May 14, 2022

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Mr Gym Instructor Episode 3

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🐷Written by AUTHORESS Sylvia 😘 😘


πŸ† HARRY πŸ†

I felt my d**k hardening against the placket of my pant.

I couldn’t wait to drill this hottie in front of me. Holy shit!

I think she noticed the arousal in my brief.

The other girl beside her who is obviously her friend doesn’t look bad either.

After managing to make the necessary registration, I finally managed to smile. “It’s done!”

“Oh! Yeah. Now we are set to exercise?” She asked and I nodded, looking at her.

They stood up and when she turned, I whistled lowly.

She’s got nice curves at the back too.

“I will follow you to the training center and instruct you on what to do. ” I said and stood up.

My erection became so visible. I quickly, pressed a hand against my front pant.

I knew they must have noticed too cos they looked at each other and giggled.


It was amazing to see him aroused all because of me!

Aww… I’m killing someone here!

“That guy is already crazy over you, Betty! What are you gonna do about it? ” Bells asked as w journeyed to the training center.

” What am I gonna do about it? Oh, Betty you should know! I’m gonna have it out with him. ” I said and laughed.

“Well, he’s the six packs type!

You just made a big catch but I don’t think you should think of having sex with him yet. You don’t even know him.” Bells cautioned and I rolled my eyes.

” Ever since that nitwit broke my heart, I’ve seized from loving men.

They are awful and evil. I just get a good fuck and dump their ass, girl. Wise up! “I said and smiled as we got to the training center.

Most of the girls were rounding up. Bells and I started by the weight bench.

A girl walked by with another three girls. They were giggling and I had this feeling they were giggling because of us.

“Excuse me, what made you cry?”, I asked, straightening up.

“Excuse you! Who the hell is crying here?” She snapped back.

“Ugly monkeys,this is not a gossip center. It’s a gym! A training center!” I said loudly.

” Hey …do you know this crap room somewhere?” One of the three girls asked.

” Of course not. She’s just a missing child. I’m sure she missed her way before coming here!” The first girl said and they laughed before walking off.

Bells and I looked at them and glared at each other. We bursted out, laughing.

“Look how ugly they look! Tiny legs with tiny waist!

I wonder why they are even here anyways!

I’m in a good mood,Bells. They can get away with any insults today”. I said and we laughed.

We took hold of the weight bench and continued.

Mr hottie appeared from behind and held my waist as he helped me down more on the bench.

I was already feeling so horny! As I went down on the bench,I stared into his eyes and imagined me riding his d**k instead.

It took all the control in me not to start start moaning.

“Betty…..!!” Bells groaned into my ear.


“He’s been talking to you and you’ve been looking at him like a zombie!” Bells whispered.

” Oh!” I blushed. ” Have you been saying something?” I asked Mr hottie.

” Yeah… try spreading your legs wider. It will help you gain more balance.” He said.

” Hmm. Thank you cute instructor.” I smiled.

Minutes later, we lay down on the ground, exhausted.

“For starters,you girls really tried. I’m impressed.” Mr instructor said.

I licked my lips. ” With what?” I asked sexily.

“Shall we go find out in my office?”, Mr instructor whispered into my ear.

I moaned softly as his breath fanned my neck.

“Yeah of course. Your office.” I replied with my tongue sticking out.

” I will be waiting.” Mr instructor whispered and walked away.

I glanced over at Bells who was putting our things together and quietly sneaked past her.

It was almost four PM and the coast was beginning to get clear.

I opened the door and walked into the office.

Wow! I couldn’t hide my excitement!Mr instructor was already shirtless with his muscles gleaming.

Ouch…he is ever so ready for me!!


Betty is playing with πŸ”₯!!


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