June 30, 2022

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Summer Dreame Episode 12

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💫Summer DREAME💫
(💜Are You Eighteen?)

✅Rejoice Jeremiah. C.®

~WEEK 1 #Day 2⃣

(My Enemy and My Friend🎨)
[Dreame mansion]


Honey grabbed the doorknob and I breathed in.

In just a moment, I’ll be inside the HOM room!

I, Grace Blake inside Summer Dreame HOM room, really? Is this really a dream?
How did I make it this far already in just two days?
Grace how are you suddenly being so lucky?

Honey opened the door and went in with her suitcase.
I swallowed, dragged my suitcase and went in.

‘Wow! This is really a reality!’

I was live in the HOM room. I never thought I could get to be here.

This room was different than the general room. More spacious and more luxurious.
A queen sized bed, including a small suite corner with sofas and table. A door which leads to the bathroom and dressing room.

The room was a definition of beauty.

“We have to take our bath, you taking first?” Honey asked me.
“Oh…no, you take first,” I said.
“Okay,” she said and headed to the dressing room,I followed behind her to drop my suitcase.

We got there and met two mighty Wardrobes.
I went to mine and dropped my suitcase then opened it to take out my clothes for the day.

“Can you paint?” Honey asked me as she also was taking out her clothes.

“No, I can’t but it’s a relief that it’s gonna be a team work. I’m sure there will be someone who can paint in the team I fall into,” I said.

“Who do you wish to be in team with?” Honey asked me.
“You of course,” I said.

Honey smiled. “Won’t you ask me too?”
“If you wanna tell me,” I said.
“You,” she said.
“Oh… I hope we be in the same team,” I said.
“Me too” she said and zipped up her suitcase. “I’m going to bath.”
“Okay” I said. She headed to the bathroom.

I zipped my suitcase, dropped it inside the wardrobe and hung my wear for the day.

A green short sleeved gown that stopped below my butt and black leggings.

I returned to the room and began to go through the bookshelves.
There were only few books and magazines, I decided to look through the books and that was when I got to the Ex HOM photo book.

I took it out and began to flip through it.

I saw photos of Ex HOMs and their deputies from the first season with their names at the bottom.

I flipped until I got to Ryan Lincoln from the season 2.
He was the second HOM with a female deputy named, Valerie Cobb.

Oh Yes, I remember, their Showmance was really beautiful then. There were one of the most voted couples on the show then, I was also crazy about them but Valerie was disqualified that week.
She got a second strike and was disqualified. Then Ryan and four other housemates made it to the top five.

But that was where their relationship ended according to News and reporters. They didn’t date outside the Mansion.
Somehow I heard that they couldn’t because Valerie’s doesn’t come from a rich family.

This wealthy people and their world.

This made me think of Ivan Lincoln.
What if he ends up falling for me in the mansion and we gets separated after because we come from different world? The poor and the rich?

But just instantly, I got myself and scoffed.


Why would I even think of something so irritating as that?
Ivan and I, God forbid that!

I quickly flipped to the season 3 and smiled when I saw Halsey’s photo with her heartthrob Eric. They were the very first HOM of season 3. There were the sweetest couple and Still are.
It’s so sweet to see them on this book.
Halsey was such a beauty and Eric was so hotly gandsome just like…..

Ivan crossed my mind immediately.

What! Why would he cross my mind?
That ugly jerk.
Eric is way more handsome than him. Tch!

I flipped to the next page and smiled Frank and Gina. Another sweet couple but then I saw Zak and his deputy, Greg. I was crushing on the black American guy, Zak Kings. The younger brother of S Dreame host, Myles Kings. Zak was the 1st runner up of last year’s Summer Dreame.

He had this awesomeness around him and so damn handsome. I was so crushing on him then that I gave all my vote to him but not anymore.
He’s left my heart since I can’t see him talk more of getting him to be mine.

The photos were over and I stared at the next blank page and smiled.

So by next year, my photo will be in here, beside Honey’s.

I felt so happy.

Just then, Honey walked in fresh from bath.
She wore a black yoga tight with a big pink polo.
She was fixing her lav mic back.

I raised the book to her face. “I was going through the ex HOMs.”

“Wow, really. I want to read that too,” she said and took it from me.
I smiled. “I’m going to take my bath.”

I headed to the bathroom.

This bathroom was different from the general. With a shower and a bathtub as well and really more spacious.

I smiled and began to take my clothes off for a hot bath.

[Star Castle resort, Hawaii]


I thought taking a walk around the resort swimming pool this morning be a good wall between me and my thoughts about Shawn, but it turned out not to be of any help.

