Paín Episode 27-28

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🤦🏽‍♀️(Do you believe in fate)🤦🏽‍♀️
©Author Bella
🥰Chapter Twenty Seven🥰
🤸🏽‍♀️Lisa’s Pov🤸🏽‍♀️
Noah kept stealing glances at me as we studied in silence.
Alot of things were running through my minds,one of which was how to get Noah to ask me out it would be too suspicious to do it myself ,I needed to think of something as soon as possible because the earlier we date the earlier I get this over with .
I really hope Bonnie’s plan works ,it is a really great plan I had to admit,I really hope it works.

“So why did you save me?…I asked for the upteeth time.

“Shh,I’ll tell you everything just lower your voice…she said closing her door.

“Am listening…I said folding my arms.

“So talk.

“Liam played you…she stated.

“I know…I said rolling my eyes.

“Noah was in on it, he helped edit the video…she said as my eyes widened.


“But nothing Lisa,I have to talk fast before someone over hears us and our plan gets ruined.

“Plan?…what plan…I asked confused.

“You know Becky?.

“Yeah…Becky…she’s crazy over Noah.

“She’s not.

“It’s a sham…she added as I stayed speechless

“Becky was Liam’s bet last year he barely remembers her I’m sure,he slept with her and made her a laughing stock… Noah helped.

“But she slept with Noah.

“Yes she did,she didn’t know he was in on it by the time she found out….

“She was pregnant…I completed.

“Not exactly,Becky was never pregnant that was all a sham too.


“Lower your voice.

“Becky has video evidence of Noah telling her to abort the baby it’ll be of use later on…I’ll explain that plan later on too.

“So what do you need me for.

“I need you to date Noah.



“I’m not gonna shh,why in hell name would I date a guy I wanna punch so badly?.

“Because Lisa on his computer there are files on ever girl he and Liam has played,chats evidence stuffs that we need to bring him down.

“So ….

“If you’re dating him,you have complete access to everything.

“But wait,why are you so interested.

“Because Becky is my childhood friend and someday I might be Liam’s bet too or maybe it’s someone you and I know they have to be stopped…she said lowly.

“Help us please…she said softly.


“Just date him…it might not even last a week.

“Just long enough to get a flash drive into his computer and copy everything.

“But I’d need his password.

“As his girlfriend,you can get him to tell you.


“Please Lisa,you’re smart I’ve noticed you can do this.

“Please….she added slowly as I sighed.

“Alright…I’ll date him.

“Thank you …Liam and Noah would pay for this that’s for sure…she said smiling as I nodded.


“Earth to Lisa…Noah said waving his hands across my face as I blinked

“I’m here….I’m here…I said clearing my throat.

“Are you okay?…you seem to have zoned off

“I’m fine…I said forcing a smile.

“I think you should just head home and rest…he said softly.

“Alright …I said slowly gathering my things.

“I’ll see you tomorrow…he said giving me a peck.

“I need to get this over with….I really wanna punch this guy…I thought forcing a sweet smile.

“Reverse psychology…I thought smirking.

“You need to stop pecking and kissing me…I’m not your girlfriend you know…so stop it…I said feigning anger standing up.

“Bye Noah…I said rolling my eyes.

“Wait…Now that I’ve confirmed you’re not a lesbian would you go out with me…He said as I folded my arms.

“I’ll think about it…I said shrugging getting ready to leave.

“Think fast,I wanna be able to kiss you whenever I want…He said winking as I tried not to puke.

“I’ll see you tomorrow…I said walking out of the room,heading downstairs as Nath was watching a movie.

“I’ll be heading home now…I said sightly smiling.

“Umm okay…

“Lisa…he said as I was about to go through the door.

“I like you…He stated simply as tried not to over react.

“Just don’t say anything ….He said as I nodded walking out of the house.

“Ugh,I need to get this thing over with Noah…I thought taking out my phone.

“Yes…I’ll be your girlfriend…I typed hesitating in clicking the send button.

“I’m so gonna regret this…I whispered clicking it.


I got to Rivers place ,parking my car in the parking lot as I stepped out of the car getting into the house.
As always, Bonnie was home on her phone and I checked to see if Rivers was in sight.

“Psttt…I called stylishly walking towards the kitchen.

“What… Rivers might see us.

“Plan worked…he asked me today.

“I said yes…and no I didn’t make it too obvious,he has a really huge ego he probably thinks I wanna date him.

“That’s great…she beemed.

“Now I’ll work on getting his password .

“Great…here’s the flash drive…she said dipping her hand into her pocket.

“Nice…I said keeping it in my bag.

“Thank you Lisa,this would be over before you know it…she said smiling as I nodded.

“What’s going on here?…Rivers asked sneaking up on us.

“Nothing…we both said simultaneously.

“I see you later when it’s dinner time…Bonnie said quickly leaving us.

“What’s going on here?.

“Nothing…I said trying to leave too as he held my arm.

“Lisa…he warned.

“What…. Rivers…what…I said tiredly.

“I’m tired…I’m just gonna sleep now…I said rolling my eyes.

