Paín Episode 35-36

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🤦🏽‍♀️(Do you believe in fate)🤦🏽‍♀️
©Author Bella
🥰Chapter Thirty Five🥰
🤸🏽‍♀️Lisa’s Pov🤸🏽‍♀️
Caroline was full of smiles so was dad and Nath,I didn’t want to be a buzz kill so I forced a smile keeping it plastered on me face as dad kept brushing the hair from my face.
For the first time in a while,I let my hair down for everyone to notice,it’s not like I really had a choice,the nurses must have done this.
This had only happened twice for Linda and for Rivers and I wanted to keep it that way,I didn’t like people seeing me with my hair let down.

“Umm, we’ll give you two some time to talk…Caroline said signaling Joe to come with her.

They closed the door behind them and it was left with just I and Nath and the air was pretty thick,I was nervous I had been unconscious for two weeks not to mention we didn’t exactly leave on good terms.

“I just want to say…he started slowly as I cleared my throat.

“Firstly,am so happy you’re okay I was so scared,I thought I lost you or something…He said,his tone laced with sadness.

“And I also wanted to say sorry.

“For what?…I said stuttering still having troubles talking fluently.

“For that night,you were driving and I was acting out irrationally.


“I shouldn’t have said what I said,I mean you falling in love with Rivers,it’s absurd,I should have accused you of something like that.


“Yeah,I mean there’s no way you could fall for him.

“Seriously?…I asked not knowing why I got annoyed.

“Yeah I mean you’re sweet and innocent and he’s well my best friend or was but I have to admit, Rivers is broken…He said as I got angry.

“I’m sweet an innocent,you’re dating a girl you barely know Nath…I lashed out as he stared at me confused.

“You’re judging Rivers like someone who’s been through pain,you know absolutely nothing…I said coughing.

“Lisa …the doc said not to stress yourself…He said trying to hold my arm.

“I want to be alone Nath…I said sternly taking my arm back.

“Okay…He said and I could tell he was hurt.

“I’m just tired and stressed…I said as he smiled a little.

“Okay,I’ll come by later…He said squeezing my hand a little as I smiled.

“Umm Nath, do you have any idea if they were able to get any of my things back.

“I’ll ask Caroline…He said smiling.

“Thanks Nath…I said as he walked out.

I took one large breathe as the monitor beeped slowly,I was sure of one thing right now,I wanted to see him but it’s obvious he didn’t want anything to do with me.
I mean I literally choose Nath over him the last time we spoke and then I got into an accident,I’m sure he’s home right now having the best time of his life,I shouldn’t be thinking about him at all since it’s obvious he isn’t thinking about me,if he was he would be here right now because am sure Caroline would have informed me.
Maybe I should just forget about him and focus on recovering right now.


😋Rivers’s Pov😋
She hugged me really tightly,it was then I realised I was imagining things .
I couldn’t even move I just stayed rooted to the spot,still not hugging her back.
I pinched myself harshly thinking I was dreaming and I would wake up soon,there’s no way Katherine is standing right in front of me.

“I missed you so much…She muttered still hugging me.

“Wait…What am I doing?…I thought as I pushed her off me recovering from my shock.

“Rivers….She said confused

“Let me get this straight,If I’m not imagining you that is Katherine,you disappear for two years then you come back show up at my door step, hug me even and then all would be forgiven right?…I said scoffing.

“What the hell are you even doing here?.

“Rivers I…

“You know what,save it for someone who actually cares to listen,I have somewhere really important to be I’ll leave now.

“More important than being with me?…She asked giving me that smile that would get me to anything.

“Yes Katherine,far more important…I said rolling my eyes removing her hands from my body.

“Rivers…She called out as I got on my bike.

“Why the hell did she have to come back now why this town,Katherine Meyers why are you back?…I thought driving off clearing her from my mind.

“I’m coming Lisa…I said slowly driving towards the hospital.


