May 14, 2022

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Summer Dreame Episode 13

10 min read
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💫Summer DREAME💫
(💜Are You Eighteen?)

✅Rejoice Jeremiah. C.®

~WEEK 1 #Day 2⃣

(Task 1🎨)
[Dreame mansion]

(10mins gone)

Grace and Ivan stared at Cruz as he stared at the canvas and palette then he suddenly turned to them.

“I can’t paint,” Cruz said.
“Grace gasped. “Really? I thought you can”
Cruz shook his head. “I can’t” then he looked at Ivan. “Can you Ivan?”

“You can’t paint depends on what you are painting. What do you want to paint?” Ivan asked him.
“I don’t know. We have to figure that out,” Cruz said.
“But . I thought musicians has this special gift of knowing how to paint,” Grace said to Cruz..

Cruz smiled. “I can’t”
Grace sighed.

Team Sunshine were already painting with their lead painter, Chris. He was painting with confidence.

“Wow this is nice,” Claire said.
“You are really a great painter. I can’t believe it,” May said.
“This look great,” Finn followed suit.

Chris smiled and put more of his best.

Team Sun kiss were just starting with Alex being their painter.

“This is nice but….. I think this color doesn’t…. look okay,” Honey said to Alex.
“You are right Honey. I think green will match better,” Sam said.
“Really?” Alex asked.
Honey smiled. “Yes but I love the painting. Don’t change it.”

Back to Team Sunglow.
Their canvas was still blank without even a touch of brush on it.

“Time is running out. I think we should paint anything,” Grace said.
“What do you have in mind?” she asked Cruz.

“A big circle with seven colors of rainbow. It matches a summer message,” Cruz said.
Grace had no idea when she turned to Ivan “What do you think?” she asked him then she realized herself but it was too late.

Ivan made a -whatever- face to her and looked at Cruz. “Go on with it. It sounds okay.”
“That’s the point. I don’t know if I can paint it in an outstanding and unique way,” Cruz said.

Grace sighed.

Cruz looked at Grace and that made him decide to do it.
“Fine. I will try my best. I was pretty good with painting at middle school,” he said and faced the canvas.

“Try your best. I’m sure you will paint it great,” Grace said to him with an assuring smile.

Ivan scoffed within.

(40mins gone)

Team SunShine were almost done with theirs. Team Sun kiss are doing their best but Team Sunglow’s painting was….

“What are you painting?” Ivan finally asked Cruz after watching for long minutes.

“I told you what is it, am I not getting it right?” Cruz asked Ivan then Grace.

“You are, keep going. Time is almost up,” Grace urged Cruz who smiled and continued.

Ivan scoffed. “That’s nonsense”

Cruz looked at him. “Really? Is it that had?”

“Don’t you have eyes? You take a look at what you are painting,” Ivan said.

Grace walked in between them and turned to Cruz. “Cruz go in with the painting and don’t waste time talking with him.” then she turned to Ivan with a Stern, angered look. “What’s wrong with you? You just stand here and all you can do is discourage him, that isn’t what we need right now so just keep quiet. Time is up already. We don’t have time. If you knew so much about painting then why didn’t you pick the palette and brush?”

Ivan slide his hands into his pockets and scoffed.
“Right I can’t paint but I can tell a good painting and a bad one and this.” he glanced at Sunglow painting. “ a really bad one.”

Grace got so angered that she took out her hand. “Right then! Let’s bet it. I hate your bad eyesight.”

Ivan glanced at her hand then back to her face. “Bet with what?” he asked.

“That..that…if our painting gets 1st or second, You… You… Uhmmm…”

‘Wait….what do I bet?’ she thought, lost on what to say.

“I….uhm..” she stammered.

“I will be your slave for 48hours…” Ivan suddenly said, startling Grace who flinched back.

“huh?” she asked with raised brows.

“And….if you loose, you will be my slave for 48hours,” he said.

“Huh??” that startled Grace more. “Re…really?” she stuttered.

“Yap. So bet?” he asked.

‘What?’ Grace tried to think first. ‘What if she loose? How will she be his slave for 48hours?
No way! That can’t happen..
There’s no way I, Grace will become Ivan Lincoln’s slave for even a second!

I better decline now!

But on a second thought…
What if he loose??

Then he will be my slave for 48hours.
48 good Hours!

With him being my slave, I can get back at him for humiliating me and walking me out of a one in a lifetime interview two years ago.

Now, I’m imagining all the harsh things I’m gonna make him do!
It will be so much fun and revengeful.

Now thinking about it, I’m going to bet it.
There’s no way I’m going to loose this opportunity.
I know I’m not going to loose to him so he’s sure going to loose.

“Yes bet!” she said and waited for him to hit her hand in agreement but he just shrugged.

“Bet it is then.” he said without hiting her hand.

Grace scoffed and withdrew her hand.
‘Of course I know who he is. Proud jerk! He can’t hit my hand ’cause he think so high of himself…tch! What? I don’t even want him to hit my hand. Jerk’

Ivan faced the painting with a smirk on his face.
Grace faced the painting with a revengeful smirk on her own face.

“Can you please hold this for me Honey?” Alex said to Honey stretching the palette to her.

Honey smiled and quickly took it. “Sure”

Alex turned back to the painting.

“How is it?” he asked.

“It’s really nice. You have a good painting talent,” Honey said with a smile.

Alex smiled and waited for Sam’s compliment but when he heard nothing, he spoke.
“What about you Sam? What do you have to say?”

Sam who was busy staring at Ivan took her eyes off Ivan, looked at the painting and smiles. “It’s not bad painting.”

“Oh my…. I think we gave just five minutes left,” Honey said.
“Yes yes that’s right” Alex said.

