May 14, 2022

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Mr Gym Instructor Episode 9

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🐷 Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️


“Oh, your clothes?” Betty munched out the words.

I stood still, shaking with anger. “My clothes… Where are they!”

“I soaked them into the washing machine for wash. ” Betty replied.

I stopped with my eyes bulging out of their sockets. “Did I hear her right?

” No wait. I mean the clothes here in the wardrobe. Everything?” I yelled.

Betty nodded and shrugged. ” They smell of rotten pussies you know. So, I took them all out for washing.

Right now, it’s in the washing machine.” Betty replied.

My head exploded into tiny paperwork.

My teeth gritted as I grinned them together.

My hands tightened into a tight fist.

My breath quickened. I couldn’t control it… Tonight I’m gonna show her I’m the man in this house!

Turning to look at her, I groaned and leapt forward to grab her but like a real fighter she rolled back and jumped off the bed.

“What are you trying do!” She laughed.

“Trying to hit some senses into your empty skull! ” I rushed after her and she ran out of the room.

Of course, I ran after her.

She thinks she can away with what she did to all of my clothes?

She ran into the guest room and locked the door.

I banged heavily on the door. “Betty! Open this door and get me my clothes!”

“Go get them yourself in the washing machine!”she yelled back from inside.

She’s forgotten I own this house and I have every spare keys to all the rooms.

Angrily,I walked back into the bedroom and returned with a bunch of key.

I slotted one key into the key hole and yanked the door opened.

I looked in and around but no one was in sight.

“Where the hell is she?” I roared and rushed into the room.

I heard a laughter behind me and I quickly turned just to see her running out of the room.

She has been hiding behind the door!!


“My clothes or I’m gonna roast you tonight!” I yelled and dashed after her towards the stairs.

πŸ’ BETTY πŸ’

” I’m pregnant! Will you stop chasing me!” I yelled as I ran through the long stairs.

I finally got down and ran behind a couch, panting. The idiot was still after me.

“We aren’t playing hide and seek here! Stop chasing me!” I growled at him.

“Really? Then get me my clothes then. Clean and dry! ” Harry warned.

” I’m gonna report this to your mom! How dare you chase a pregnant woman! ” I shouted back from the back couch.

“You think I can’t catch you there, right? You had better go get me my clothes you little devil! ” Harry yelled.

” Too late Harry! Too late to cry my dear. You will have to sleep with your gym outfit.” I replied and stick out my tongue at him.

He groaned furthermore and leapt at me. I screamed out a laughter and ducked.

I moved to the right.

He moved to the right.

I ducked to the left.

He ducked to the left.

He lurched forward then I automatically leapt back to the right and escaped with a joyous laughter.

” Come back here and get me my clothes! Betty!!!” Harry groaned loudly.

πŸ’HARRY πŸ’

It was a cold night for me.

I couldn’t put on my gym outfit cos it smelled of sweat.

You don’t expect me to put that on.

I ransacked the whole house for a lucky dress but none was found.

I’m the tidy and clean type. My things can’t be seen easily around.

With my robe around my waist,I took the blanket in the guest room and covered myself with it.

I felt a little better. I went into the kitchen and fixed myself coffee.

I was sipping it when Betty came in. She threw a blue cloth at me.

I caught it mid air before spreading it to see what it was.

A thick long shirt. I glared at her and she winked.

“No charges applied, hussie. Put it on and save yourself from cold.” She said.

Angrily I threw the cloth on the ground, glaring hard at her. “Take your stupid cloth and get the hell out of here!”

“Oops! Someone is super mad. Well I knew you would reject my kind gesture. I never wanted to give you anyways!”, Betty snapped and marched forward.

She bent to pick it up but I immediately slapped her hand away then picked it up instead. “And who told you to pick it up?”,

She laughed. “You just said that now. And I’m taking it “. She replied and tried to force the clothe out of my hand.

Well of course,I’m more stronger. I pulled the cloth off her hand before bolting out of the kitchen.

I heard her laughing behind me.

Betty really dealt with me. What do I do to her…to teach her a bitter lesson?


You wanna know what Harry did? πŸ˜‚


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