May 16, 2022

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Summer Dreame Episode 2

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💫Summer DREAME💫
(💜Are You Eighteen?)

✅Rejoice Jeremiah. C.®

(Never gonna be the LAST again✖)
[Dreame Mansion]


In a minute I was led into a beautiful large hall with few cushions and a photo studio at a corner.

My steps slowed when I saw nine teens all seated on the cushions with the dreame staffs addressing them.

It was then I realized that once again, I was the last person to arrive. I ended up being late again, not on an audition this time but on the job.

‘How funny my life can be…’

“Oh here she comes. Welcome Miss Grace Blake…please come and have a seat,” the really handsome Myles Kings addressing the housemates-to-be said to me.

Myles Kings is the show host and he’s one of the dreame staffs that I’ve longed to meet and I can’t believe I’m right in front of the handsome Summer dreame host.

I felt so happy.

I walked over to a couch which only one male housemate to be sat and that was when I saw the faces of the nine housemates to be.
They all looked super pretty and handsome.

But guess what!!

As shocking as it could be, the guy who I just sat next to, turned out to be no one else! I mean, of all the people in Canada… but…..Ivan Lincoln, the enemy I know!! 😲

But….how possible? what I’m I to do right now!😧

Our eyes locked and I looked away as fast as I could.
My heart skipped a hundred times.

‘How did this jerk end up here! It was then that I remembered that his brother, Ryan is an ex housemate from season 2…. Oh my God!! Grace this isn’t a good news! You can’t be in the same dreame mansion with a guy you hate so much… This is going to be hard for me.. How will I be able to face his annoying face each day? Oh God!! Why do devil always find a way to ruin things for me….why!’

‘But….wait, do he remember me? Of course not! Of course not…. It can’t be possible. I don’t even want him to… If I knew it was him, I wouldn’t have sat on this cushion. Now I’m regretting it. I really do.’

“Have this Grace,” Myles gave me a book. “It’s the Dreame Rules. You have to study it and let it store deep into your mind and memory.. Breaking these rules might cause you a strike and worse disqualification in the dreame mansion.”

I smiled at Myles Kings. “I already know every Dreame rules…but I’m still going to read this.”

He smiled at me.

I refused to look at the housemates-to-be so I don’t get to see their reactions, especially him, Ivan.

“Okay it’s time for a photoshoot. The housemates for this year’s summer dreame is to be revealed in three hours so please let’s go for a photoshoot” Myles said.

The first housemate to be to stand up was a girl.
She’s so beautiful, tall, ocean eyes and a long pretty brown hair.
She was on a short gray colored gown that revealed her smooth back.

The second person was a guy, dark but very handsome.
The third person was a girl, black american like myself with curly hair like myself too.
She’s so pretty too.

Seeing her made me want to be her friend already.
I couldn’t wait to know her name.

The fourth was a boy, cute.
The fifth was a boy too.. Damn this one is so cuteeeee! With a really charming eyes and perfectly curled brown hair.

The sixth was a girl… Wow, she’s so cute with short blonde hair.
The seventh was a girl too…..wait, can someone be this beautiful?
This girl looked like an angel! She’s sooo beautiful with the most beautiful ocean eyes I’ve ever seen.
I couldn’t wait to know her name.

The eighth person was a boy. Tall and good looking too.

I can say every housemate to be have their own best good look.
They all looked cute and I couldn’t wait to live in the same dreame mansion with them.
It would have been the most exciting dream fulfilment for me but one person is about to spoil it all for me.

What….? But I’m I gonna let him?

My answer that that question is No!
In no way would I let him cut my happiness short…
I’m not gonna let him.

He was the ninth person to stand up and to be truthful, this guy is not even that handsome like I thought. With his ugly hair 🙄
Tch! I hate him.

I was the last to get up…

Wait….I’m I always being the last?

No way, not anymore! I’m never gonna be the last again

I walked over to the studio.

“Girls by the right and boys by the left please,” Host Myles said. “Cameraman please take a shoot”

The boys lined up by the left and we, the girls lined up by the right and guess what??

The first girl on the line (at the centre) turned out to be me and the guess what again???

The boy next to me turned out to be no one else but the same Ivan Lincoln!!

I felt discomfort. I wanted to get off that position.
I could feel every of his cologne.

‘How did I even end up being in the center?? And of all the the places, why must he and up standing next to me?

“Alright ready…Three, Two, one, shoot!” the camera man said and took the shot.

I wonder how my face was when that photo was taken.