I stopped my bike at the hospital ,taking a deep breath holding the flowers I bought.
I really hoped they weren’t too cheesy but I usually changed the flowers In her room anytime I came so this would be no different.
I walked into the hospital as the nurse on duty smiled at me.
I walked straight through the corridor getting to her room when Nath saw me

“What are you doing here?..He asked in a neutral tone.

“Same thing you came here to do.

“She just woke up do you really want to be stressing her right now.

“I’m not stressing her I just wanna see how she’s doing?.

“You can come back another day,you and I both know if she sees you she’ll get stressed.

“He’s right…I thought sadly.

“Oh and Rivers,I know you asked her to choose,I also know she choose me so don’t get any ideas,Lisa is mine…He said sternly walking away as I took a seat.

“Coming here was a mistake, Nath’s right she wouldn’t want to see me,she’s better off without me ,I should just leave…I thought walking out of the hospital disposing of the flowers in the trash bin.
I walked out of the hospital heading towards the garden as I remembered the many times I would watch Lisa from afar as he ate in silence.
She never knew I wanted to play her from the starting,I actually plan to date her then sleep with her and dump her so I would watched her silently planning to make my move,the more I watched her the less I was interested in playing with her heart,I fell for her carefree nature,she was one of those girls who didn’t worry about fashion ,make up,she was just herself and I loved that about her.
I played with the flowers ,smiling to myself as I sighed deeply deciding I would see her when she gets out of the hospital.

“A penny for your thoughts?…I heard Lisa’s voice ask ad I turned .

“Seriously?…I know I should’ve come see you but hallucinating…this is just torture…I said walking away.

“Rivers…She called back as I blocked my ears.

“Get out of my head…I muttered as I heard strained steps behind me.

“You fool,I just woke up and you’re making me run after you.

“Wait you’re real.

“No!…I’m a figment of your imaginaton…She said raising her hands.

“I knew it,go away…I said still blocking my ears.

“Seriously Rivers I thought two weeks would make you smarter.

“Stop torturing me,I wanted to go see you but am sure you would want to see me ,am sorry now go away please…I said sighing.

“Well why didn’t you come see me.

“Because you wouldn’t want to see me,last time wasn’t really pretty…I said as she smiled.

“I’ll come see you tomorrow just please stop torturing me,it’s bad enough I missed you not this…I said trying to catch my breath.

“I missed you two…She said hugging me.

“Wait…I can feel you…I said chuckling.

“You’re real!…I’m not imagining you…I said happily.

“Did that feel real to you?…She asked slapping me.

“Ouch…I moaned in pain holding my cheeks.

“Wait..why are you out here?.

“My room was boring and I love gardens,I’m glad I came out here because you finally admitted you missed me.

“I was referring to a figment of my imagination not you…I said shrugging.

“I know you missed me Rivers don’t you dare deny it.

“What difference would it make.

“Alot ..She said grinning.

“Okay Lisa Joe,the past two weeks have been hell and I missed you…I said breathlessly as she stared at me.

“Nice to know I still make you speechless…I said with one of my infamous smirks.

“Nice to know you haven’t stopped smirking…She retorted.

“You should get back to your room.

“You were really gonna leave without seeing me?…She asked sounding hurt.

“I was gonna come see you but….I said deciding whether or not to tell her about Nath.

“I thought you’d be busy with your family,I didn’t wanna interrupt…I finished instead.

“Still…She said.

“I’m sorry okay.

“Oh wow,you apologize now too.

“Don’t let it get to you…it’s only because you’re sick.

“Whatever you say Rivers…She said as we walked back to her room.


Just like that,I felt alive again it was good to have her back ,I just needed to talk to her to feel good about myself ,I wasn’t lying,the last two weeks have been hell and I missed her so much.
She laid on her bed and I took a seat on the bed side drawers.

“I have to tell you something…We both said simultaneously.

“You first…We said again.

