May 14, 2022

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Summer Dreame Episode 1

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💫Summer DREAME💫
(💜Are You Eighteen?)

✅Rejoice Jeremiah. C.®


[The Lincolns residence]


“I don’t wanna do this mom.. Why do I have to do this because Ryan did.. I aren’t Ryan and Ryan isn’t me. Why can’t I do what I wanna do without Ryan being mentioned to me?” I threw angrily at my mom.

“Ryan is always mentioned because he is your elder brother and you should be like him. Be like your brother Ivan. Stop being so stubborn. You are going to that Show. A lot of your father’a money is involved so you are definitely going there. Go to your room now and do that audition and don’t think you are not gonna get it. Your dad made sure Ryan did and he will make sure you do too. You just have to obey your father Ivan please…” Mom said.

“Damn it! I can’t believe this. I hate that stupid show. It freaks me.” I said and grabbed my Mac book.

“You should have prepared yourself for this since you know your father love that show and has been a huge sponsor. Yes Ryan went and even though he didn’t win, your dad was happy that he was in the show and made it to the top five. That is exactly what he wants from you” she said.

“Excuse me mom, I need some privacy,” I said.

“Okay but please do it for me okay… I promise to be your number one fan. Your mom will be rooting for you” mom said, stood up and left.

“I’m not doing this. Never,” I said and wore my headset to play from my favorite Post Malone songs.

Sunflower began to play🎧

I opened my Instagram handle and smiled at the reactions my newest picture got in 21hours.

500, 000 reactions and 20k comments.

“Lovely but I need more,” I said and decided to scroll through the comments.

Kim.b ‘s comment was the first comment that caught my eyes.

#Kim.b: He’s as lovely as his love for me.. #BBF❤😍😘

“What… What the fvck is wrong with this girl…” I scoffed and chuckled.

Her comment got 5k reactions and up to 1k replies.

The world knows that Kimberly Brennan had been my childhood friend. Bestfriend actually and we still best friends till date.
She’s the sweetest friend anyone can ever ask for.
She’s crazy, smart, fun to be with.

Well I’ve got few male friends, Jordan, Alex and Neil but Kim is just the best.
She’s the most special to me.

She knows just how to tolerate my insanity.
She knows how to make things work between us and how to settle our beef when we have a little issue.
Okay we hardly do but whenever we do, she corrects it all’

I opened the replies.

#Salia.darr: Why don’t you both date already? You guys would be the perfect couple ever

#Kim.b fan: Enough of the friendship… Kiss each other and start a date. I want that to happen pleaseeeee💕

#Cole jay: You both gonna get married, trust me.💍👩‍❤️‍👨

Yeah and that is exactly what has been going on recently.
Everyone wants Kim and I to date……….but……Kim doesn’t want it.
She just

My phone beeped.

A message from Kim.

💬“Hi B, did you read the replies to my comment on your recent IG upload? Lol. I can’t stop laughing🤣. They are so amusing.. Anyway, I have some news… My dad changed his mind. We are going for a summer vacation at Hawaii next tomorrow. You know I can’t do anything about it😪 and I’ve always wanted a summer vacation at Hawaii. I can’t miss it😊. I’m so sorry that we can’t be together this summer but I promise to come and spend all day with you tomorrow..❤ ”💬

I inhaled as I read the message.

Kim was actually the reason why I didn’t wanna audition for the summer Dreame reality Show.
She said she wasn’t interested and so I wanted us to spend all the time together, all day till the summer ends.

But now, she’s traveling to Hawaii…
I don’t even know I feel right now..

Well, you guessed right..

I love Kim…. And I’ve asked her out, months ago, no twice, three years and five months ago but she vividly declined me.

Last year, her reply was “I can’t date you Ivan, I’m busy with studies and I don’t see you as my boyfriend. I don’t even wanna have a boyfriend right now. Ivan, I don’t want our bbf to end like this. I don’t wanna loose our friendship. Let’s just be bestfriends”

Then five months ago, her reply was “Ivan don’t ask me out again. I can’t see you as my boyfriend. I have so many girlfriends, I should introduce you to the ones you don’t know yet. You’ll definitely fall for one but for me Ivan, I will forever see you as my best friend and nothing more… And guess what? I might get a boyfriend soon. I met him on Instagram. He’s hot asf! Just like you are,” she had said and laughed it off.

And about that Instagram guy?
They couldn’t date because the guy tried to touch her on their first date.
She slapped him and left the damn place.

She returned telling me, she isn’t ready to fall for any guy soon but to concentrate on her studies and her Vblog career.