“Sleep it’s barely 5pm…He said as I shrugged.

“I’m tired.


“What!…I exclaimed.

“What’s the deal between you and Bonnie.

“No deal.

“I think I know what’s going on here…He said as I gulped.

“I can’t believe you didn’t think to tell me or Bonnie.

“No that’s not it,we just needed to keep it quiet.

“Keep it quiet this isn’t something you keep quiet.

“Yes it is….I said wondering how he even found out

“I just don’t understand why you kissed Noah.

“I needed to.

“So people won’t suspect…He said.

“Yes I’m so glad you understand…I said exhaling.

“I just can’t believe you and Bonnie are lesbians…He said as my lips parted.

“Say what now…I said unable to believe what I heard.

“I uncovered the pieces Lisa,I know you and Bonnie are lesbians .

“Noah said you’re a lesbian, Bonnie’s been acting weird always on her phone you came here and now I’ve caught you two twice together talking in low tunes, two plus two equals you’re both lesbian…He said as I couldn’t help but laugh really hard.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry…it’s just …OMG…I said holding my tummy laughing.

“When was the last time I laughed this hard…OMG…I said laughing till pool of tears formed in my eyes.

“Gosh …I can’t stop …I can’t stop…I muttered out still laughing.

“What did you say Rivers…I said calming myself.

“Control Lisa…gosh control yourself…I said giggling.

“You and Bonnie are lesbians…He repeated so freely as I started yet another round of laughter.

To be continued 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️

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Lisa and Bonnie’s plan😋😋😋.

Operation play the player maybe she would fall for him along the way sef 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

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🤦🏽‍♀️(Do you believe in fate)🤦🏽‍♀️
©Author Bella
🥰Chapter Twenty Eight🥰
🤸🏽‍♀️Lisa’s Pov🤸🏽‍♀️
I held my tummy,laughing my ass off I couldn’t stop and I really didn’t want to,this moment was just too priceless.
I hadn’t laugh this much in years,not even a comedy show could make me laugh this hard,I would just keep a neutral look.
I thought Rivers could read people why on Earth would he have the conviction that his sister is a lesbian even if Noah told him I was one,why would he believe Bonnie was one too,this was just too funny.

“What’s so funny?…He asked clearly annoyed .

“Oh nothing…I said clearing my throat trying hard not to go into another fist of laughter.

“Bonnie and I are not lesbians…I said in a serious tone but couldn’t help but giggle a little.

“Then what’s going on?…He asked glaring.

“Boy trouble…I said saying the truth in a way.

“Bonnie’s having boy trouble?…she doesn’t even like anybody.

“She likes someone,you’re just too dumb to see it.

“I know my sister,she doesn’t have a thing for boys.

“Then you don’t know her as well as you think…I said folding my arms.

“Okay,let’s say I believe you and it is boy trouble, what about you Noah told me you’re a lesbian,he also told me you kissed him.

“Umm firstly,I told him I was a lesbian to get him off my back as he tutors me and secondly,I didn’t kiss him he kissed me don’t complicate them…I said scoffing.


“Yeah oh,what a mind reader…I said chuckling.

“Yeah yeah laugh it up…it’s good to hear you laugh thought you should do it more often…He said as I smirked.

“And you should smile instead if smirking all the time.

“I’ll try…what about you?

“Maybe…I said lowly.

“And Rivers…I’m dating Noah…I said realizing a breath I didn’t know I was holding in.

I told him because I was pretty sure sooner or later he’ll find out, I’ll much prefer he found out from me

“You like him?.

I could just tell him the truth now that it’s all a sham,but they are friends and he might tell Noah and that would ruin the plan .
I just needed to do this and get it over with until then it has to be kept a secret.

“Yes…I like him…I said purposely omitting his name.

“You like… Noah?…He asked as I groaned.

“Umm..I like him.



“Say his name Lisa…Rivers said suspiciously.


“You don’t like Noah…but you’re dating him and I’m gonna figure out why…he said simply before walking out.

“Perfect…I thought heading upstairs to change.


After taking a quick shower,I laid on my bed rethinking my plan on her to get into his computer,I had the perfect plan for tomorrow.
This sham would be over tomorrow because I would get into his system,copy everything and be out before he could even say jack.
I grabbed my phone logging onto Facebook ,chatting for a little while before my phone beeped.

“Hey…Can we meet up…Nath.

“Noah must have told him…I thought.

“I’m sorry Nath…I just can’t ,after tomorrow…I thought .

“Umm…I’m kinda busy today ,maybe tomorrow…I typed before clicking send.

Nath:Noah told me…A message read as I opened up a conversation.


Nath:I should’ve realised it,I mean you did kiss him even if you were drunk.

Lisa:I didn’t kiss him,he kissed me…I typed groaning.

“Why is everyone confusing the two…I thought scoffing.

Nath:No difference Lisa…about what I said,you should just forget it…His message read as I dropped my phone.

“Why did that hurt… I thought.

“I can’t like him…I can’t …I said talking to myself

Lisa:You didn’t mean it?.

