My Boss Episode 18

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Sub tittle:Embarrassed

Written by Author Jenny

Not edited

Chapter 18


As days pass by mr chris and i kept working and working

We forgot everything about the kiss although Ray kept coming by the office making all silly gestures towards me

I woke up feeling all good today because am on one week leave ,,mr chris went out of town and asked me to take the week off

I ate to my satisfaction shoped for new clothes and did a lot of stuffs

The door bell rang ,,and i ran to the door immediately am sure it will be sof

I opened the door and was shocked to see Ethan

“Ethan “i called with a fake smile plastered all over my face

“Hii julia” he said smiling bringing out the red rose he brought for me

“Will you go on a date with me “he asked nervously

I could say no ,,since he knows i have no work and nothing to do

“Yeah sure ,,come in while i go prepare”i replied while he smiled happily

soon we were out ,,i must confess ethan id really fun than i expected

We went to alot of places together and everything went smooth

On our way back i noticed a black van following us

“I think that van have been following us”ethan said while i quickly nodded in agreement

Ethan drove faster and the van kept following us ,,he had to follow different route and finally we lost them

“Have this ever happend to you before “i asked ethan

“No” he replied

“Thank God we lost them”he said while i just faked a smile

How time flies it been one week already and i wished it never end ,,i spent it all with sofia and ethan and i must confess i had a wonderful week

I dressed up and went to work ,as usual i was there before mr chris ,,truth be told i cant wait to see him ,,a week have been like years i miss seeing his handsome face

soon the door opened and mr chris walked in looking all handsome with his new hair cut

I couldnt help but stare and drool ,,he walked pass me without a word and went straight to his office

“So rude”i muttered

I made his coffee and took them to him ,,i also dropped it without a word

“I have am a ghost”he asked while i rolled my eyes without looking at him

“Did you just roll your eyes at me”he asked angrily

“No sir “i muttered

“Good get out of my office immediately”he spat and i walked out

Let’s just say mr chris is in a very bad mood today
Ethan and i had lunch break together before heading back to our various post

Have been feeling some stomach aches that hurts badly ,,i couldnt wait to finish work so i could go home

I managed to do the work mr chris asked me to and took it to him

“What took you so long miss daniels”he asked

“am sorry sir ,i dont feel to good”i replied while he scoffed

I dropped the files and was about to open the door when he stopped me immediately

“Errrm Julia ….You …Are ..Stained “he shuttered

awwwn he called me julia but wtf “i’m stained”

My cheeks heat up immediately and i couldnt moves for some seconds the embarrassment was too much

When i finally came back to my senses i ran out of his office like someone being chased

I kept working about and cursing under my breath in the bathroom thinking of what to do

Finally i was able to clean myself up but i couldnt leave the office because i washed my skirts and dryed them in the bathroom

I quickly locked my office door praying for no one to knock cos the only thing i have on is my shirt

While i was thinking of how ruined my life is someone knocked the door and guess who was at the door?

To be continued

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