June 30, 2022

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Mr Gym Instructor Episode 2

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Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️



Wow! Nice sight!

I whistled lowly when I sighed the new clients who were waiting to be registered.

They look fantabulous!

“Hello girls!” I said with a broad smile and walked over to them.

“Hmm. Hi. You must be the instructor here ” one of them said.

I shrugged and smiled.” Yes I am. Please, come with me so you can get your forms.” I said, staring all around at the beautiful well trimmed hips.

They’re four in number and I was already thinking of how to take them to bed already.

It’s gonna be awesome to have four on the bed at the same time.

I laughed silently at that as we walked towards my office.

I would have gotten someone to do the registration thing but I decided I would do them myself just to get the chance of becoming close before the real deal.

And one thing still dreads me …..one of this girls taking in for me.

No! I avoid that just like the plague!

I’m still a boy and I’m not ready to be saddled with a family yet!

πŸ‘… BETTY πŸ‘…

“Wow! This place is beautiful,Bells. How did you get to know here?” I said happily as we headed into the compound.

The gates were already opened since it was daylight already.

“Good day!” I waved at some securities standing outside.

Bells and I walked into the gym house and I fell immediately in love with it.

It was a busy place with all the necessary equipments.

A guy walked up to us and I was quick to notice how he glared down at my hips.

“Excuse me?” I asked, waving at his face.

“Oh!” He laughed, coming awake again. “My name is Scott and I am an assistant here. Please..come in.

It’s obvious you girls are new clients!” The Scott guy said.

” Anyway,we do not want to see any assistant. Take us to the instructor.” Bells and I chorused.

” Oh sure.. wait here!” The Scott guy said and took off.

“Wow! I love it here!” I said and held Bells hand.

” Look…that guy just got attracted to you. Are you gonna flirt with him?” Bells asked and I laughed.

” Ugh! That one? He’s not my time, babes! He’s not the muscling type. You know my type. Six packs! ” I said and we laughed.

πŸ‘… HARRY πŸ‘…

” So…let’s get to know each other better..shall we?” I said to the last girl seated before me.

She was the most beautiful one among the four and I thought it wise to start with her.

She’s gonna be so sweet and she’s ever ready to flirt with me too. Great start!

“I’m Natalie and I’m twenty four. You look sexy like a woman.” She said and I laughed.

” Really? So tell me…” I drawled and stood up them rounded the table to meet her. I touched one of her boobs gingerly and she moaned.

Wow. This girl Is a bitch.

We’ve began kissing when the door suddenly opened.

Shit! I don’t need to turn around to know the kill joy. Scott of course.

“Right. Again.” He said behind me and blew out a sigh.

Natalie stood up and smiled at me. “I will be back when you are done.” She catwalked and left.

“You are always spoiling good mods Scott.

Were you born with it? ” I asked and sat back down. I unscrewed the water before me and drank.

“What happened? Why are you staring at me like that?” I asked.

” You have two new clients. Harry .. you’ve been so crazy about the girls that comes here.

I wonder what you will do when you see this one. Maybe you are gonna faint. ” Scott said and I stood up.

” What? Is she that beautiful? You mean I’m gonna collapse on seeing her? Are you serious? ” I asked.

Scott scoffed. “You are not an instructor Harry. You are a man whore and you know that “. Scott said and left.

I could barely hear him. My mind was already on this new client that has got even Scott’s attention!

I quickly adjusted myself and looked into the mirror.

I hand combed my golden wavy hair before walking out of the office, putting on my best walking step.

I got outside the reception and sighted two lovely and lively girls sitting.

“Hello!” I greeted and walked towards me. They both stood up and I gasped silently.

The first girl was a killer…. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

And her eyes… The way she looked at my opened chest spoke volume.

“Wow… You must be the instructor. Hmm! You look the part!” She said sexily.

I blinked and stared at her. Wow! This girl is a real definition of sexy!

πŸ‘… BETTY πŸ‘…

Nothing around here has disappointed me so far! Even the instructor!

He’s beautiful!

“Come with me.” He said and I felt his eyes undressing me.

I couldn’t even wait to flirt with this guy. He looks so strong and masculine.

His opened shirt revealed the six packs I’ve always loved so much!

“Betty….. You are drooling!” Bells whispered in my ear.

Whatever! I gat my eyes on this one and he’s not gonna slip out of my finger.

My gym instructor is beautiful!

We got into an office and we sat down. He went round the table and sat in front of us.

I loved it so much that’s he’s got eyes on me alone.

“So… Shall we start the registration?” He asked with his eyes on my boobs.

Just to make him go more crazy, I pulled my tube lower and bent a little so he’s gonna get more view of my sexy boobs.

This guy is gonna be hot. I can’t wait to have him!


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