Nath:Of course I meant it…He said as I smiled.

Lisa:Then don’t take it back🙄.

Nath:You’re dating my brother…I have to back off.

Lisa:It’s a lot to ask, but do you trust me.

Nath:It’s weird but yh.

Lisa:Then don’t take it back.


Nath:But I just have to ask…Do you like me at all?.

Lisa:Not sure I typed out of impulse before erasing it.

Lisa:I don’t know what liking a boy is…I sent instead.



Nath:I know I like you because you’re able to make everything better just by talking ,I know I like you because you’re sweet and really fun to be with…I read as I sighed.

Lisa:I really don’t wanna get your hopes up.

Nath:It’s okay I’ll wait,as long as it takes.


Nath:Sleep well Lisa,kisses ❤️✨…I read as I smiled.

“How do I respond to that…I thought holding my phone thinking until I dozed off.


I woke up with my phone still in my hand,Rivers didn’t make an effort to wake me up today,That’s …..normal
I checked the time and thankfully I didn’t over sleep.

“Oh shit…I cursed noticing I didn’t reply Nath’s message.

Lisa:Good morning,sorry I slept off yesterday…I typed quickly dropping my phone .

I rushed into the shower taking a shower as I got ready fir school.

I walked downstairs,my bag on my shoulder as I made coffee.
I heard footsteps coming from the staircase.

“So finally decided to get up?…I asked.

“Rivers…I called out turning around.

“Shit …I cursed lowly.

“Umm good morning Mrs Monroe…I said chuckling nervously .

“What if Rivers didn’t tell her I would be staying over…I thought panicking.

“What if she thinks I’m one of his girls.

“Oh shit …

“Oh shit…I thought panicking.

“I see Rivers brought another one home…she said confirming my thoughts.

“Umm…it’s not that ma…umm…I said stuttering.

“It’s okay dear…she said chuckling.

“You must be Lisa…morning dear…she said with a sweet smile.

“Don’t worry Bonnie told me all about you…She said getting her own coffee.

“Rivers on the other hand didn’t say a word,one of his stupid pranks as always…she said still smiling.

“He left for school early today…she added as I nodded

“Okay ma…

“Nonsense…call me Rose.

“Umm…okay…I said feeling nervous.

“I’ll be off now…Rose…I said holding my keys as I walked out of the house exhaling.

“Why wouldn’t he tell me his mum was coming back…I muttered angrily getting into my car.

“Why wouldn’t he tell her about me,what if Bonnie didn’t say a word I would have be dead…I thought getting furious.

“He just has to be a jerk…I groaned starting my car,driving off to school.


I parked my car in the parking lot stepping out begging God to make this day as fast as possible so I’ll get the evidence we need ,break up with Noah….

“And give Nath a chance…My subconscious finished.

“Wait what…I thought waving it off as I walked to my locker.

My plan was in motion,the first part would be to get through the day avoiding everyone including Nath.
During lunch break,I would spend it on the library and after closing I would head to Noah’s place early enough ,get into his room get the evidence come back downstairs and stay with Nath so he won’t suspect a thing.

“Let’s do this… I thought getting ready for the day.


For the first time in forever,my plan actually worked without a hitch,everything was going smoothly
I got through the day facing zero problems.Although,I almost ran into Nath during recess I literally ran out and he must think I’m avoiding him or something. The bell was rung a few minutes ago and right now I’m in my car getting ready to leave convincing myself nothing will go wrong.

“Okay Lisa…you can do this…I said talking to myself driving off to Noah’s place.

I got to their house hurriedly getting out of the car.
I tried to calm my nerves as I knocked softly on the door .


“Hey Bitch….She said smirking.

“Why are you here…?where’s Nath.

“Spare key…you know for when…But I didn’t come by myself I was invited…she said winking.

“I have a study session with Noah,I need to get inside.

“Noah isn’t here sweetie you can wait outside…She said slamming the door in my face.

“Tina!…I explained angrily knocking .

“What…she said smirking.

“Oh come right in…she added smiling sweetly.

“What?…I thought.

“Come in you can wait for Noah…she said giggling.

“Tina… Nath called behind me.

“Oh now I get it…I thought rolling my eyes.

“I’ll be in Noah’s room …I said stealing a glance at Nath before heading upstairs.

“Pretending Bitch…I whispered as I walked past Tina.

“He invited her…So much for not getting back…I scoffed

I rushed to Noah’s room hoping I wouldn’t get caught as I plugged the flash drive into his computer.

“Oh shit…password…I thought ,my hands sweating.

“How could I miss that.

“What do I do …what I do…I thought nervously.

“Umm…first name…I tried but it was in correct.

“Last name…I tried still incorrect.

“Oh God,oh God,oh God.

“The password’s Boss Bitch…I heard a voice say as I turned around.

“What are you looking for…He added slowly.


To be continued 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️

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Guess her plan was flawed 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️.

Who could that voice be✨

Those of you that are looking for Lisa’s love could it be Nath ♥️😋

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