June 29, 2022

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Summer Dreame Episode 10

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💫Summer DREAME💫
(💜Are You Eighteen?)

✅Rejoice Jeremiah. C.®

~WEEK 1 #Day 1

(Dinner 🍽)
[Star Castle resort, Hawaii]


Dad smiled and went ahead with introductions without noticing anything odd.

“Kim, this is my new friend, Shawn Edwardo and Shawn, this is my beautiful daughter, Kimberly Brennan.”

I stared at Shawn and he stared back but then Shawn smiled at me and dad.
“Wow.” he said and walked up to me, keeping that same smile.
“Hi Kim, Nice to meet you,” he said stretching out his hand with his palm opened.

‘I have no other choice than to pretend for the moment. Dad can’t know about this. I hid it from him right from the beginning’

I smiled out, stretched out my hand slowly placed my palm on his. He took it and kissed my hand.

I glanced at my dad and he was smiling proudly.

‘What do I do about this?’

Shawn let go of my hand and I smiled out. A smile that was nowhere from my heart.
“Nice to meet you too, Sh…Shawn,” I said.

“Wow, let’s go to the dinning. We’ve got a nice dinner waiting for us,” my dad said.

Shawn smiled at me. I turned and headed to the dinning.

I sat down, then Shawn sat opposite me and dad sat at the other side.

“Woah… So many meals.. This is great Mr Brennan.” Shawn said to dad.
Dad smiled at him. “I’m a great cook now, all thanks to my dear late wife,” he said.
“Oh..I’m so sorry about your late wife sir,” Shawn said and looked at me.

I faced my phone.

“It’s okay. Let’s take care of these dinner,” dad said.
“Yeah. Sure,” Shawn said.

“Kim,” dad called and I slowly raised my head up and looked at my dad.
“Yes dad?”

“Help me with that wine glads over there,” he said.
“Okay,” I pushed the glass to my dad but my eyes went to Shawn and he gave me a smile.

I looked away.

‘Why is Shawn in Hawaii and how the hell did he and my dad meet?
He called me earlier today.. Does that mean that he knew my dad? And traced him just to meet me?’

I had so many questions running through my mind.

Shawn eyes suddenly went to the TV and my dad who was serving, laughed out.
“Summer Dreame had never been Kim’s thing but this year’s different because her best friend is a housemate,” my dad said.

Shawn smiled. “Really? I’m actually a big fan.”

“Wow… That’s really cool,” my dad said.

Shawn turned to me and I inhaled.

“Kim, can I know which of the housemates is your best friend?” Shawn asked me.

I scoffed within and almost rolled my eyes. ‘He’s not trying to respect himself’

“It’s a guy tho,” my dad said to him.
“Dad can you let me answer that?” I snapped at my dad.

“I’m sorry dear, go on,” dad said.

I turned to Shawn and let out a smile.
He reciprocated.

“The only handsome guy in the mansion, Ivan. You should know him, who in Canada doesn’t know Ivan Lincoln?” I said.

Shawn smiled. “Of course I do. Ivan Lincoln, the most wealthy teen model in Canada. Who wouldn’t know him.”

I smiled.
“We’ve been best friends from kindergarten,” I said.

‘Of course Shawn knows this. He knows about Ivan and I but my dad doesn’t know about Shawn and I’

“Wow, that’s great… He’s not my favorite housemate tho. I like Chris and Grace more,” he said.

‘That’s your fvcking business, not mine!’

I smiled. “He’s my favorite housemate”

“Sure he should. He’s your best friend. You can’t leave him and like another person,” he said.

“Yes you are right.” I said.

“Wow, okay guys, let’s eat….” My dad said.

I picked my fork and dug it noisily into the rice angrily.


[Dreame Mansion]
(Fast forward)


Dinner went quite good. There was no much talk but I noticed something, Sam was all clingy on Ivan and kept carrying his book around.
Well that wasn’t my business so I had my dinner nicely.

Honey kept stealing glances at Alex and always answered every question he asked or chip in on most of the thing he says.

Chris and Claire had become friends already and they call their selves triple C together with Cruz.

And Cruz kept talking to me nicely and telling me jokes that made me laugh. He’s nice.

After taking my night bath, I dressed into a blue pajamas and wore a blue hair bonnet.
I left the closet room and returned to the bedroom where the four others were.

Claire and Honey had taken their bath.
Sam was on her bed, crossed legs and reading the novel.
Then She laughed out.
“Oh my this Gert is such a funny guy… What an interesting novel,” she said.

I walked to my bed.
May got off her bed and headed to the bathroom.

“Grace,” Claire called me.
“Yes Claire?” I answered.

“I don’t feel like sleeping yet. Do you mind strolling around, outside?” Claire asked me.

I smiled. “Sure”

She got up and I did too.

“Going downstairs?” Honey asked us.
“Yeah.” I answered.
“Can I join?” Honey asked.
“Sure” Claire said.

Honey got up too and we headed out.

Sam laughed out again.

We left the room and headed down the staircase.

“Can I just ask something. I think I can’t help it anymore,” Claire said.
“What’s that?” Honey asked her.
“Sam… What do you guys think about her?” Claire asked.

