carried the tray and walked away.

Jethro: Adanne, hope you have not run mad? bring back the food or I will send you to your father’s house.

His wife ignored him while Jethro went after her exiting the sitting-room together.

Day 4


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