June 29, 2022

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Loving A Superstar Episode 5

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🎙️🎶🎧Loving a Superstar🎙️🎶🎧

❤️(My rude and Arrogant boss)❤️

🎧❤️Episode 5🎧❤️

Candy’s POV♥️

The Next Morning 🌥️
I woke up really on time and changed into a simple blue dress and matching sandals and then took a cab straight for work..

‘Hmmm you’re early today??’..James muttered with a haughty look on his face and I managed to force a smile…

‘Uhh I’ll actually be leaving early today I’m picking my brother from the airport’…

Well that’s a lie cause I really need some time alone for myself before I literally freak out and break down…

These past few weeks have been so crazy and all I want is to just rest…

‘Well I’m not really your boss am I?? I’m just his manager personally not the record manager??’..He said…

‘Ohh okay’..I winced and walked over to the studio only for me to see Jessica and my boss together inside the booth..

Ughhh I just hate her so so much…

She always acts like a princess who’s so fragile like glass meanwhile she’s just a wolf in sheep clothing…

‘Good morning sir’…I murmured..

‘Ohhh it’s you’..He replied as he came out of the booth..

‘Is there anything I can get you sir??’..I asked again..

‘Ohh yeah I really am in the mood for coffee and uhmm get me a hot pretzel to go,have my credit card’..He said and threw his card at me like I was some beggar which made Jessica laugh…

This is what I get for being the PA to a rude and Arrogant bastard!!..

What was I thinking when I said I was in love or I liked him??….

Minutes later♥️
‘Here’s your Coffee and hot pretzel sir’..I yawned loudly as I walked into the recording booth and Mr Jason frowned deeply…

‘Did you just yawn into my coffee and why the f**k is this so cold?!! And why is the pretzel so hot?!! I can’t eat this?? Why do you always prove to be so incompetent huh?? Why are you always so incompetent?!!’..He yelled..

‘Ohh..sor..sorry sir but the cafe is pretty far and the pretzel stand is just at the corner so—

‘I don’t want your stupid excuses just get me what I ask for and you’ll be fine!!”..He interrupted and after a few minutes of pacing around I nodded and walked out of the room…

‘She always acts so stupid’..Jessica snorted and I clenched the cup in my arms..


I’ll say this again…

I work for five years and this is still the treatment I get??..

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