I don’t mind waiting until when she’s ready to fall for me and accept my proposal. I will keep waiting for her.. Because I know that she’s mine and we’ll make a perfect couple.

I can’t stop imagining it.

Another message from her came in.

💬“If you are gonna miss me too much then Summer Dreame would help a bunch. You should try it, it’s a nice show and you are gonna be the most handsome housemate❤😍.. I’ll be your number one fan all the way from Hawaii😎😘”💬

I chuckled. “Really.. I have two number one fans already. Should I just do this?”

(Three Days Later)

[The Blakes residence]


I opened the door and Vie was the first to jump on my body..

“Oh my Goodness, Grace I’m sooooo happy for you!” Vie screamed.
I smiled excitedly. “Thank you Vie.”

We withdrew and I smiled at Adam and Joel.
Adam came over and hugged me. “Congratulations. You are now a housemate of Dreame mansion. How did you do it Grace. You never seize to surprise me,” Adam said and withdrew our hug.

“I have no idea,” I said.

Joel hugged me. “Put me in your suitcase, will you?”

We chuckled and withdrew the hug.

“I’m so sad that I’m gonna do this alone. I wanted us all to be in there together. How will I be able to do this alone?” I asked, as tears gathered in my eyes.

“It’s okay girl. At least we are happy that one of us made it to the show. It would have been a waste of energy if none of us made it but you did Grace and we are proud of you and we will support you with all we got,” Vie said.

“Thank you Vie. You’ve always been my backbone. I’m so happy to have you as my friend,” I said and hugged her again.

We withdrew and I turned to Adam.
“Make sure you make it to the top five and then to the throne. The throne will fit you most.. I will be in front of the TV and my phone, voting and cheering you up,” Adam said.

I smiled. “Thank you so much Adam” I said and hugged him. “I promise I won’t disappoint you.”

We withdrew and I turned to Joel.

“We have this for you,” he said and stretched out a small wrapped gift to me.

“Wow, oh my… really?” I took it and unwrapped it.
It’s a black box.
“What’s this?” I asked as I opened the box and exclaimed at what I saw.

They laughed.

A bikini!

I raised it up. “Why this?”

“Because it’s summer dreame. That’s what you are gonna wear to your first swimming at dreame mansion.” Vie said.

“Vie I know this was your idea,” I said.

“Don’t blame me. Adam got the same idea too,” Vie said and Adam chuckled.

“Oh my Goodness.. You guys are so unbelievable,” I said.

“It’s your favorite color,” Joel said.

“Stop Joel!” I snapped playfully at him.

They laughed.

I smiled. “Oh my….thank you so much guys. You guys are the best friends in the world,” I said.

“Sure we are,” Vie winked at me.

“Hello Four best friends, Pasta is ready!!” my mom suddenly announced as she appeared from the kitchen.

I smiled to my friends. “Yeah, let’s go!”

(Two days later, Sunday)
[The Lincolns residence]


The door opened and Ryan walked in.

“Woah! It’s so good to see my cute kid brother packing up to a new mansion on the TV.

“Use the door if you got nothing to say,” I said, my focus on what I was doing.

“Of course I have something to say. Dad is so glad that you are going to the show. He’s been smiling all day,” Ryan said.

“Lucky you, you get to be close to him to see how long he’s been smiling,” I said and returned to my wardrobe to close it up. “Are you here to tell me how close you are to him?”

He laughed. “Ivan…you always get my words twisted… Can’t you be a little nice kid brother for just one day?”

“I’m not ready to,” I said and returned to the suitcase to zip it up.

“I think you took too much stuff. You know you are not taking 95% of those into the mansion. Every cloth you wear in the mansion are sponsored.”

“I don’t need you to tell me that. Leave my room I gotta take my bath. My flight is in next two hours,” I said.

“Do I have to leave your room? Just go do your stuff. I will help you take out some unimportant stuff from your suitcase,” he said.

“Don’t touch my suitcase” I said.
“Okay. I won’t,” he said.
“I want you out before I return,” I said and entered the en-suite.

But when I returned, he has taken out half of what was in the suitcase and left.

I exhaled. “He’s always getting on my nerves”

I dressed up and in a short time, I was ready to leave.
I picked my phone and dragged my suitcase with me.

Coming out to the lobby, a maid rushed over and took the suitcase from me.
I descended downstairs and saw my mom, dad and Ryan standing and waiting for me.

“You look so handsome today Ivan. Your dad is very proud of you. Go there and make me prouder,” Dad said.

