June 30, 2022

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Mr Gym Instructor Episode 6

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🐷 Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️



My mouth hung opened in shock.


Bells stared at me, equally shocked.


“I warned you, Betty! I did! What are you gonna do about this now? What! ” Bells voiced out once we were back in her room.

I had tears in my eyes as I buried my head in my palm.

I’m doomed for all I know! Granny will be so shocked and disappointed. Not only that! I’m carrying that naughty guy’s baby!

Is he ever gonna believe me?

“I will have to abort it, Bells. I can’t be pregnant with that crazy guy’s baby! ” I gasped.

Harry isn’t the type of guy any girl would wanna get pregnant for.

The past few weeks in his gym had been hell. He’s practically after every girl in the gym.

Most of the time, I caught him Makin out with different girls in his office.

And now I’m carrying his child? What have I gotten myself into!

“No, Betty! You know very well you can’t do that! You can’t kill an innocent baby,, okay? ”

” What then should I do! Bells! ” I cried out.

” We are gonna see the father right away.” Bells said and I looked at her.

” The father? Are you saying we should go to Harry and tell him that I’m carrying his child? Does he look like someone who is ready to become a father? “I asked with tears.

” Now you annoy me with that tears, Betty. You have to act crazy and make him accept this! For Spike’s sake, he is the father! ” Bells said .

I ruffled my hair. ” Oh no! What do I tell granny? She’s gonna kill me! ” I wept.

” That aside. All we have to do right now is get Harry to marry you!Yes, he’s got to! Then you can take him to see granny then break the news to her. “Bells pointed.

” It’s not gonna be that simple, Bells!, That guy is super crazy! ”

” Then shoe him you are more crazy. You can’t have a child without a father . ” Bells said.

But.. how could I have gotten pregnant?, I took the pills that morning!

What the hell happened!!


The sun was very high in the sky by the time I opened my eyes.

I sat up in bed and yawned lazily. I checked the time and it was almost 8 am.

The door suddenly opened and I flinched back.

“Hello nigga!” Scott said and stood against the door.

I sighed with relieve. “I forgot you spent the night.” I came down from bed and did twenty press ups before glancing into the mirror and brushing my hair.

“We’ve got new clients Harry.” Scott said.

I turned to look at him smiling. ” That’s a good news to start the day with!” I sang happily.

” Yeah,good news indeed cos you are already thinking of screwing them all right?”

” Oh stop that. The girls aren’t complaining. They love me.” I said and winked.

” I just wish you can stop this already before it becomes an habit.” Scott said and I laughed.

” I’m sorry,Scott. I think it’s already an habit?” I left the mirror and went into the bathroom. “And by the way,my mom will come visit today. Be sure to fill her in with sweet news about her son!” I yelled from the bathroom.

I heard Scott scoffed. ” Sweet news indeed…”

The knock outside the door downstairs came sharp and loud.

I came out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth.

The knock continued. I glared at Scott. “And who’s knocking on my door so early in the morning?” I asked.

“Might be your mom. ” Scott replied.

” Nah. Mom’s not gonna be here till midday. Let’s go check it out.” I said and we walked down stairs.

I got to the door and opened it only to see two girls from the gym.

One furious and the other teary.

BETTY! “And what are you girls doing here? This isn’t the gym?” I asked.

The other girl batched into the house with Betty.

I stared on, wondering what this is all about. “You haven’t answered my question and I did not even give you the permission to enter… ”

” Really? Why? We aren’t the hotties you are expecting for the morning? “, Betty asked angrily.

” Not really but I don’t remember asking you to come to my house. “I said and folded my arms.

” We’ve got news for you. ” Betty began.

” News? What news? ” I asked.

I watched her take a deep breath before raising a piece of paper in front of me. “I’m carrying your child, Harry. I’m pregnant. ”

She dropped the bombshell. My heart stopped and the time seemed to seize as well.

I suddenly started laughing. “What a cute joker!” I laughed again.

“Joke? You call this a joke?” Betty asked and handed me the paper.

I collected it and look in. Angrily I tore it into two and threw it at her. “You must be crazy! How can you be pregnant for me?”

“You are equally crazy, Harry! We are both crazy and together we are gonna crazily give birth to this child! If you think you can deny me and run off, hun hun…. That’s not gonna work out!”

Betty raved.

I stepped back a bit as she displayed. God…. What have I done to myself?

No! I must do everything within my powers to get rid of this! I cant become a father now.. no!

I’m just twenty five!, I’ve got lots of hot girls to handle!

“If truly you are pregnant then you will have to abort it! ” I yelled at her.

She laughed. ” Well this baby is staying. It’s going nowhere.

I’m pregnant and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it.”


This is just the beginning!!🀩🀩

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