May 14, 2022

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Mr Gym Instructor Episode 10

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🐷 Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️


πŸ’ HARRY πŸ’

The next morning was a very tiring one for me cos of what I passed through in the night.

I went down to the laundry room and pulled out make of my clothes from the washing machine.

I was devasted and mad. I need to deal with that witch but she’s carrying my child and I wouldn’t wanna hurt the poor baby too.

Shit! I smacked my head and went out with s full basket of clothes.

I met her outside the house, watering the hibiscus by the front lawn.

She smiled on seeing me and I stared defiantly at her. “Morning hussie! Did you sleep well?” She threw at me.

TSH! I looked at her. ” Sleep well?When I almost died of cold!” I gritted.

” Oh, sorry. But you deserved it, right? You fed me with pepper and I had to show you I’m more wicked than you are. ” Betty said smirking.

” That’s not enough reason for you to wanna kill me with cold in my house! ” I yelled.

” No! In our house! ” Betty yelled back.

” And what’s happening here! ”

We both turned to see Scott heading towards us.

” Hi buddy! Morning, Betty.” He said as we shook hands.

I inhaled deeply and glanced at him. “I can’t make it to the gym today. You take care of things around there. ” I said casually.

” Hun? Excuse me? You remembered I told you we are having new clients during last night discussion.” Scott reminded.

” I know. Take care of everything. I’m damn tired!” I said angrily.

“Wow! Okay! I will be on my way now but I will be back in the evening to feed you with the details.” Scott said. I nodded and I watched him left.

When I turned around, Betty had already gone inside the house.

I put down the basket on the corridor and took out some ot the clothes for dry cleaning.

An hour later, I walked into the bedroom and saw Betty wearing her swimming tank. I moved back and peered on.

She’s about to go for a swim?


Interesting. I think it’s time for a payback, people.
Hurriedly I dashes into the kitchen and pulled out two new packs of sealed pepper.

Tiptoeing, I headed to the back garden where the swimming pool is.

I quickly poured the whole contents into the water and watched it dissolve and blended with the water.

I laughed silently.

At least this won’t affect my innocent baby.

I walked back and hid behind a large tree and await her arrival.

Uh la la! This is what I call sweet revenge!


The sun was perfect the way I wanted it during swimming time.

I stretched my body before pulling myself down into the water.

I am a great swimmer and I swim like a fish.

I began flapping around and about five minutes later, I began to feel funny.

Suddenly I screamed cos I could feel my p***y becoming hot and peperish.

I cried out again when something stung my eyes.

I frantically searched for a way to go out of the water but each attempt i make,turns out to be disaster.

I screamed again and swam out in rush. When I got out of the water,I started crying. My body was on fire.

I heard someone laughing behind me.
I gasped and turned to see Harry looking at me and laughing.

“You? What did you do to the water!” I cried.

“Did it really hurt you that much? Do you want a bath?” Harry laughed.

I seethed with anger. I’m not gonna let him see my anger so he wouldn’t expect anything devilish from my side.

Instead I smiled. “Yeah,laugh all you can.” I said, smiling.

“You had better go take a bath before the pepper burns down your skin.

I might use you for barbecue,you Know.” Harry said laughed and walked away.

I ran into the bathroom once I got into the room and spent hours taking my bath!


“You dont expect me to be the one to carry the baby’s bag,Harry! Come back here and pick this! Ahhhh!!!” Betty screamed from the stairs.

What the hell is wrong with pregnant ladies?

Or perhaps I should say what is wrong with this pregnant wife of mine!

Must I be the one to carry the stupid baby bag all the time? She’s not even in labor yet!

“I’m warning you!” She cried again while clutching her big stomach.

I swallowed hard and walked back to the stairs and picked up the baby bag.

I walked off to the car and opened the driver’s door then sat only for her to come right there and hold my shirt before I could close the door.

“I can’t open the door! I’m pregnant! Ahhhh!!” Betty screamed.

I groaned hard and tried everything possible not to hurl her off.

“You can’t open the door? But you can hold my shirt?

You can’t open the door but you could put a dead toad right inside my shoe?

You can’t open the door but you could take my most active credit card and spent everything,buying baby stuff?” I asked trying everything possible not to cry.

The past six months had been hell. I don’t wanna continue counting everything that happened. I might end up crying. Really.

Betty shrugged and stroke her stomach while smiling down at it. “Well,those were not working.

Opening a car door is working. So you had better go open the car door or get ready to be faced with countless calls!” Betty threatened

I sighed and dropped my head on the steering. I’m fed up with life. What is my life going to be like when our baby is finally here?

I have this big feeling I’m about to become a nanny.

Male nanny!😭

But before that happens….I think I might just run away.

Yes that’s it. Runaway, Harry!, You have to run!! Run run and run!

I can’t imagine myself become a nanny! I gats to run! I have to.


You are going nowhere,Harry! You started it so you must finish it!

Let’s get ready to welcome a cute baby into the picture.😘😘

Do you wanna know his name??


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