‘I’m going because Kim travelled… I’m going because I don’t wanna stay in this house with you all day’

My mom came over and hugged me. “Be careful and have fun. I don’t care if you win or not… Just have fun and make new friends but don’t forget that you are live 24hours on a national TV. Be careful son. Did you hear me Ivan?”

“Yes I did, mom” I said, less interested.

“Ryan will go with you to the airport where you take private jet… Don’t forget go return with a crown on your head unlike your brother who didn’t,” dad said.

I scoffed.

“Ah dad, did you had to say that? I was the second runner. I did so great, Summer Dreame season 2 was the toughest season ever” Ryan said.

“That’s okay. You both should leave now. I can’t wait to see you on that TV channel starring from tomorrow,” Mom said to me.

“I’m going alone. I don’t need him to go with me,” I said and headed out.

“Ohhh he’s so stubborn,” I heard mom said.
“I’ll be back dad, mom…” Ryan said and I heard him running towards me.



The Dreame company paid for my flight and my guardian’s.
They said a guardian is to escort me from my home to the gates of the mansion, so I chose my dad.
He had more travelling confident than my mom.

‘so right now I and my dad are flying to V island where the Dreame mansion is located’


A forty minutes flight finally landed at the V island airport and thirty minutes later, we were inside the private car brought by the dreame which drove us towards the dreame mansion which is said to be only a fifteen minutes drive.

The time was saying 11:34am.

Every housemate is supposed to be at the Quarters
The quarters is said to be the part of the mansion which is off the camera, where Housemates and dreame staffs meet, welcome each other and have a talk before the show begins at the other side which is the main mansion.

The show is to start by 7pm today.

I feel so happy that my dream came to pass. A dream I never thought would come to pass. It did!

But my happiness isn’t complete, my friends couldn’t make it, not even one of the three.
I feel that emptiness…and I could feel how sad they are..

But I promised them that I’m gonna make them proud and I will!

I glanced at my dad who felt really elated.

For me, today was my first time in an airplane and my very first day in V island.
One of the most expensive places in Canada.
And I’m almost close to dreame mansion and in just few hours, my face and all of me will be live on the national television.

This is a dream come true for me and I’m not gonna mess it up.

I saw Summer dreame season 5 billboard, 2019.

My heart skipped with excitement.

Grace Blake is going to be a summer dreame season 5 female housemate.
One of the biggest teens reality shows in Canada and America.

Maybe I’m still dreaming.

“We are close,” the Driver announced.

My heart skipped again.
I guess my dad heard my fast beating heart and took my hand he gave me a warm smile and I smiled back.

Yes, my dad is only but a poor cab driver and my mom is only but a poor flower gardener but my family is the best I could ever seek for.
I’m the only child of my parents and they never seized to care so dearly for me.
They love me and always supported me in whatever I wanna do and whatever good part I wanna take.
I love them so much.

In a minutes we arrived at the mansion.

I’ve never seen a mansion as beautiful and luxurious as the one before me. It wasn’t so big but as beautiful and luxurious with a very large exterior. The walls are painted gray and white and there are two gates.

The first gate was the one that my dad can enter but not the second.
But as we drove into this first gate with a very spacious premises, I saw a plane which looked like a private jet. It was standing live right there.
Immediately, I knew it must have brought one of the housemates from a wealthy home.

I wonder who he or she is. I couldn’t wait to meet all of them.
None of the housemates have been revealed to the followers.
They are always revealed three hours to the show via their photos. Photos that would be taken at the Quarters once we arrive.

So a housemate is to meet his/her fellow housemate first time at the quarters.

The car pulled up at the packing lot. I unfastened my seatbelt and alighted the car with my dad.

A dreame staff was already there, waiting for me to take me in.

“Welcome to dreame mansion miss Grace Blake,” she said and took my suitcase.

“No, I can hold that,” I said.

She smiled. “No, you don’t have to. Please come with me”

I turned to my dad.

“Dad thank you for escorting me all the way here. I promise to make you and mom proud,” I said.

He smiled. “I know that my dear. I wish you all the good luck. Take care of yourself and have a great time in this beautiful place but know you are on a national TV 24hours so be careful OK,” he said.

“I will dad, thank you,” I said and hugged him. “Take care of mom and take care of yourself.”

“I will”

My dad finally left and I followed the Dreame staff into the second gate which leads to the mansion.
We headed to the quarters.

🎯To be continued 🎯

Are you enjoying this story??

You’all know that Grace and Ivan are two housemates already but I know you can’t wait to see the rest housemates.


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