June 29, 2022

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Summer Dreame Episode 4

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💫Summer DREAME💫
(💜Are You Eighteen?)

✅Rejoice Jeremiah. C.®


(From Strangers to friends👭)
[Dreame Mansion]

🖋Writer’s pov🖋

The girls walked into the girl’s room and Grace felt so happy to be there.

The room she’s been watching and admiring on the TV for four years, she’s finally in there and her bed is there by the right after Claire’s.

The bed is a comfy bed, with yellow bedspreads, purple duvet and purple and yellow pillowcases.
There’s a door by the right after the entrance door which leads to the closet/dressing room and then the bathroom .

Claire headed to the closet room, Sam followed behind her and then Grace followed.

The wall clock at the corridor time said 7:50pm

Grace got to her closet which is after Claire’s.
A closet painted with purple color.

Grace opened her closet and it was as clean as it should be. Then she opened her suitcase, took out her wear for the night which is a flowery joggers and a yellow singlet.

At the bathroom, there’s always an underwear case where housemates can store up their undies they don’t want the camera to caption it by mistake while they are taking it from their suitcase.
Also there are two private sides at the large laundry room built with a half blurry cubicle meant for washing undies one for males and one for females, the viewers can’t see what a housemate is washing or spreading at the hanger from that side of the laundry room but other housemates can see it only if he or she goes into the cubicle.

Grace picked out her undies bag, my toiletries bag, ornaments and creams and towel. Then she took out her cute purple and yellow slippers also given by dreame.

She removed her block heels, dropped them into the closet and wore the slide slippers with ‘Adidas Dreame’ customized at the top which explains that the footwear is sponsored by Adidas.

It looks so cute on her feet.

She closed up her suitcase, dropped it inside the closet and shut the closet.
Then she carried her nightwear, undies bag, toiletries bag, creams and towel and headed to the ladies bathroom.
Actually, she was fast enough to be the first to go into the bathroom to have a night bath.

Bathroom sessions are only twenty minutes for each housemate.
There is a wall clock inside the bathroom and walking into the bathroom.
She glanced at the clock.


First she dropped her undies, nightwear and creams in the second case which is hers and then proceeded to the sink to brush my teeth.

……….. …………..

The boys are just as unique as the girls room but with a boy taste furnishing.
The beds are white bedspreads, purple duvets and white pillow cases.

Ivan sat on his bed and crossed his legs.

Alex and Finn wasn’t in the room. Alex had left to the bathroom to take his bath and Finn was still at the closet room.

Cruz laid on his bed and just then, he began singing ‘God’s plan by Drake’

His voice caused Chris to look at him.

“Wow, that’s some really good voice dude,” Chris said.
Cruz smiled at Chris. “Thanks man.”
“You gotta be a singer,” Chris said.

Alex walked in, freshened up.

“I got some demo,” Cruz said.

Alex walked to his bed and laid down on his bed.

“Oh.. that’s cool. I would like to listen to your songs someday, you got the voice” Chris said.
“Thank you man” Cruz said.
“Who’s your mentor, your role model?” Chris asked.
“Drake. I love him,” Cruz said.

“He’s really cool. He’s one of my favorite artiste but I don’t know how to sing. I just listen to music,” Chris said.
Cruz chuckled. “Do you wanna learn then?”
“Nay. I’m good with just listening,” Chris said.

Ivan laid down, faced up and crossed his legs.

“What’s your talent?” Cruz asked Chris.
“I have three talents, painting, swimming and listening to music,” Chris said.

Cruz laughed, including Alex who laughed and sat up.

“Is listening to music also a talent?” Alex asked Chris.
“I’m wondering too,” Cruz said.

Chris chuckled. “Sure. It should. It’s no more a hobby to me but a talent.. I’m damn good at listening to music. I listen to music like every morning, afternoon, night, midnight…all the time” Chris said.

“Wow I thought I was addicted but then there’s you,” Cruz said.
“But you aren’t with your music here, are you gonna survive it?” Alex asked Chris.

“I might not dude, but I got Cruz right here,” Chris said looked at Cruz “Hey Chris you can’t let me die here, right?”

“You wanna make me your audiomack?” Cruz asked him.
“If possible. You’ve got the talent,” Chris said.

………… ……………

Grace returned, looking freshened up. She had packed up her curly hair into a bond.
She walked to her bed and sat down, Claire was close to the door so she was gone before any other housemate could get up from the bed.

Honey yawned, then got out of her bed and was about to walk pass Grace bed and Grace called her.

