My Maid Episode 2

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William pov ✨
Then I opened my door and Walk towards her room

“Wow…. will it be sweet….. how will it feel”I asked myself excitedly

Finally I got to her room…..I opened the door and entered her room…..I place my hands on her bathroom door about to open it

“What the fuck am I doing ……..a new maid…..I must be out of my sense”I said discouraged already…then she opened the bathroom door to come into the main room

“What are you doing here”she asked anxiously

“Hmm….I…”I tried to lie but can’t think of anything so I left the room speechlessly

I opened by door….. entered my room

“By the way am William… 20yrs old….. have been living with my step mom since the death of my parents…I don’t really like her…..I think she is a witch….I have been looking for a job for a month… which I think it’s nothing….I think this is all about me”

7:00 evening🎺

I was in my room still busy with my phone….then Clara entered

“Food is ready”she said looking shy

“Alright”I said getting on my way to the dinner ……we had fried rice and chicken for dinner

Clara pov 🎀
After dinner I packed the dishes….washed it and when I was done I went to my room

I removed my clothes and put it in the laundry basket……then got my pjamers on then I slept off …….

The next morning 🔊

William pov 🎀
I woke up….I didn’t know what was wrong I was just horny

So I decided to go and try it out with Clara

“Clara where are you”I asked shouting

“Am here ….in my room”she replied

I quickly went to her room

I opened her door

“What are you doing here”she asked

“I want to fuck you”I replied like a bitch

“Now lie down”I said

“Please please don’t do this am a virgin”she pleaded but I didn’t consider her

I carried her on the bed…….and pinned her down……I removed her top…….removed her trousers….

I was about to start fucking her then she escaped out of her room

I got out of her room to look for her

I was looking for her from the other side but she was coming from another side

The next thing she brought a knife

“Am sorry”I tried to say but she didn’t consider my apologies

The next thing she stabbed me in my stomach and I can touch the blood drooping from my stomach

Flash stopped!!!!!
Is that the end of William 😮
Watch out for the next episode
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