May 14, 2022

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Loving A Superstar Episode 4

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🎙️🎶🎧Loving a Superstar🎙️🎶🎧

❤️(My rude and Arrogant boss)❤️

🎧❤️Episode 4🎧❤️

Candy’s POV ❤️

Tears brew at the corner of my tear duct but i held myself and grabbed my phone from the other side of my pocket and just that moment MJ sneaked up on me..

‘Hey’..He said and I jolted..

‘Yo what the f**k??’…

‘Hey’..He repeated and I shook my head vigorously..

MJ,the upcoming and charming artiste of the record label and at the same time my worst nightmare…

The guy won’t take control for an answer!!!..

‘I just wanted to know if—

‘No I am not going out to dinner or lunch or anything with you MJ,you’re not a superstar you’re just upcoming’..I cut in trying to leave but he blocked my way…

‘Me?? Upcoming?? I performed with Sam Smith last week’..He bluffed and I pushed him away playfully like I normally do Everytime he tries to flirt with me…

‘Yeah right move out of my way MJ I have to book a restaurant for my boss’..I said..

‘Really?? You still work for that jerk?? Everyone knows Jason Stone for being handsome and manly meanwhile he’s just a rude and Arrogant bastard that doesn’t know his PA’s name’..He replied with a sardonic look on his face…

‘ don’t know that??’..I stuttered and he kissed me softly on the lips…

‘You idiot I told you not to kiss me like that!!’..I yelled but not angrily though..

This is just like a normal routine…

I come to the building..

He asks me out to dinner and I refuse and he kisses me…

‘See you tomorrow??’..He asked..

‘Yeah see you’..I replied and walked outside…

Jason’s POV♥️

At Night 🌃
I adjusted my glasses and face mask so I wouldn’t be noticed only for me to see Jessica coming towards me..

‘Hey Superstar’..She whispered..

‘How on Earth did you recognize me??’..I asked…

‘Your tattoo’..She replied and kissed me softly on the cheeks..

Jessica has been my best friend ever since before I even became famous and she’s the only woman who understands me..

And our friendship also comes with benefits like s*x and all but we aren’t a couple..

‘So what happened today?? With the meeting that is’..She asked again…

‘Well uhh I’ll be getting papers soon and I don’t really care about anything like that but funny enough my stupid PA doesn’t want me to go to Atlantic records’..I replied and she chuckled loudly..

‘I told you to fire that b*tch’..

‘Huh?? Why??’..

‘Cause I don’t like her that’s what and you’re better off without her’..

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