June 30, 2022

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Mr Gym Instructor Episode 5

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Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️


πŸ’ BETTY πŸ’

“Wakey wakey!”

I yawned and opened my eyes to see granny standing at the door way.

I smiled and stretched. “Morning granny. I hope you slept well!” I stood up from bed and stopped on seeing the look on Granny’s face.

“And what’s with that look?” I asked.

“Where were you last night, Betty?” Granny threw at me.

I raised an eyebrow. “Granny… I was at the gym with Bells.”

“Why was she here yesterday before you? What were you doing at the gym? ” Granny asked again.

Okay .. I don’t think I can answer that.
“Granny, I’m no longer a kid. You shouldn’t question me that way” I replied saucily and walked past her.

” Betty…. You can’t continue living your life like this! Keeping late nights aren’t good for a girl! ”

I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen to drink some water. “Oh granny please. That’s all I ever hear. What’s late night? Hun? ”

” Betty…. Your mom’s not gonna be happy with your attitude when she gets to know about… ”

I flared up. ” I don’t care what mom thinks about me! What does she care?

She shouldn’t worry about me a bit after abandoning me all because of a stupid moron who doesn’t want a step daughter!”I yelled and stormed out of the kitchen. Granny followed me.

“Betty dear ..she didn’t abandon you! She’s gonna come back after sorting out some issues …”

I turned around to look at granny,amused.”Some issues you call it? Well granny,maybe I should remind you it’s been you to six years mom got married to that man!

And those six years,I’ve been living with you!

What stupid issue is she trying to sort out for so long?

Look granny… I think we should drop that subject. It’s spoiling me good nature already. What are having for breakfast? ” I asked, trying to change the subject.

Granny shrugged and held my hand. “Just be careful dear.”

I smiled. ” Sure granny… I will.” I said and together we walked back into the kitchen.

After dressing up for the day,I left the house and headed straight to Bells house.

She was watering their flower garden when I arrived.

She shook her head on seeing me. “Had a fantastic night yesterday I guess?” She asked.

I approached and sat on a swing. ” What did you tell granny yesterday?”

“Simple. I told her you were still busy at the gym.” Bells replied and I hummed.

” Not bad. So, what’s it for today? Are we going to the gym?” I asked.

” Come on baby girl it’s past eight! Are we going there to clean up after the other people? I’m even tired. Mom even had to force me to do this.” Bells said and I laughed.

Bells brother,Nicko appeared at the front lawn. “Bells,will you mind being fast with that? I’ve got to go to the basketball practice.”

” Shut the hell up! I’m busy here!” Bells yelled back.

I smiled and watched them throw words at each other.

I’ve always wished to have some siblings to talk to this way but I was not so lucky.

I admire Bella’s family a lot. A loving daddy with a playful mummy and two noisy kids. They are just the perfect family I’ve always envisioned.

“Hi,Nicko!” I waved as soon as he glared at me.

Nicko scoffed and stalked off. Spoilt brat.

Bells and I laughed him off anyway.

I watched Bells water the flowers as we talked.

Soon she was done and I followed her inside.

Her mom was already making breakfast when we got in.

“I hope you did a good job outside…oh,Betty! How have you been? Hey,Nicko! I said no basketball today! You complained about having leg pains!” Bella’s mom continued ranting as she moved about the kitchen.

I had to laugh silently. “Your mom’s energetic!” I whispered to Bells and we laughed together.

Soon breakfast was ready and I joined them.

We left the house at the midday to hang out.

Bells and I got to a malls and we decided to do a little shopping.

“Don’t really know what to buy but I think I need some pad.” Bells said and we went through the pad section.

Bells suddenly held my hand. “Look who we have here!” She whispered.

I looked up and saw Harry the hot instructor with a girl. They were buying drinks.

I frowned not because he was with another woman but because that girl was the same girl who got Bells and I insulted.

“We know that slut,don’t we?” I asked as we continued looking at them.

“Yeah. That girl from the gym. That Harry of a guy is such a dick head! Oh my God! He just kissed her! ” Bells gasped.

I felt funny watch them.. perhaps jealous?

I remembered him telling me he liked me . I shook my head and looked away as they kissed madly again.

“Let’s go!” I snapped at Bells and rushed outside.

Bells laughed and ran after me. “Someone is jealous!”.

“Shut the hell up, chatterbox!” I yelled and chased her.



I sat tiredly in front of the mirror and glanced back at Betty as she came back into the room.

We are in her room, preparing for gym then suddenly she rushed into the rest room to throw up.

“Are you sure you are okay,Betty? You don’t look well to me.” I said, turning around to look at her.

Betty sat down tiredly on the bed. “I feel strangely dizzy,Bells. I don’t think I can go to the gym today. I just feel like sleeping for the whole day!” Betty whimpered.

Suddenly I gasped. Is that symptoms of….oh no…maybe not but I’m getting curious!

“I think you need to see a doctor,Betty. I’ve got a bad feeling about this” I said and Betty looked at me.

“Bad feeling? What??”




Apprehensively I sat in front of the doctor’s table with Bells beside me. Together we glared at the doctor.

I was beginning to suspect something terrible but no….I would kill myself if this is about to happen!

“The results are out,miss.

Well, congratulations miss….you are THREE WEEKS gone!”

” Three weeks what?? I don’t understand!” I said in a quivering voice.

” You are three weeks pregnant miss. Congratulation!”


Congratulation ohhh, Betty.

I’m sorry for the short episode. Next will be longer…!!

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