“No you…We said once more till we started laughing.

“Ladies first…I said smirking as she nodded.

“When my car fell off the bridge and into the water,it was worse than death the pain of taking in water and gasping for breath was excruciating,I wished for death to come because the pain was just too much to bear I couldn’t take it anymore,I didn’t want to.

“But then I saw you…She said as I smiled.

“You were telling me to just breath that’s all that matters,me breathing so even if it hurt me like hell,I did just that I fought so hard even if the pain was too much to handle and I survived it thanks to you…She said as I smiled.

“You really look better when you smile…She added as we both chuckled.

“Your turn.

“It’s my fault you had an accident…I started as she stared at me confused.

“Firstly,I know that call made you disoriented I shouldn’t have said the things I said on the phone …And I also exchanged your pills for your panic attacks ,I didn’t want you to get addicted to them…I’m sorry…I said feeling a weight lifted off my chest.

“Rivers…I know first hand how it feels to blame yourself for something,to hate yourself and everything around you for something that was out of your control,what happened wasn’t your fault,I think it was fated.

“Did you get my text?..I asked alarmed since she mentioned fate,I didn’t want her to see that text.

“What text?.

“Nothing…I said quicky smiling.

“It wasn’t your fault that I got into an accident so please don’t blame yourself…She said reaching for my hand squeezing it tightly.

“About my pills,I’m happy you exchanged them because you’re right,I was getting addicted…She said as I nodded.

“And about the phone call when I choose Nath……She said as I stared at her .

“I…..She added as I kept my eyes solely on her.

“Rivers I….She started clearing her throat.

“You what?…I asked breathlessly and I could hear her panting.

“I….umm….I….umm…She stuttered as I grew closer.

“Rivers…She gulped

“I……….I…….I……..She stuttered and we were practically inches apart.

“LISA…!!!!…Bonnie screamed rushing into her room as I disengaged our arms standing up

“Ehem…I’ll be outside.

“Was I interrupting,I could totally come back.

“Umm… no…I’ll be outside…I said walking out of the room.

“Shit!,fuck…what’s wrong with me…if Bonnie hadn’t walked in,I would’ve kissed her or something and that look in her eyes,why did it seem like she wanted me too and she wouldn’t hesitate if I did,no matter what I can’t do this to Nath,they’re still together I have to get myself together and control my feelings…I thought but the image of us nearly kissing remained in my head.

To be continued 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️

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🤦🏽‍♀️(Do you believe in fate)🤦🏽‍♀️
©Author Bella
🥰Chapter Thirty Six🥰
🤸🏽‍♀️Lisa’s Pov🤸🏽‍♀️
Omg!,that did not just happen,of course nothing happened but something would have happened if Bonnie didn’t walk in or something.
It was like for a moment I lost all sense of reasoning,I couldn’t even say two words without stuttering and that look in his eyes,it was almost like he was gonna kiss me.

“And you were gonna kiss him back right…my subconscious teased as I groaned.

“No,I’m not gonna be another Katherine…I thought feeling bad.

“I’m with Nath and I can’t do anything with Rivers while with him…I thought.

“Lisa have you been listening to anything I’ve been saying…Bonnie asked snapping me out of my internal battle.

“Sorry Bonnie,I kind of zoned off.

“I was interrupting something wasn’t I?

“Common Lisa…you can talk to me forget that Rivers is my brother for a second….She said when I didn’t reply.

“I just wanna forget for a moment.

“That’s okay but Lisa after that moment your problems would still be here so isn’t it better you face them head on?.

“You’re right but…

“No buts ….spill what happened.

“The night of my accident, Rivers asked me to choose and even if he didn’t ask me to choose I knew I had to choose between him and Nath…I said as she looked at me with keen interest.

“I told Rivers that what I felt for him was attraction and I may pity him or feel like I owe him one because he helped me through a dangerous time,I told him I choose Nath .

“Ok…She said as I sighed.

