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Life Or Riches: 7days Episode 5

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Subtitle: Happy new year

Episode 5

Emeka was coming out of his friend’s shop in the village market when John saw him, he ducked and awaited for John to come towards his direction.
Emeka was busy thinking of what his friend told him, the business idea was a great one but the capital is the problem, John launched at him and caught him tightly Emeka was shocked.

Emeka; John what is the meaning of this? you nearly gave me heart attack.

John: heart attack or no heart attack pay me my money?

Emeka: I hate all this rubbish

He pulled out five naira notes amounting one thousand naira and gave it to John.

John: is this complete?

Emeka: you can’t bah? *hiss and walk away*

John was busy arranging the money till Emeka disappeared from sight, he calculated it and discovered it was just one thousand naira, he placed his hands on his head.

John: the thunder that will strike this Emeka ehnn.. the thunder should wait until he pays me.


Jethro, Emeka, Okafor and Igodo who wore his best okrika clothe with a smart shoe, he had spent a lot to look presentable.
He held a keg of palm wine and led his brothers to Ifeoma father’s compound opening the gate.

Ifeoma’s father came out of the house with his red cap and walking stick, he sighted people coming into his compound and recognized Igodo the hoodlum terrorizing his daughter.

Ify’s father: are my eyes deceiving me? *rubbing his face with his open palm*

His august visitors walk upto him and met him standing at his house verandah, they greeted him. Ifeoma saw them through the window and ran inside her room.

Ify’s father; yes, how may I help you?

Okafor: ahh ahh!! Papa Ifeoma, you didn’t even give us chair, call your beautiful daughter to bring chairs for her future inlaws.

Ify’s father: I will pretend I didn’t hear the last part of your speech, you can not come to my compound and open mouth waaaaaa! what are you people doing here?

Jethro: we came to pluck a very ripe apple from your compound.

Ify’s father: I know you are a beggar Jethro but I didn’t expect you to beg with keg of palm wine, how many of your father’s lands have you sold to buy this keg of palm wine.

Jethro: are you insulting me papa Ifeoma?

Ify’s father; when did truth become an insult I thought it is only bitter.

Igodo: my father in law

Ify’s father: if I hear pim again from you, I will explain why I was called old soldier never die.

Emeka: we are not here to quarrel, we came to marry your daughter because our brother here Igodo has find a wife in her.

Ify’s father: no problem, let me ask my daughter if she is going to accept you as her husband.

Papa Ifeoma went inside the house leaving the brothers standing in his compound.

Emeka: I told you when I speak he will accept.

Okafor; are you sure Igodo his beautiful daughter will like you?

Jethro: why will you be saying such nonsense? Igodo is one of the finest young man in this village and deserved someone like Ifeoma.

Papa Ifeoma came out of his house with a gun, the four brothers took to their heels when he cocked the gun and shot in the air.

Papa Ifeoma: don’t run, come and marry my daughter into your useless poverty family. Come… let me use you people for target practice.


The four brothers ran away and hid behind a stalked hundreds of blocks.

Emeka: is he still coming?

Okafor: he isn’t.

Jethro: I hate all these nonsense, am going to sacrifice myself to take away all these insults from our family.

Igodo: brother, do you mean it?

Jethro ignored them and walked away, he got home and saw his wife singing and selecting beans at front of his house sitted on a plastic chair.

Jethro’s wife: my husband welcome back.

Jethro: ……

Jethro’s wife: Papa O baby am greeting you.

Jethro ignored his wife and went inside the house, his wife dropped the tray she used in selecting the beans and went after her husband who she saw sitting thoughtfully in his sitting-room.

Jethro’s wife; Jethro, I was greeting you and you just ignored, Jethro are we quarreling?

Jethro: Adanne, I didn’t marry you to kill me before my time, must I talk before you know I have answered your greetings.

Jethro’s wife: aahh! Jethro, you have started having hot-temper nowadays.

She sat with her husband and held his hand looking at his fingers.

Jethro’s wife; these your fingers have over grown, let me cut them for you.

Jethro: where are my children?

Jethro’s wife: they went to the church, there is a good news oh!

Jethro: which good news are you talking about?

Jethro’s wife: O baby has been giving a scholarship to further her education into the university for free.


Igodomigodo was heading to the market when he ran into Ifeoma, he looked away ignoring her, Ifeoma stopped on her way and went after him grabbing his hand.

Igodo: Ifeoma, what is the problem? do you want your father to retire me to my fore-fathers?

Ifeoma; *smiling* is me Ify, your love oh! Igodo, that you are doing like this.

Igodo: if your father asked you to look for person to add to people he had killed in his life time, tell them you didn’t see me.

Ifeoma: why are you behaving like this Igodo, you know I like you. Oya what did I do that you are ignoring me?

Igodo: you don’t know what you did? after asking me to come and marry you, your father made me jump through your fence and made me run like a headless chicken you are still asking me what you did.

Ifeoma started laughing which made Igodo angrily walk away from her.

Ifeoma: am sorry Igodo, you know I love you I thought you won’t try it na.

Igodo ignored her and continued walking away.


Jethro was sleeping inside the sitting-room talking when his wife Adanne woke him up.

Jethro’s wife; why are you mentioning me and my daughter name in your dream?

Jethro; oohh! what is wrong with this woman? you don’t even allow me to enjoy my dream.

Jethro’s wife: hope the scholarship you are shouting in your dreams won’t make you not pay your daughter’s jamb form fee.

Jethro got up and walked away ignoring his wife totally.


Day 5

Okafor, Emeka, Igodo gathered at Jethro’s house before the sun could make it mark in the sky.
Jethro’s wife came out with her first daughter greeting them.

Okafor; our wife where is your husband?

Jethro’s wife: he is still sleeping my husbands, O baby go and wake your father to come and see his brothers.

Her daughter went inside and called Jethro who came out sluggishly and yawned, he saw his brothers and was surprise.

Jethro: my brothers what brought you people so early to my house?

Igodo: remember what you said yesterday.

Jethro: I was only joking.


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