May 14, 2022

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Mr Gym Instructor Episode 4

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🐷 Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️



I watched her approach me gingerly.

I sat back and speed my legs wider to accommodate her.

She had a sexy look on her face as she sat on me. “You look so cute instructor, I want you to handle me. ” She said with a smile.

I moved forward and took her lips into mine. It tasted good.

I began undressing her when she suddenly held my hand. “Anything wrong?” I asked huskily.

“No. I was wondering if we could do this in your house… Like your own bedroom. ” She said and I glared seriously at her.

Why would she request such a thing?

I never took any of my clients home and no one ever requested. I just fuck them in my office bedroom.

Infact, none of them knows my house.

I laughed plainly. “I’ve got a bedroom here. A very comfortable bed at the first door there. ” I replied but she shook her head.

” No… I would like to do this in your own bedroom. Is that hard?” She asked softly while playing with the hair on my chest.

I smiled as the sweet sensation flooded my body. “No it’s not! As a matter of fact.. I think we should be on our way now! ” I said and she smiled.

She gave me a hot kiss before standing up and adjusting her cloth. “I will be waiting outside.” She said and turned, then swayed her hips to the door.

Damn! I can’t just wait. Hurriedly I started getting prepared to go home.


I opened the door only to come face to face with Bells.

I took her hand and dragged her away. “Don’t tell me you’ve been outside that door for long!” I exclaimed.

She shrugged. “I heard everything. Come on, Betty…. This isn’t right.

You don’t even know this guy from Adam! He might be a play boy who is just gonna use and dump you! Stop doing this to yourself. ” Bells preached.

I rolled my eyes and folded my arms. ” And who said I wanted a relationship with any fucking guy, Bells?

Look, I don’t give a fuck who he is. All I want is pleasure and that’s all. ” I said stubbornly.

” Ah! Betty…. stop doing this to yourself. You can’t continue like this. ” Bells said..

” Thanks Mommy. Anyways, I’ve got outing this evening. When you get home, cover up for me.

Tell granny anything sweet, okay? Love you! ” I said and blew her a kiss.

Bells sighed, turned around and left.

The gym was already empty. I strolled outside and watched Bells exit the building.

“I’m set! Let’s get going, hottie.” Mr instructor said as he closed up behind me.

He squeezed my hips and I groaned.

I turned around and encircled my hands around his neck them gave him a brain turning kiss.

“Wow… I can’t wait to have you. You are so hot!” Mr instructor said breathing hard.

” Hmm… Now shall we? ”


His house was surprisingly big and beautiful. This guy must be stinkingly rich!

I didn’t had the time to check out the house cos he was all over me.

He carried me up the bedroom and placed me on his big bed.

He turned on the light and I looked around.

The room is well decorated and huge. “You’ve got a nice place here.” I said and watched him undress.

He pulled me up and pulled off my tube as well.

“Wow… Nice boobs!” He said as my breasts came naked.

I looked down too and took hold off his d**k in my hand. “You too. Nice one here.” I said and slowly went down on my knees .

I took his hardened body into my mouth and began sucking expertly.

He groaned and grabbed my hair while I smiled up at his pleasure ridden face.

“You like?”

“Oh yeah!, You are gorgeous.” He said in a whisper.

He turned me around and took my nipples into his craving mouth.

I moaned as he squeezed my nipples and sucked like a baby. I grabbed his arms and drew him near me.

I couldn’t wait any longer. “Take me now!”, The pleasure was bursting out of control.

He parted my legs and drove into me with a maddening ease.

“Oh….yeah!” I screamed out when he began penetrating with full force.

Just like I imagined,he was so good at it.

I came on top of him and drove him crazily till he couldn’t stop groaning.

When I finally had my organism, I fell against him on the bed.

“That was great….I’ve never had this great sex before. I think I like you.” Mr instructor began to say.

I was alarmed. What is he talking about?

Hurriedly I stood up and dressed up in equal hurry. He was staring at me with confusion.

I took up my backpack and cleared my throat. “I’m leaving now…”.


“Leaving?, Why don’t you just spend the night? No one is here to chase you out.”, I said with amusement.

Why would she take off that way just because I said I liked her?

“No! I’ve got to go home. I can’t sleep in your house” she responded hurriedly.

I nodded. “Okay….care for anything?”

“Some cash if you don’t mind.” She responded.

I sat up and drew out a drawer beside my bed. I took out a wad of cash then tossed it at her.

She caught it expertly with her left hand then glared at me. “It was fun with you ” she said and started walking toward the door.

I stared after her. “Wait…”

She stopped in front of the door and turned. “Yeah?”

“Are you…a…call girl?” I asked with hesitation.

She glanced at me and shook her head. “I’m not! I’m just here for fun and I collected this money cos I’m in need of it and by the way, what’s your business with that?” She asked.

” Nothing much. I was just wondering why you look frightened when I told you I liked you ” I responded.

“No!, You can’t like me! I’m off. Goodnight,Mr instructor.” She said and opened the door.

“I’m Harry. You?” I asked before she could slip out.

“Betty.”, Then she was gone.

Hmm. Betty. A nice name for a crazy hot girl.


I stepped out into the dark and waited for a cab.

Just then something came into my mind.

“Shit!” I gasped and unzipped my backpack. I dipped my have into it and rummaged through it, looking for my pills.

Oh no ..I couldn’t find it!

How the hell dud I forgot something like that! Betty you are such a fool!

I almost screamed at myself.

Then I remembered where I dropped them last night!

In my other pink bag!

Shit! I waited impatiently for a cab so I could go home already and take the pills.

I can’t delay something like this…..I might just get pregnant without it!



Hm…. someone is about to catch a goalπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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