I quickly left the line..
This time I was the FIRST to leave the line and not the last.
Lol! It’s not funny tho.

“Personal shots please, let’s start with the girls first, one after the other…” Myles said but he haven’t even finished talking and I was already positioned at the stage.

Okay…. I told you I wasn’t going to be the last again.
This is just the starting.


Why do this girl look kinda familiar to me?
She looks like a girl from the slum and I’m not supposed to know any girl from the slum.

But this one, look a bit familiar like I’ve met her before, somewhere.

She widened her mouth in a bit to put up her best smile for a photo but the yuck! The smile look so lame and stupid.

She’s ugly.

I can’t know such ugly girl from anywhere..


[Star Castle resort, Hawaii]


“Hey baby girl… There’s a funny and exciting show happening outside, you gotta see it,” my dad said, walking into the sitting room.

“Uhm not yet dad. I don’t wanna leave this TV. The show is just thirty minutes to begin. I gotta be the first person to see Ivan’s face in the show, I don’t wanna miss that,” I said and dropped a popcorn into mouth.

“You were never a fan of this show,” dad said, sitting beside me and taking from my popcorn pack.

“For Ivan, I’m gonna try to be,” I said with a smile.
Dad looked at me. “Really? So you are gonna spend your three weeks vacation watching Summer Dreame?”

I chuckled. “Of course not dad. I’m just gonna be watching it sometimes maybe in the morning and sometimes night,” I said.

Dad shrugged. “Alright… I’m going downstairs to watch the show happening downstairs. You can watch yours then..”

“Okay dad.. Take a video and show me after,” I said.

“Sure dear” dad said and left.

I smiled and turned to the TV.

‘I can’t wait to see Ivan on the dreame mansion.

I tapped on my phone and went through the housemates pictures release, two hours and 30 minutes ago.

I smiled. “He’s sure the most handsome guy in the house”

I logged into my Instagram and uploaded Ivan’s picture with a love ❤ sticker.

Then I hash tag captioned it. ‘#Team_Ivan❤ #we_rock #SummerDreame 💫’

In a minute, it got 200 reactions and 70 comments.

#Kim.b fan: When I saw Ivan as a Summer D housemate, I thought you were gonna be the next on the page… Sadly, you weren’t.. Why aren’t you there..😭😭

#Pri jaremy: Three weeks away from each other. That won’t be healthy for your bestieship.. Anyway, I love you both. Enjoy your summer in Hawaii. I love you Kim❤❤

#Dani.b: I’ve been his fan since day one..#ivie

#zanib zak: Ivan, Ivies are right here for you….😊😊

I smiled…

[The Manuel’s residence]


My twin sister Vie and I have been on the TV, waiting for the moment when the reality show will kick off and we will see Grace walk into the dreame mansion, beautifully and happily.

It was just ten minutes left.

The show usually begins with the housemates arriving the dreame mansion interior one after the other.

“Grace is so lucky, she’s going to be in the same house with Ivan Lincoln, wow,” Vie said.

“What’s the big deal about that?” I asked.

She smiled at me. “It’s not a big deal but a big luck. Do you have an idea who Ivan Lincoln is?”

“Does he have two heads or maybe four?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes.

“I can’t believe that you let her go to Summer Dreame without telling her that you love her. Do you know how risky that is?” Vie said.

“I thought I could but I couldn’t… I feel so horrible,” I said and stood up.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“A glass of water,” I said and headed to the fridge.
“Get me one too please, thank you,” she said.

“You let her go to dreame where five boys are gonna be in the same house with her for three weeks! And you know how this reality show ends… You don’t wanna loose Grace to someone else Adam, do you?”

“Of course not. But what can I do now? It’s too late. She’s not here right now and won’t be here or the next 20 days,” I said as I poured myself and Vie a glass of water.

“Sadly, it’s the truth. She’s not here and have no idea about your feelings for her for years now.. I can’t believe you,” Vie said.

I returned to her. “Hey Vie, that’s okay… I’m gonna let her know about my feelings for her when she returns,” I said giving her the glass of water which she took.

“Are you even listening to yourself? There’s every possibility that Grace is gonna get a boyfriend in that dreame…” she said.

“It’s just showmances.. It ends immediately they leave the mansion” I said.

“What about Eric and Halsey from season 3? Frank and Gina from season 1? They are still together remember,” she said.

“Come on Vie, you are not helping me right now so just shut up and let’s cheer Grace up and support her. She needs our support,” I said and faced the Television.

It was just two minutes left.

I inhaled…

🎯To be continued 🎯


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