Married To Mr Arrogant Episode 3

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(They are crazy πŸ˜‚)
Written by: Authoress Ti Fe πŸ’žπŸ“š
SEASON 1 episode 3


“Sarah!!! Sarah!! I hope you are off that bed!” Mother yelled knocking on my door aggressively.

“Mother you are shouting!” I yelled back in anger.

“Okay, sorry about that. Please open the door.” She said calmly.

I stretched sluggishly, yawning widely. I walked to the door looking so rough. I opened the door and walked back to my bed jumping on it.

“Sarah get up! Harry will be here very soon.” She said spanking my butts.

“Ouch! Mother I know. I will prepare later, I am still sleeping.” I said covering myself with the duvet but she stopped me.

“Should I call you Bryan?” She asked and my eyes opened immediately.

“No!! No!! I will go prepare now!” I said jumping up.

“It feels great when you are so scared of your kid brother. I give you 30 minutes to prepare!” She smacked and out of the living room.

I sat on my bed backing the door. They don’t really understand that I am not ready for this.

I guess if I don’t show up, they will be frustrated and leave for their houses.

I heard some slight noise beside me, I looked back but I didn’t see anything. I then remembered I was yet to lock the door.

I rushed to the door and locked it, I jumped on my bed and used the pillow to cover my ears, trying to catch some sleep.

I was already diverting to the dreamland, when I began to hear exchange of pleasantries.

“Mtchew!” I hissed trying to focus on my sweet sleep.

After some minutes, the noise died down and I was happy I was going to finally sleep.

“Sarah!” My mother called sweetly from the living room.

I rolled on the bed frustratingly, I am not coming out! I wish I had just fallen asleep really fast.

I covered my head with another pillow holding it firm on my head.

She called again but I totally ignored it. The calling stopped and I sighed feeling like a winner.

I felt something move slowly on my arms, I thought it was an ant or something, I brushed it off my naked arms.

It felt sticky and gummy. I removed the pillow from my head to look at it, and then I saw a snake looking at me.

“Ah!!” I yelled throwing it away. I ran to the door and opened it in the twinkle of an eye.

“Dad!!! There is a snake in my room!” I ran to the living room. I met many people sitting on the couch but I ignored them.

“Mom! Dad! You need to see this!” I yelled sweating profusely already.

They all looked at me like I was insane, then I looked at myself and saw I was still in my pyjamas, My hair was scattered all over my face.

I looked at the people on the couch and I saw stare at me in awe. There were two elderly people, one I recognized to be my Dad’s friend, and the other probably his wife.

There was a young guy beside them, but he was busy with his phone and I couldn’t even see his face.

“You look razz!” A young girl on the woman leg smirked. While the woman quickly placed her hands over her mouth.

“Really? I look razz? Mother are you hearing this?” I asked angrily.

“Sarah, go in, clean up and then come back!” Father smacked looking angry already.

“Father don’t you get it! There is a snake in my room!” I said fearfully.

“Mom, Dad I don’t see any good reason why we are still seated here. She isn’t even prepared.” The young guy I assumed to be Harry said still not looking up.

“You can just go! I am not interested in this anyways!” I yelled making him raise up his head.

OMG, he looked so cute! I have never seen someone cute like him before! Gosh! He looked like a god! I stared at him blankly drooling already.

“Hey miss, don’t think you are the only one that can get angry. Since you came here, you have just been wailing and shouting, I can’t even think!” He smacked and I saw is face grow red in anger.

Wow no one as ever talked back at me, but I kept my face straight forgetting all about his beauty.

I looked at our parents and they just kept staring at both of us.

“Dad, mom! Did he just yelled back at me? Like Harry Wick just yelled back at me!” I yelled already burning.

“Enough!” The two fathers chorused.

“Harry shut up!” Mr wick smacked.

“Sarah, get into your room and freshen up now!” Father yelled and I could see the burn of anger in his eyes.

“Sarah please go.” Mother said calmly.

I stormed back to my room forgetting about the snake I saw.

“He really has some guts! How dare he yell at me! Dad should have left me to deal with him!” I yelled slamming the door.

I walked into my room to see Bryan playing with a toy snake which looked exactly like the snack that was on my arm.

“Bryan!! Did you do it?” I asked within gritted teeth.

“Yes, did you like it?” He asked grinning.

“Ahhh!!!!!!!” I yelled angrily clenching my fist.

Mother quickly ran into my room to where Bryan was sitting. She carried him and his him behind her back.

“Mother drop him, and let me do what I want to do.” I said trying not to yell.

“Sarah please stop this your attitude, it won’t take you anywhere. Your father and I loves you, and that is why we are doing this, please go freshen up.” Mother said holding my hands and I felt my anger die down.

“Mother I don’t want to.” I said sitting on my bed.

“Please Sarah, this could change your life for the better.” She said as Bryan ran out of my room. I can’t wait for mom and dad to leave the house, I will so kill him.

“Okay mother. But if he doesn’t like me I guess we will all part ways.” I said walking to the bathroom.

Sarah oπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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