My Maid Episode 5

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Clara pov 🎀
“I think I love him”I said while am still missing him

Few days later🎖️

Author pov🏆
During the days……

William and Clara are getting closer but not in a relationship..

…..and about William step mom she’s getting suspicious of what is happening

William pov ✨
“I don’t like your relationship with our new maid”step mom said

“And so”I replied rudely

“If you try anything….am going to send her out of this house”she said

“There is nothing you can do”I said on my feet pointing to her

“Infact am going to ask her out and there is nothing you can do”I said and walked out out of her room

I entered my room…..

Showed and put on one of my shorts…. without covering my chest

I lie on the bed facing up… doing nothing

Clara pov 🎀
I walked slowly into Mike room.. after
I heard some noise coming from his step mom room

“Wow”I said in my mind while I saw his six packs

At this point I was sure I love him

“Hope nothing is wrong”I asked

“Nothing is wrong”he replied

“I just wanted to ask if you are alright”I said

William pov ✨
“Ok….. thanks”I said while I watched her catwalk out of my room

“Am going to dare my step mom and ask Clara out tomorrow”I said within me

The next morning 🎇

I prepared for work as early as possible

As I was about to get out of the building I saw Clara mopping and walked towards her

Clara pov 🎀
“I have something to tell you when I get back”he said then I was curious

Then he Peck me on the head and left for work in his car

At that moment my head exploded

But I have to continue my work

I continue my work….I was going to mop the kitchen

Then William step mom dragged me by the ear to her room

“Clara what were you and William doing outside”she asked

“We……we ….re… doing… nothing”I replied lying

“Did you know I saw everything”she said

At that point I didn’t know what to do again

“I want to tell you that if you try and relationship with William….YOU ARE DEAD”she said


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