June 30, 2022

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Mr Gym Instructor Episode 7

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🐷 Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️



“You heard me well, Harry! We are not gonna abort this baby! I’m having it for you! ” I told him.

Bells gave me a thumbs up and I nodded.

“Don’t you get it? You can’t be pregnant for me! I’m not ready to become a father..”

” Really? You aren’t ready! Then why do you go about sleeping with everything sleep able? ” Bells asked.

Harry glared at her. ” Keep the hell shut and get the same hell out of my house!” He snapped at her.

” Well that same hell is gonna crush you into pieces if you don’t respect yourself and take up your responsibility! “I yelled at him.

” And what is going here? I think I heard something like responsibility? ” A guy asked coming to join us.

We looked at him and recognized him immediately. He was the assistant guy at the gym.

I ignored him and focused on Harry. “Say something, play boy. Are we reaching a conclusion?”

Harry glared at me.” I can’t believe this is happening! How can you be pregnant for me? How am I even sure it’s mine? ” Harry asked.

” What the fuck! Holly Molly! You are carrying Harry’s child? ” The assistant guy asked.

” Yes. And I’m here to let him know we are having this baby… Come what may. ” I replied bluntly.


I almost laughed at that! Finally, someone is pregnant for the restless digger! πŸ˜‚

Okay. I think this is good news but the look on Harry’s face looks like he’s gonna commit murder.

“Cheer up man! You are gonna become someone’s daddy!” I said and laughed.

Harry looked murderously at me. “You think this is funny!” He yelled at me.

“Oops.. sorry,I guess!” I said and laughed while going back upstairs.

I will just leave them to their trouble.

“And where the hell do you think you are going to? Come back here and say something!”, He said angrily and pulled me back.

I grumbled. ” And what do you want me to say hun? There is nothing to talk about. Simply accept her and the baby and after she’s done giving birth,you guys can always part ways!” I said.

Harry inhaled deeply and fell on a couch. “I can’t do that! She has to abort that thing in her stomach!” Harry roared.

I shrugged and tried not to laugh but it was just too funny….seeing Harry getting someone pregnant after all these years of fornication! This girl must be a good goal catcher!


My head is spinning right now.

It’s turning!

It’s falling apart!

I couldn’t think straight!

Betty is carrying my child? Something I’ve always dreaded!

I stood up and breathed in. “Let’s reach an agreement.” I said, looking at her.

“I’m waiting.”

” We don’t need to get married. All I’m gonna do for you is give you money…name your price. Any amount just to have that child.

After you’ve given birth to the child,I’m gonna give you another lots of money for the upkeep but after all this….you must make it a secret.

No one must know I’m the child’s father!” I said carefully.

The room was silent.

” You want me to have a child without a father? You are so heartless!” Betty said.

” Yeah. Call me whatever you want but that’s the only option here!” I retorted.

Betty then nodded. “I will do it. I can’t stand living with someone like you anyway!”

I heaved a sigh of relief. Perfect.

The door suddenly opened and I gasped.


Her face concocted into a big frown.

She must have heard everything! She stepped in front of Betty and her friend.

“Which one of you is pregnant?” She asked.

” It’s… her…” Betty’s friend stammered while glaring at mom.

Mom smiled and hugged Betty tightly. “Welcome to the family sweetheart! You are going no where!”

We all gasped. I laughed with rage. What’s happening here!

“Mom! What family?” I felt like crying.

“Keep the hell shut and take a seat! Someone so beautiful like this is carrying your child and all you have to do is deny her? Enough of your stupid attitude, Harry. Now that you finally got someone pregnant,maybe you are gonna come back to your senses!.

This is a hook up for you son. This girl is staying with you and you are gonna marry her.

She’s gonna give birth to your baby and you guys will live as one.” Mom announced.

Why the heck was is she here at thus critical time! Betty already agreed to the plan.

What in heaven’s name is trying to happen to me?

“Well my dear…I had like to know your parents. We’ve got to have a nice meeting together.” Mom told Betty who looked equally dumb and I felt like collapsing.




I swallowed hard as granny looked from Harry’s mom to me. She paced about in front of me and finally sat down.

“Now…are you satisfied with what you’ve gotten yourself into?” She asked,really hurt.

I was bittered I disappointed her. “I’m sorry granny…I wasn’t thinking.” I said meekly.

Out of the corner of my eyes,I glared at Harry who looked like he was about to faint.

I’m really gonna show him hell if he tries anything stupid with me!

“Ma’am,the deed has been done. These children are gonna have to get married and start up the family they already created.” Harry’s mom continued.

Granny smiled at her. ” I have no choice either but aren’t they too young for this? Is your son even up to thirty?” Granny asked while she surveyed Harry with her watchful eyes.

“He’s almost twenty six…”

“Oh my goodness! God! Betty!! What were you thinking? Twenty six?” Granny cried.

I blinked and bowed my head. What does she expect? Was she expecting me to sleep with an eighty year old?

“It’s been done ma’am. Let’s just hope they grow mature on time.” Harry’s mom smiled.

I looked at Harry again. He smirked and I smirked back.

I could smell war from his side and I’m definitely ready for that war.


“It’s your time to make breakfast,Harry! Why are you pushing it up to me? Here is the roster. Check it out!” I said pointing at the paper pinned on the kitchen wall.

Harry glared furiously at it. ” You made a cooking roster?” He barked.

I rolled my eyes. ” Of course. Do you want me to die? I’m pregnant and I can’t be working all the time!” I said out loud.

” Well I’m dressed up for work. You don’t expect me to sit at home making breakfast?” Harry yelled.

” Well it seems so. Like… I can’t go to the kitchen. I’m pregnant!”

” Oh you will!”

” No I won’t!”

” Yes you will!”

” No I won’t so you better save your time and start cooking!” I replied and stood at the entrance.

He thinks he can play a smart one here? No way!

I’m pregnant! I’m the only one carrying the burden while he goes about showing off!

“The pregnancy even isn’t showing yet. Just go in there and make breakfast!” Harry shouted.

” It’s your turn today to make it! Are you blind? Look at the roster!”


Wettin dey happen??πŸ˜‚

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