I waited for Honey to answer first.

“Well, I see nothing wrong about her,” Honey said. “What about you Grace?” Honey asked me.
“Me too,” I said.

‘Or is there something I see about her?’

“I think she’s so full of herself,” Claire said.
“Really?” Honey asked.
“Yeah. That’s just what I observed. I might not be right tho,” Claire said.

Honey smiled. “She’s a famous model so you shouldn’t be surprised.”
“I guess I shouldn’t,” Claire said and chuckled.

“Let me get a juice and glasses,” I said and went for it.
I took a juice and three glasses and returned to them.

We came outside.

“Let’s seat by the lounge garden,” Claire said.

We headed over to the lounge.
The lounge garden is a grass carpeted garden with beautiful pots of flowers with two large circled hammock chairs and three garden chairs and tables.

From the lounge, you can see the large jacuzzi bath by the right and then looking straight ahead, the swimming pool.

Claire was the first to climb into the first hammock chair then Honey and Grace joined her. The hammock was large enough for the three of us.
There are four pillows in the hammock, Claire took the purple, Honey took the yellow and I took the gray.

“Wow this is nice,” Honey said, smiling.
“Have your glasses,” I said giving them the glasses then poured drinks into them.

“Wow this is really nice,” Claire said with a smile.

I smiled too and took a sip from my glass of juice.

“The moon is so bright,” Honey said.
“The thousand stars are shinning brightly too,” Claire said.
“And the air is blissful,” I said.

We laughed.

[Star Castle resort, Hawaii]


“What…are you doing here?” I asked Shawn.

The dinner was over and my dad went to the kitchen to be back in a jiffy, so it was just Shawn and I at the living room.

“I had no idea he’s your dad Kim. We met at Grande Mall.. You know that I had no idea about your dad. You told me about your parents but you never his picture to me.” he said.

“So how did you end up in Hawaii and meeting no one else but my dad? Tch… How? You wanna deny that you didn’t found out who my dad is and stalk on him?” I asked.

“Kim, I can’t do that. I know I missed you so very much but I can’t stalk on you and your dad. And I’m here on my dad company’s one week vacation,” he said.

“Leave Shawn and never show yourself again not even to my dad,” I said.

He tried to take a step. “Kim, I…” but got interrupted by my dad’s presence.

“Sorry Shawn that I took quite a time. I had a little mishap over there.” my dad said.

Shawn smiled at it. “It’s okay sir. I hope it wasn’t anything serious ?”

“No not at all… I’ve taken care of that. I see that you both are really getting along good. That’s nice,” dad said.

I wanted to glare at my dad but held myself back.

Shawn turned to my dad. “Mr Brennan, Thanks for today. I had a great time tonight. Thank you so much.”

“It was a pleasure to have you Shawn. I hope there be a next time” dad said.


“I hope so too.” Shawn said and turned to me with a smile. “Thanks for tonight Kim. I had a wonderful dinner, all thanks to you and your dad.”

I faked out a smile. “It was nice having you”

“Then… Goodnight. I have to return to the camp now,” he said.

“Okay.. Good…night” I said.

A minute later, he walked out of the door with my dad and the door closed.

I shut my eyes as tears gathered in my eyes.

[Dreame Mansion]
(Time- 10:30pm)

“I’m so sleepy guys, I’m going inside,” Claire said and got down from the hammock chair. “You wanna stay a little more?” she asked Grace and Honey.

“Yes, just a little more,” Hobey said to Claire.

“Alright guys, goodnight,” Claire said.

“Goodnight girl,” Honey said.
“Goodnight Claire,” Grace said.

Claire headed inside.

“We still have an hour to be outside,” Honey said.
Grace smiled. “Yeah”

………. ………….

Claire walked into the girls bedroom and met Sam and May asleep.

She got on her own bed, took off her lav mic and Name card, dropped them on her bedside table, wore her sleeping mask and laid down.

She covered herself with the duvet.

………. ……………

“Grace, I have something to tell you,” Honey said.
“What’s that?” Grace asked.

Honey looked at her. “I have no idea how tomorrow morning is gonna be but if it comes my way, please don’t get annoyed about what I’m gonna do.”

Grace raised her brow. “What do you wanna do?”

Honey smiled.
“I can’t really tell you Grace.”

“Okay if you don’t want to.” Grace said and smiled.

“Should we go in?” Honey asked her.
“We can wait a little more,” Grace said and laid down on the hammock chair, placing her hair on the yellow pillow.

……….. ……….

At the boys room, Finn, Alex and Chris are asleep. Only Ivan and Cruz were awake.

Ivan was on another book, reading while Cruz just sat on his bed.

……….. …………..

At exactly, 11:00pm, Grace and Honey left outside back to inside.

Rules of Dreame mansion also includes that housemate shouldn’t stay outside by 11:30pm except on Saturdays.

Grace and Honey returned back to the living rooms and took their beds.

By 11:30pm.

Grace had gone asleep but Honey hadn’t.
She was just laying in her bed with eyes opened.

By 12am, the show ended for the day with a note of ‘GOODNIGHT’



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