May 14, 2022

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Mr Gym Instructor Episode 8

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🐷 Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️



I felt like hitting her right in the face.

A cooking roster? Ahh!

I glared furiously at her. “I’m gonna hurl you out of the way, Betty. I’m late for work!” I yelled at her.

“Keep on yelling! When you are done yelling you are gonna move over to that cooker and put something on it!” She raved.

I scratched my hair and groaned. I was already late for the gym!

Just to avoid trouble with the pregnant brat, I furiously walked to the kitchen counter and started putting something together.

I had show her how dangerous I am. I had make her regret asking me to cook.



I smiled triumphantly as I watched him angrily pulling out pasta from the fridge. “Yeah… Make that and put enough sauce.” I commanded before heading out.

I did not forget to lock the door from outside lest he tries to escape.

Minutes later, I heard him furiously banging at the door.

I walked to the kitchen door and opened it. I looked in and saw him glaring hard at me. “You are done?”

“Yes I’m done! Have your sauced pasta to the fullest! ” He said stiffly. ” Can I go now? ”

” Hmm….let me think.” I said making him miserable.

πŸ’ HARRY πŸ’

” Oh no. You will have to serve it! How can I eat from the pot? ” Betty asked and I groaned.

” You are the woman here! And women are supposed to serve! ” I shouted.

” Oh really? Well I’m pregnant and I can’t work!”

Angrily, I walked over to the counter and poured the pasta from the pot into a big dish.

“Hmm. Smells nice!”

I smiles evilly and walked to the kitchen dinning. I placed the dish on the dinning and arranged the cutleries too.

“Goodbye!” I said and stormed out, leaving her to wallow in pepper!

πŸ’ BETTY πŸ’

I screamed out and blew my mouth with my hand.

Curse that demon! He cooked pepper and not pasta!

I drank up a full glass of water and ran around.

“Harry!!!” I screamed as my echoes ran through out the whole building.

I’m gonna kill him. How dare him do this to me? I ran to the rest room and blew my nose.

I stick out my tongue as I glared into the mirror.

It was bright red!,

Harry is dead today…. I will show him he’s not a master of wickedness!

I am!

Angrily I walked into the bedroom and yanked his wardrobe open.

I threw my hands in and began pulling out the clothes.


Minutes later, the wardrobe was empty. I looked at the bed which was now full of Harry’s clothes.

I bent and packed a armful of clothes and stormed outside.

I went downstairs and headed straight to the washing machine. I dipped them into it and slammed at close.

I headed back to the room again and packed the rest of clothes.

I threw them into the washing machine and slammed it close again.

Satisfied with my work, I blew out a sigh.

I sat in the living room and crossed my legs. I took hold of the remote and began watching TV.

Let’s see what he’s gonna wear when comes back home in the night.

I laughed as I imagined what his face would look like by the time he comes back home to meet an empty wardrobe.

The day at the gym went extremely bad.

Well I expected it after that crazy brat messed up with my mood.

I pulled up my car the drive way and got out.

I marched inside the house and sat on the sofa in the living room.

She was no where around. I checked the time. It’s was eight PM and I’m damn so hungry.

I should have branched at the eatery to ear something but I was just too angry at the time to start eating.

I took myself to the kitchen and as expected, all the pots were empty. No aroma of food around.

My stomach growled and I sighed.

I walked up the room and entered. She was on the bed, operating her phone.

She said nothing nor even glanced up.

“It’s a little nice to say welcome, Betty.” I threw at her.

She glanced up and smiled. “Oh my bad! But I don’t think you really wanna here my welcome, darling husband. And thank you for the pepper pasta. ” Betty said smiling.

I laughed. It really made me feel good as I remembered what I did in the morning.

“Hope you enjoyed it? Next time, don’t tell me to cook again!”

Betty laughed. ” You’ve just started, Harry. Next time you make food, you are gonna sit down and eat with me! ” She snapped.

” Hmm. Really? And what if I don’t!” I snapped back.

“Well, till that day Harry. We shall see.” Betty said and continued operating her phone.

I scoffed and walked into the bathroom. I took a long bath hoping Betty would be asleep by the time I get out.

But when I came out tying a white towel around my waist, she was still wore awake… operating her phone.

I glanced at her and shook my head before proceeding to my wardrobe.

I pulled it open and stretched my hand to pick a night wear only to meet with an empty air and empty steels.

I closed my eyes and opened them again. My wardrobe is empty!

What’s going on here?

I looked in harder, making sure I’m not dreaming.

But it was totally empty! I flung the whole wardrobe door opened and looked around with surprise.

I can’t believe I’m dreaming in real life.

Someone chuckled on the bed behind me. I stopped and looked back.

Hold on…Betty is laughing.
She’s responsible for this. Where has she taken my clothes too!

I glanced back into the wardrobe and flapped my hands around it. My clothes are really gone.

Turning furiously to look at her I yelled out, “Where are my clothes!!!”


Good cold night, Harry! πŸ˜‚

You dey gbadun the couple?

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