“But Bonnie,I almost died in my car and the only thing I could think about was that I wouldn’t see Rivers again,he was the only thing in my head at that time .


“So am scared ,I choose Nath but now I think am falling in love with Rivers…I said groaning.

“You love them both?.

“Yes …I said sighing.

“Okay how do you feel when you’re with Nath?

“I feel okay,he’s caring,he makes me feel good and he takes care of me not to mention he’s really sweet,he’s fun to talk to and I can’t be sad when I’m with him.

“And…She said waiting for more.

“That’s it.

“So you’re the complete opposite of yourself when you’re with him…She said nodding.

“How do you feel when you’re with Rivers?…She asked as I smiled.

“With Rivers,I have no idea why I smile for absolutely no reason with Rivers he makes me daring,he makes me want to try new things,be with new people uncover my true sef,with Rivers he makes me want to burn the mask I put over me face.

“So you love Nath?…She asked as I nodded.

“Are you in love with Nath Lisa or you’re just scared of hurting him because of Tina and he’s extremely nice?…She asked as I sighed.

“Am right aren’t I?..She said when I didn’t answer.

“You said two different things Lisa,you love Nath but you’re in love with Rivers.

“You love friends but you’re in love with boyfriends, husbands,the people who are the closest to your hearts.

“You love Nath because he’s kind and caring and you’ve never felt what it was like to have a friend so you think you need to date him so you won’t loose him.

“But you’re in love with Rivers because you don’t have to hide who you truly are when you’re with him,you’re yourself when you two are together.

“Now Lisa,if you were to get married to either of them,who do you think it would be?..Bonnie asked in a low tone.

“Don’t be scared of hurting either of them,if they truly are in love with you,your happiness should be all that matters and you’re being selfish being with Nath when you’re not in love with him…She finished as a weight got lifted off my chest.

“I was in a coma for two weeks and you got smarter…I remarked smirking.

“Yeah well remember that guy I told you I had a crush on,turns out he likes me too and we’ve been going on dates and I think he might ask me out soon.

“That’s amazing Bonnie…I said smiling.


“Lisa,you’ll make the right choice,just do what makes you happy…She said squeezing my hand,walking out of my room seconds after.

Bonnie was right ,I love Nath but not like someone I would like to spend the rest of my life with,He was there for me when I didn’t have one friend to count on and I mistook it for love,I need to talk to him about it,the sonner the better I can’t keep hurting them both.

😋Rivers’s Pov😋
I left the hospital since I wasn’t sure if I would complete what I started if given the chance to go back to her room.
I drove to my house hoping Katherine would be long gone by now because she is the least of my worries right now.
I got off my bike ,removing my helmet as I walked towards my house.
I twisted the knob of the door walking inside as I gasped,my eyes turning red with anger.

“Katherine!…I yelled as she moved away from Nath.

“You inconsiderate bastard!….I yelled moving to hit him.

“Rivers… please no… Rivers…Katherine said trying to hold me as I pushed her off.

“Lisa is in the freaking hospital on a bed recovering and you’re here making out with her,you said you love Lisa,is this how you show your love?.

“Who the hell is Lisa and why are you saying you love her…She said referring to Nath.

“His girlfriend…I spat out angrily.

“Rivers,let me explain.

“I think seeing is believing and I’ve seen all what I wanted ….I warned you not to dare hurt her or you’ll get it…I said raising him up.

“Rivers please…I told you I love Nath .

“Bitch you think am doing this for you… fuck your love I don’t give two shits about it…

“I told you not to hurt Lisa and you freaking did…I said turning to face him.

“Rivers please…Katherine said trying to hold me arm.

“No…I am done with you manipulating me ,your words have no effect on you but I see Nath hasnt gotten over your charms yet.

“Rivers…it’s not what you think.

“I think I know enough already,you two disgust me ,especially you Nath …you disgust me…I said punching him on his stomach.