I still had thoughts, memories of him.. Of us.

I decided to leave the pool and return to our suite but just then, I heard my name being called behind me by the voice which I told never to show up again.


I sighed, halting then turned to see him standing a little distance from me.

“I told you not to show up in front of me ever again,” I said.

“I’m sorry Kim but please I need your help,” he said.

“My help? Are you out of your mind right now?” I asked him.

“I think I forgot a key at your suite yesterday and it’s the key to my lodge” he said.


“I didn’t sleep at my lodge last night. Please give me a chance to search for it in your suite. I’m sure it might be around the dinning,” he said.

“Tch! Why should I let you do that when I think you are being untruthful. You just wanna use your key as as good excuse,” I said.

“I’m not lying Kim. I’m really being truthful please, you can see that I’m still on the cloth I wore yesterday,” he said.

“I don’t know the clothe you wore yesterday,” I said.

“Okay but you really need to let me or better still help me look for it. I really need the key this morning,” he said.

“I can’t let you in, my dad isn’t around so you go back and wait until he returns in two hours time,” I said.

“No no Kim. I have a very important file in that room right now and it’s needed in the next thirty minutes,” he said.

I sighed, turned and headed to the suite. He followed behind me.
We got to our suite and I went in, he came in too.

“I give you only ten minutes” I said and headed to the lounge, sat on the couch, turned on the TV and began to watch Summer Dreame.

Honey won the HOM and chose Grace as her deputy.
At first, I disliked Grace but I think she’s cool.

I decided not to even glance back and see what Shawn was doing. I’m only going to give him ten minutes and he’s out of here.

But just then, I heard a sudden noise at the dinning.

I quickly looked over and that was the flower vessel on the dinning. It had fallen and broke into pieces.

I snapped up from the couch.

“What’s this!” I barked at Shawn.

“I’m really sorry a bout this. I promise I will fix this,” he said and immediately squatted down to start picking up the pieces.

I walked over. “No leave it and just leave. Your time us up.”

“No let me fix this first. I would also pay for the damage… Don’t worry about this,” he said.
“I said no!” I said and was about to slap his hand off the broken vessel, when I saw blood on his finger.

“You…you are hurt,” I said.

“It’s fine. I will take care of it,” he said.

“No just leave and take care of your hand. I will look for the key,” I said.

He smiled. “I found it already,” he said raising the key up with his other hand. “I found it right under this chair.” he pointed at the dinning chair.

“Good.. Then leave now,” I said.

“But I want to -” but I cut him off.
“No! Leave now please!” I said.

“It’s fine it’s fine.. I will,” he said and got up.. “but…the…”

I glared at him.

“Okay okay.. I’m leaving. Thanks for letting me in Kim,” he said and headed to the door.

He grabbed the door and was about to open it when my emotions took a strong hold of me and I asked him.
“You need a first aid?”

He left the doorknob and turned.
“I would appreciate that Kim,” he said.

I sighed. ‘What did you just do Kim?’

I left to get the first aid box from the kitchen. I got it and returned to Shawn who was sitting at the dinning.
I dropped the first aid box on the table. “I give you only five minutes,” I said and returned to the couch to continue the Reality TV show.

It was almost time for the Task to begin.

“Your best friend is cool but isn’t he a bit boring in the mansion?” Shawn suddenly said.

“If you are done, get out of here,” I fired at him without looking back.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Time up!” I said and got up.

I found out he was done.
I went to the door and opened it wide.
“Leave” I said.

He came down from the chair and came forward.

“Kim you have to listen to me please,” he said.

“Leave and never show yourself to me again.” I said.

“You’re not gonna listen to me?” he asked.

“There’s nothing for me to listen. Leave Shawn. I don’t wanna repeat myself again or I’ll call security,” I said.

“It’s fine. I’m leaving. I am,” he said and walked out of the door.

“Thank you Kim. I appr-” he was saying but I shut the door to his face, sighed out and leaned on the door.

“Ah this is crazy!”

“I can’t believe this!”

“Why’s this happening to me?”

“I’m going insane”


[Dreame Mansion | Game Hall]
(Time- 12pm)


All housemates had assembled at the game hall waiting for Big Daddy to instruct them. It was time for the first Task of summer Dreame season 5.


“yes big daddy,” Honey answered immediately.


“Yes big daddy,” Honey said and went to the box where ten folded papers are in.
She brought it out and returned back to where she stood.


Honey dropped the box on a table and she picked.
I inhaled, exhaled and picked one piece.

‘God please I want to be in Honey’s team’ I prayed as I picked one from the box.

