June 29, 2022

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Loving A Superstar Episode 6

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🎙️🎶🎧Loving a Superstar🎙️🎶🎧

❤️(My rude and Arrogant boss)❤️

🎧❤️Episode 6🎧❤️

Jason’s POV ♥️

‘Nah I can’t fire her, getting a new Personal Assistant is very hard and she’s been working with me for over five years now,it won’t be fair on her sorry a*s’..I replied downing another shot of vodka..

‘I still just don’t like her Jason,she’s always very rude to me and talks behind my back about how I hoe myself around you’..Jessica still implied and a chuckle couldn’t help but come out of my mouth..

‘She really said that?? Maybe it’s just a rumor or something but she isn’t far from wrong though?? We’ve had s*x countless times haven’t we??’..

‘Jason Stone that isn’t funny!!’..

‘Well I’m a superstar,you can’t do anything about it’..I retorted and just then Cindy or Candy or whatever her name was walked in again with another cup of coffee and two warm pretzels..

‘Here you go sir,not too hot and not too cold’..She said,dropped it on my table and when she turned to leave I held her back..


‘Candy,my name is Candy’..She corrected and I frowned again..

‘Candy now I would’ve fired your sorry ass but I’m just going to let you off with a warning got that?? I don’t want you gossiping anymore about my best friend Jessica cause you won’t benefit anything from it okay?? She’s hotter than you, prettier than you,has more class than you and she has much more than you so I don’t see what the stupid gossip you’re spreading is all about!!! I don’t want you talking about my best friend got that!!!’..

‘Y..Yes…Yes sir’..

Candy’s POV♥️

I quickly ran out of the room in tears as my boss said those harsh words and then immediately bumped into MJ..


Just my luck..

‘Candy?? What’s wrong??’..He asked and I literally bursted into tears in front of him..

‘I…I…I can’t stand it anymore!! He’s so rude to me and I just feel like dying!! He literally said I should stop spreading gossip about his best friend Jessica which I’m not!! I don’t like her one bit that’s true but I don’t gossip about her?? He said she’s hotter,richer,prettier and more than I’ll ever be!! I mean is this what I get for wasting five years of my life on this person?? He’s the billboard chatting Jason Stone and the Michael Jackson of our time I get it but at the same time I also have feelings??’..

‘Quit your job Candy, clearly you deserve more than this okay?? And why do you even care about that Jessica it’s obvious you’re way more beautiful than her plastic face’..He said and I couldn’t help but smirk..

He’s right…

I’m going to quit my job..

And then move to Boston to start over…

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