“Stay out of this!…I yelled in her face.

“You don’t get to toy with Lisa’s feelings,I just won’t let you…I would break every bone in your freaking body before I let you.

“The nerve of you two!…in my house…I yelled angrily.

“I came over to talk to you,I found her here,I wasn’t expecting her to even come back.

“Then why kiss her.

“I don’t know..He said sadly

“Ugh,you know what never mind,you disgust me…I said dropping him.

“Both of you get out!…I yelled pointing at the door.

“Out!…I thundered as they walked out of the house.

“Disgusting creatures…I cursed angrily walking upstairs to calm myself down.

“I should’ve made him bleed…I thought angrily.

🤸🏽‍♀️Lisa’s Pov 🤸🏽‍♀️
It’s been three days since I woke up from coma and since then Rivers hasn’t come to see me not after what almost happened.
Nath comes over frequently to see me but he seemed like there was something wrong with him.
I’ve been waiting for the right time to talk to him but I just can’t seem to get the words out.
The doctor said I would be discharged today so I could finally go home and rest.
Caroline signed my discharge papers and she picked me up at the hospital.
All through the drive home,I barely said a word ,I was busy thinking of ways to talk to Nath and my mind was trying to figure out why Rivers was avoiding me.
I invited Nath since we needed to talk and it was extremely important,the sooner I talked to him the sooner I sorted things out.

“Lisa are you okay?…Caroline asked as we pulled over .

“Yeah …just glad to be back home…I said forcing a small smile,opening the car door walking inside.

“Here,since you lost your old one…She said handing me a new phone.

“Speaking of my old one were they able to get it back?.

“I’m not sure, we’ll go to the station tomorrow and ask…She said as I nodded while we walked inside.

After she dropped me off,Caroline left me in the house since she had an appointment in the spa so I stayed on the couch waiting patiently for Nath to come over.
The door bell rang and I was too tired to even stand up.

“It’s open…I yelled as Nath walked in.

“Oh Nath…I said smiling as he walked towards me.

“How you feeling?.

“Fine just glad to be out of the hospital…I said chuckling as he nodded.

“So there’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now and I really need to talk about it .

“You’re breaking up with me aren’t you?..He asked chuckling.

“Nath…Yh…I said truthfully.

“It’s not that I don’t love you because I do but not the way you want me to,I thought I loved you like a boyfriend but the truth is I needed a friend in my life and you were there so I thought if I dated you then you’ll always be there and you won’t ever leave me…I said sighing.

“Am sorry if this hurts your feelings Nath but I would hurt you more if I continue with the relationship knowing I’m not in love with you…I said as he sighed.

“It’s okay Lisa…Friends…He asked stretching his hand out with a smile.

“I would love that…I said smiling genuinely for the very first time.

“I’m just glad your decision was yours and it had nothing to do with what Rivers told you about Katherine…He said chuckling.

“Katherine?…What about her…I asked .

“She’s back and all didn’t Rivers tell you anything.

“He didn’t …I said gulping.

“When did she get back?.

“Three days ago or so.

“Oh …I said filling the pieces.

“Lisa…Are you okay?.

“Yeah I’m fine,I really need to rest now.

“Rivers didn’t tell you anything about Katherine…It’s just that…

“Don’t wanna know Nath…I said annoyed.

“But Lisa I think you should know that…

“I don’t wanna know Nath…I said raising my voice.

“I just got out of the hospital,I need rest…I said walking away hurt.

“Everything makes sense now,she got back three days ago he never came back to my room,didn’t come see me again because she’s back.

“Of course,she’s the freaking love of his life why wouldn’t he give her his attention…Gosh Lisa when are you gonna stop being stupid…I thought walking into my room.

“You’re not gonna cry,you’re not gonna cry…I whispered to myself getting into bed.

“If he wants to be with Katherine…That’s fine…I thought drawing the covers over myself trying not to think of either of them.

To be continued 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️

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