I looked at Honey and she was unfolding hers.
I inhaled and was scared to open mine.

One thing I wouldn’t pray for is to be in Ivan’s team.

May took, followed by Finn, followed by Chris, followed by Claire, followed by Sam, then Cruz, Alex and lastly Ivan.

I looked at Honey again and she shrugged and glanced at my hand.
I decided to unfold mine.

There are only three teams named; Sunshine, Sunglow and Sunkiss. Sunshine is always the head team on the first week with four members, the other teams are only three members.

I’ve always liked the sunglow Team.

I unfolded mine and the team ‘SUNGLOW’ was boldly written on the paper.

I smiled happily. ‘Yes! I got it… Wow why I’m I being this lucky?’

I looked at Honey.
She smiled and said out. “Sunkiss”


Honey isn’t in my team…..😕

“Sun kiss?” Sam snapped at Honey and rushed over to Ivan. “Ivan what team are you?” she asked him.

Ivan raised the paper to her face and she frowned?
“Sunglow? Why aren’t you in sunkiss? I can’t believe I’m going to be in the same team with her,” Sam said, angry.

I sighed….
Honey and Sam are in the same team.

But then it hit me hard and I gasped!


‘Ahhhhhh I thought I prayed against this! How do I do now!! Why must Ivan be on the same team with me.. This is crazy!!!’

“What’s your team?” Honey asked me.
I turned to her with a pitiful eyes. “Sunglow…”

She smiled. “That’s nice”

‘What? It can never be nice!’

“Please Team Sunshine go over there,” Honey instructed. “Team Sunglow, over there and Sun kiss over here.. Let’s hurry up please.”

I sighed and bit my lips in bitterness!

‘I can’t be in the same team with Ivan.. How can I? Why must the devil always be on my neck all the time?’

Slowly and hesitantly, I headed over to sunglow team.
Ivan was already there with….Cruz…Cruz?

Cruz is in sunglow?

Oh…that’s relieving but Ivan, why must he!

Wait….I’m I the only female in the team?

I can’t believe I’m in the team with two guys, one is a friend and one is an enemy.

I’m in trouble…. How do I deal with Ivan’s closeness this time?

How can I be in the same team with my enemy?
Oh God….save me or I’m gonna loose it and I don’t want to so please God save me… Give me the grace to fight this battle.


The familiar ugly girl was walking towards.
Wait….let it not be that she’s in my team or is she?…and my question answered when she stopped in front of Cruz and I and then walked over and stood beside Cruz.

I scoffed within.

She is.

A guy would have been better.


I smiled as Grace walked over and stood beside me.
I felt so happy and excited.

I might not have gotten the HOM Post, but seeing Grace in my team, that is enough happiness for me.

I’m going to make sure I make her happy, get more closer to her and then ask her out.

I smiled happily and turned to her.
“Welcome to the team Grace,” I said to her.

“Thank you” she said with some kind of an anxious smile.

I smiled.


My happiness knew no bound immediately Alex walked over to my team.

My wish became reality.
It brought Alex to my team.

I smiled.

You know what? Wishes do come true. If you make it with a pure heart.

“Welcome to Team Sun kiss,” I said to him.
He smiled. “You too”


I looked at Claire and I felt butterflies.
Being with Claire in the mansion is the happiest moments of my life and I’m not going to mess with it.

My crush in her began from the very first day I saw her at the family friend’s wedding with her mom.

I found few things about her and my crush on her had never faded until my wish got granted.

I met her again in Dreame house, we become friends already and now we are in the same team.

Isn’t this a dream come true for me?

Yes it is..



“Let’s go,” Cruz said and rushed off to pick a canvas. I rushed off too.
I grabbed the palette and brush while Cruz quickly fixed the canvas to a stand.

I saw Ivan who just had his hands in the pocket.
I scoffed and continued to help Cruz fix the canvas.

“Apron, get an apron,” Cruz said to me.
I dropped the palette to go get it but getting there, there was none left.

My heart skipped.

I turned to tell Cruz but saw Ivan holding it but threw it at Cruz who began to put it on.

The relieve I felt was out of this world.

‘How would I have looked for an apron in just ten seconds?’

I returned back to my team and we stood before our Canvas.
I stood beside Cruz, not wanting to stand beside Ivan thus causing Cruz to be at the center between I and Ivan

The two other teams stood before their canvas and palette too.

I saw how Happy Honey was.

Our eyes met and she smiled at me. I smiled back.

Even if Ivan is in my team, it won’t stop me from being happy and smiling and fighting to get this crown.
This is why I’m here.

Thirty seconds clicked!


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