“Wow, I’m amazed at your painting Chris. You are damn good dude,” Finn said to Chris.

“Really ? Let’s not compliment it yet until the judges do,” Chris said.

“You are really good,” Claire said to him.
He smiled at Claire. “Thank you”

“I’m almost done….” Cruz said.
“You have to hurry up… We have just three minutes left,x Grace urged Cruz.
“I know. I’m done already.. Just putting some finishing touches,” Cruz said.

Ivan scoffed.

Grace placed her hand on his shoulder and patted it. Cruz felt exciting sensation run through his spine immediately he felt Grace hand on his shoulder.

He halted what he was doing at that moment to savor the moment and the feeling.

“You can do it!” Grace said to him and withdrew her hand.

Cruz smiled and continued what he was doing more faster now.

The time keeper bell rang.
Time got up!


“It’s done right?” Grace asked Cruz.
“Yes it is. Don’t you worry. We won’t come last” he said.

Grace sighed. ‘Then which group will? Team Sunshine? Now way, Chris said he is a good painter…. What about Team Sun kiss? I don’t know but I think…..ahnnnn I don’t know. I don’t know but it can’t be us, it can’t.’

Cruz took the canvas to the judges table.

The judges table is a long table where tasks like painting are kept on for judging.
Actually, the judges are secret judges outside the dreame mansion.
They watch the Competition and pick out the positions and awards.
These judges are from companies that connect with the task giving. For example a painting company that is sponsoring the Paint tasks do the judge too. An embroidery company will judge the second task etc.
But sometimes, this judges are invited to the mansion to Judge cimpetitions live.

The three paintings lined up on the judges table.
No doubt, Chris painting was the most outstanding, different and unique.
But the other two were quite confusing.

Which one will have the second position?

Grace swallowed hard as they waited for Big Daddy to drop the bombshell.

She wished, prayed and pleaded that Sunglow’s painting should fall at least in the second position.

It usually take longer or shorter minutes, depending on the time the judges wasted or big daddy wasted.

Ivan was the first to go for a sit at Team Sunglow’s bench, then Cruz Joined him then Grace went over and sat beside Cruz.
It’s a four sitters bench.

Other teams went over to their own bench and they waited for Big Daddy.

Grace’s heart was beating fast while Ivan’s mind was relaxed.
He was sure Cruz painting was going to come last.

“Grace?” Cruz called Grace.
“Yes?” grace answered.

“Don’t you see it? Our painting look more different. Like a rare painting from a so deep imagination,” Cruz said.

Grace let out a nervous smile. “I think so”

Ivan scoffed.

Just then big Daddy’s voice came on, causing so many hearts to skip but it affected Grace and Cruz more.

Grace needs them to win so she could start her merciless revenge on Ivan while Cruz need a good position to impress Grace.


“wow….!” Few of the housemates exclaimed.


Grace placed her hand on her chest.
Her heart was about to explode with curiosity and fear.

‘God please don’t let it be us. I plead you’


Grace gasped.

Her heartbeat stopped.

She couldn’t breath.

She felt like collapsing.


Running away.

Sunglow team got third position!

It was then that Grace remembered that her wishes never come true.

She shouldn’t have wished at all.

She shouldn’t have brought up that bet.

She could have declined too.

Now, she’s going to become a slave to her enemy for 48hours.
Oh no…

What’s that devil’s face like right now?

She slowly turned to look at him and what she was expecting was exactly what she got.

A smirk smile from Ivan. A wicked one.

Oh her poor life… It’s going to be unbearable for her.

‘Oh my poor 48hours life journey’

But wait….which team got first position..


“Wooooooowwwwww!” Team sunshine jumped up with excitement.

Out of excitement, Chris and Claire hugged themselves before realizing what they did and quickly disengaged.

“..I’m sorry,” Chris said to her.
Claire smiled. “It’s fine… I’m so excited right now”
Chris smiled.

May and Finn did a high five.

Team Sun kiss painting got second position.

“You did well,” Honey said to Alex.
“We did,” Alex said.

They both smiled at each other.

Sam scoffed. ‘Its because of that girl that Team Sunglow lost. I want that girl out of this mansion soon!’

Ivan turned to Cruz who faced down in shame.
“I told you that was a nonsense,” Ivan said to him.

Cruz said nothing.

Ivan glanced at Grace who was trying hard to hide her face from him.

He smiled and returned his look at Cruz.

“Get over it dude,” Ivan said, got up and headed out.

‘He tried to impress her but ended up suppressing her’ Ivan scoffed. ‘Why would anyone even like such a girl? Tch I can’t believe it’

“Hey Cruz, are you alright?” Grace asked Cruz who didn’t look good at all.

“Yes…yes I’m fine…” Cruz said.

“But you don’t look like you are,” Grace said.

“Im fine, really”

“If its because of the first task. Then don’t even worry about it. We have lots of more tasks ahead which doesn’t have to do with painting.

‘Yes I know but when next are we gonna get a team competition again? I shouldn’t have messed up with this one’ Cruz said within.

“Yeah I’ve heard you. Thanks Grace,” he said to her.

Grace smiled.

“Hey Grace…” Honey called, walking over to Grace and Cruz.

Grace smiled at her. “Wow congrats Honey. Your team did well.”

“Thank you and yours didn’t look that bad either, ” Honey said.

Grace smiled.

“Oh…that’s right. We have a meeting now.. Everybody head to the living room now please!” Honey ordered.

“Let’s go,” Cruz said to Grace.
“Oh yea” Grace stood up and both headed out of the game hall.

“But you don’t look okay too. What’s wrong?” Cruz asked.

“Oh I thought you heard us,” Grace said.

“You…and..who?” Cruz asked.

“Ah don’t worry. I’m fine..” Grace said.

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