My Maid Episode 1

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Clara pov 🎀
I lie down on my bed waiting for my grandma to come and call me

After some minutes…. grandma came in and stood by the door

“Pack your bags she will soon be here”grandmom said and left referring to the person coming to pick me up to her house so I can be a maid

Immediately she left I opened the wardrobe and picked all what I think I needed to use at the house

“Ops my bad… name is Clara…..I lost my parents when I was three years old… since then I have been living with my grandmother……she advised me to work as a maid in the city for now”

Finally am done packing…..I picked up my bags and went to the sitting room

When I got there I placed my bags on the tables placing it flat with my grandmother sitting on one of the couches

After some minutes we heard a car horning… I quickly went to open the door

When the woman entered….we entertain her

“Be a good girl”grandma said hugging me and crying at the same time……..then we entered the car and we started to go to her place

The drive to her house was about one hour thirty minutes

William pov⚡
I lie on the bed….. busy with my phone

Then I heard a knock on the door… but I didn’t bother to open the door because it’s stressful….. since our last maid left I have being doing all the chores…….the number one thing on my mind is that a new maid just walk out the door

“William am home”step mom said closing the door of the house

Immediately I heard the word I dropped my phone and walked to the sitting room like a lifeless human being

“Who the fuck is this”I said looking more active

“William this is Clara our new maid…..Clara this is William my step son”step mom said introducing

“Wow my dream actually came true”I said to myself excitedly

“Now take her to the guest room”mom said but I replied by walking out on her

Clara pov 🎀
“Sorry for that”William step mom said and she personally took me to the guest room and left

I entered the room……lie on the bed like a dead person and while I was satisfied I stood up….. open the bags……. open the wardrobe…..and I started to arrange the the clothes into the wardrobe

William pov ✨
When I got to the room I locked the door so that no one can come in

After some minutes of total silence….my phone started ringing

It is my friend”Eric”

🎙️ “Good afternoon my virgin friend”Eric said jokingly

“I don’t like it but afternoon”I replied

“Something is wrong ….I expected you to shout at me”he said

“Guess what….we just got a new maid…..she is beautiful…..she has long hairs and she’s really sexy”I said

“Wow…I think you can be a man out of this”he said

“What do you mean”I asked

“You know she’s your maid… get disvirgin through her”he replied

“How”I asked again

“You just look for when she’s bathing and enter and f***k her”he replied

“That’s right”I said and hanged the call🎙️

At evening 🔊

Clara pov 🎀
After arranging the clothes in the wardrobe

I decided to shower

I removed my clothes and entered the bathroom

William pov ✨
“Could she be bathing now”I said while I heard bathing sounds

Then I opened my door and walked towards her room

Flash stopped!!!!!!🔥

Should I continue
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