Love and betrayal episode 4

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🍆Love and betrayal🍆

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💔Episode four💔


I just kept in crying, the accusation was just blowing my head up.

“come with me to the principal’s office”,miss big booty said.

I followed her behind, while the class kept mocking me.

I looked at my bestie, and she didn’t look sad.


We got to the principal’s office.

“sir, this girl over here took someone’s book and hid it”,miss big booty said

“no sir, I didn’t”,I defended, still crying.

“shut up, you little girl, you did”,miss booty half yelled.

“calm down, ma, pls go and continue with you lesson session, I’ll handle it”,he said, and she hesitated before she left.

Miss big booty hates me, I know, though, I don’t know the reason why she hates me.

„Young lady, I have known you for years, right when I was a teacher, before I was promoted as a principal, you don’t look for trouble, always the smart kind one, that don’t stand for injustice”,he said, and I smiled.

“thank you sir”,I replied.

“but, even though I believe you, others don’t, so you will have to work, clean up your classroom, for a week, apologize to the victim, and write *I will never steal again*”,the principal said.

“ok sir”,I replied sadly.

“you can go to your classroom”,he replied, and I left.

I walled down the hallways, and then someone pulled me.

It was Jake.

He locked the door.

“what is wrong with you? Do you wanna put me in trouble?”,I asked.

“well, if you yell, then, you’ll get into trouble”,he replied.

“so, why did you pull me in here?”,I asked, annoyed.

“i wanted to know what I did”,he replied, and I smirked

“look Jake, if there is something I hate most, that’s pretenders. I hate them so much! Also, piers”,I replied.

I could see some atom of disappointment in his eyes.

“look, I really like you……

“enough, I need to go to my class’s, before the next teacher comes in”,I replied, pushed him outta the way, and ran to my class.

Luckily, the next teacher hasn’t entered yet.

I walked to my seat, bowing my head.

“look, our new thief, pls keep your bags away”,a student yelled.

They all roared in laughter.

I looked at my bestie stylishly, and she also laughed too

What is going on?

I sat down quietly.

The teacher entered, and we all greeted.

I didn’t look up, so I don’t really know the teacher that entered, though its a male’s voice.

“ok, settle down. This is a new student, who is going to be joining your class, introduce yourself”,the teacher said.

I didn’t still look up!

“hello, am Cole, and am happy to join this class”,he said, then I looked up.

A handsome figure was standing there.

A wow escaped my mouth, as well as the mouths of many other students.

“cone seat here”,many offered.

He was about to seat close to me.

“she’s a thief, don’t seat close to her, else all your stuffs will get missing”,students yelled.

He paid deaf ears to them, and sat close to me.

“hi”,he whispered, but I totally ignored.

“ok, as you all know, I teach using illustrations right?”,the teacher said.


“good, now watch this, while I attend to something”,he said, and left.

“why aren’t you responding, and why are they all calling you a thief?”,he asked.

“pls, leave me alone”,I whispered, watching the TV.


Immediately I set my eyes on her, I began to like her.

Her beauty, her quiet nature, those personalities just drew me to her.

I like her already.

But the question us, why is she being called a thief?

It was break already.

Others went out to chat, to the cafeteria, while she remained behind.

“arent you going out for lunch?”,I asked.

”are you now my personal instructor?”,she asked.

I left her to be.

I walked to my locker, and a girl walked up to me..

“hi, am Kylie. I see you are talking to our Newly found thief”,she said, and I faced her.

“uhmn, am Cole. Well, what did she steal?”,I asked.

“oh, her? She stole a textbook, a teacher’s lunch, hacked into the school’s computer system, and changed her grades”,she said.


“really? That’s really bad”,I said, and she nodded.

“so, do you maybe wanna hang out?”,she asked.

“nope am occupied”,I replied.

“ok, nice meeting you”,she said and walked away.

Just then, another girl walked up to me.

“hi, am avis. I know you like that girl you sat close to, I like her too, also, I saw her best friend talking to you jow”,she said, and my jaws dropped.

“best friend?”,I asked.

“yeah, that her so-called bestie who is lying against her”,she replied.

“ok, so what?”,I asks

“lets make a deal. We team up to expose her, so you get her, and I get her too , as her friend”,she replied.

“deal”,I replied, and we shook hands.

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