May 14, 2022

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Loving A Superstar Episode 7

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🎙️🎶🎧Loving a Superstar🎙️🎶🎧

❤️(My rude and Arrogant boss)❤️

🎧❤️Episode 7🎧❤️

Jason’s POV ♥️

‘I quit!!!’..Candy yelled as she walked back into the room…

‘You what?!’..I asked and she snickered loudly before answering….

‘I f**king quit Jason Stone!! I’ve had enough of your f**king bullshit for five years and it’s really getting on my nerves!! I’m going to live my life freely now away from your rude and Arrogant a*s!! Yes I said it boss!! I quit!!’…She yelled and walked out immediately..

She quit?!!.

Who the hell does she think she is??..

Quitting on me?? .

No one quits on Jason Stone??…

Absolutely no one!!…

I tell people they’re fired they don’t quit on me?!!..

‘Well that’s good riddance to bad rubbish she’s a pain anyway’..Jessica muttered and my brows arched up..

‘Well James would have to find me another Personal Assistant and I really have to go check out my new house in Boston and where’s Candy I need a mint’..I murmured and this time it was her turn to frown..

‘Are you sure you’re okay Jason??’..

‘I beg your pardon??’..

‘Well your so called PA just quit and you just didn’t notice that?? You really need to work on not forgetting things all the time’…I replied and she shrugged…

Candy or whatever her name is is like the last thing on my mind now..

She thinks she’s so special to me??..

Well she thought wrong .

Candy’s POV ♥️

‘You what?!!’..Nuella,my best friend exclaimed as I walked into our apartment..

‘I quit my f**king Job Nuella’..I replied and slumped on the green bedcovered bed..

‘Wait you’re serious??!! Why the hell would you quit your job Candy?!! You’ve been working the Supper Iconic Jason Stone for literally five years and it’s been like a blessing to me!! My friends get to go to his ridiculously expensive shows and even get backstage passes because of you and you quit?!!’..She screamed..

‘Yell all you want Nuella but it’s been done already!! I’m just so tired of being treated like scum in his eyes!! He’s like the rudest and most arrogant human on Earth!!’..I yelled back..

‘Ohh but you were crushing on him before weren’t you?? Why did you quit Candy you do know he pays you well’..She cried out..

‘Well it’s been done okay and—

‘Well the rent is due Candy and the last of your salary was used in paying for Daniels college you know?? We’re like totally broke’..She said..

‘Broke?? The rent is due?? That’s not possible!! I just lost my job so why now?!! Why now?!!”..

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