May 14, 2022

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Loving A Superstar Episode 3

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🎙️🎶🎧Loving a Superstar🎙️🎶🎧

❤️(My rude and Arrogant boss)❤️

🎧❤️Episode 3🎧❤️

Jason’s POV ♥️

I couldn’t help but yawn inside the conference Hall with my manager and my record label who were pretty mad at me for some reason..

‘You have to keep a leash on your mouth Mr Jason’..The chairlady or should I say record label owner said and I held a scoff..

‘Now what did he do?? ‘..James asked on my behalf…

‘He said to the press that he was planning on moving to another label!! And he isn’t doing that!! Do you know what that means??’..She yelled back and when James made to say something I held him back..

‘Now miss or Mrs I don’t care…Now your record label needs me cause I’m the only mainstream artiste that brings the cash and everything!! But you all don’t want to appreciate my gift and talent!! I have been in this record label for almost five years and yet J-Snoop is first on your Best Artiste List?? Has J-Snoop won any Grammy?? Has he performed for the president before?? Has he sang with Beyonce at the Super bowl!! Yes I’m planning on leaving the label!!’..I yelled and she bit her lower lip in fear…

‘Don’t do this Jason Stone! We also contributed to your career!’..She said..

‘Yeah right the only thing you did was get me a collab with Shakira and the song isn’t released yet!! Bravo lady I’m outta here!’..I replied and stood up…

‘But are you really serious?? You’re leaving??’..She asked..

‘Atlantic records gave me a deal and it’s irresistible’..I muttered and shut the door leaving them speechless..


I’m Jason Stone..

I take words out of people’s mouths…

‘Uhh sir are you sure about Atlantic records??’..My personal assistant asked and I frowned deeply..

‘Uhhh who are you to tell me what to do??’..

‘Sorry sir but Atlantic records are—

‘Look PA,your job is to run errands and get me my morning coffee and also review my schedule okay?? So stay in your lane and adjust your Goddamn glasses!!’..I yelled and she gulped hard…

How on Earth has this person been working with me for over five years?!!..

I don’t even know her real name!!!…

Well she isn’t really that important so I don’t really have to know her do I??..

‘Yes sir it won’t happen again’..She finally said with her head sunken low..

‘Good now book a restaurant for dinner without any form of disturbance I want to have a night all to myself and please don’t dress as stupid as this next time or else you’ll loose your job okay?? I can’t have the blogs talking about how Haggard you look’..

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