“Honey, are you going to the kitchen?” Grace asked her.
“Yeah, I’m hungry,” Honey said.

Grace got down from her bed and slid her feet into her slippers. “Let’s go together. I’m thirsty.”

“Okay” Honey said and both girls headed out, they walked through the corridor leading to the kitchen.

“Are you only thirsty?” Honey asked.
“A bit hungry too,” Grace said.
“I’m hungry..” Honey said.

They got to the beautifully equipped kitchen and Honey opened the Fridge.
She took out a tin of milk and chocolate while Grace grabbed a bottle of water and glass cup.
Grace poured the water into the glass and drank while Honey added spoons of milk and chocolate to her tea cup, then walked to the electric kettle to put heart up some water.

“Do you want a cup of tea too?” Honey asked Grace.
“Yes, I will make myself one,” Grace said.
“Then I will heat up enough water for the both of us.” Honey said.
“Thank you Honey,” Grace said.

I felt so happy conversing with Honey, my already favorite housemate and she’s so nice, heating up water for me.

I wanted our conversation to continue, so I decided to bring up a topic.

“I like your name,” I said.
She smiled. “Thank you and I know what you are gonna ask me next.”
“Really?” I asked.
“Yes, if it’s my real name,” she said.
“Wow…how did you know that?” I asked, excited on how smart she is.
“Ninety percent of strangers who tells me that they like my name always end up asking if it’s my real Mame,” she said.
“Wow…now I get it….and I guess it’s your real Mame,” I said.
“Yes it is.” she said.
“Wow.. It’s lovely,” I said.
“Thanks. Yours too,” she said and turned to the kettle. “Oh the water has heated up, you can bring your cup of tea.”

“Okay,” I said and brought my cup of tea. She poured into her cup and gave me to pour into mine and I did.

“Are you taking it with bread?” she asked.
“Yes, two slices,” I said and went to the fridge “What about you?”
“Yes three slice,” she said.

I brought out the bread and dropped it on the breakfast bar with only three chairs. Honey already sat on one and was sipping her tea.
I took out two slices and gave her to take.
“Thank you,” she said and took three slices.
“I love to take tea at night, by this time. It’s become a habit. I can’t sleep without drinking tea,” Honey said.
“Really? It’s like your everyday dinner?” I asked.
“No not really, at times I eat other meals at night but I make sure I drink tea even if it’s the smallest drop,” she said.
“Wow… That’s nice,” I said.

‘Maybe I would try to get addicted to tea at nights too’

“Actually my dad loves taking tea a lot and that was how I got addicted.. He’s stopped his but I can’t just atop mine,” Honey said.

I smiled. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”
“Yeah sure,” she said.

We heard a footstep coming into the kitchen and on looking over, we saw Sam walk in.
She haven’t had her bath as well.

She walked to the fridge and took out a bottle of water and glass, poured herself a glass, drank and left.

“Oh I have to hurry up with his tea and go have my bath,” Honey said and focused on her tea but then the next person to walk into the kitchen were three guys, Chris, Cruz and Alex.

“Wow the girls are here already,” Cruz said.
Alex went for the fridge. “Let’s have tea guys”
Sounds cool,” Chris said.

I saw Honey’s eyes on Alex and just then, Cruz joined us at the breakfast bar, occupying the third chair.

“Hi girls. You too look like sisters.. There’s a few resemblance, the color, the hair and the eyes,” he said.

Honey chuckled. “Really”

‘I felt excited to hear that. Honey and I look like sisters. The only girl I’ve known as my sister and best friend is Vie..’

Honey finished her tea and walked over to the sink.
I finished mine too and walked over to the sink.
We washed the cups and returned them to the fridge and left the kitchen together.

We headed to the bedroom.

“Grace,” Honey called me.
“Yes?” I answered.
“Who among the three guys do you think is more cool?” she asked.

‘What? Why’s she asking me that?’

“Well…I think they are all cool. I can’t figure the coolest out now” I said.
“Same here,” she said.

‘really? When I saw you staring at Alex’

……. ………

🖋Writer’s pov🖋

At the boys room, Finn was the only housemate in the room, and fast asleep.
But then Ivan walked in from the closet door, fresh up from bath.
His dried hair fell lovingly across his face and he pushed them back.
He held a black sleeping mask.

He was on a gray hosiery shorts, white polo shirt and white socks on his feet. He was also wearing the Adidas Dreame slide slippers.
He walked stylishly to his bed and sat down, slide out his feet from his slippers and laid on his bed.

I laid on my bed and I wondered what Kim must be doing right now.
Probably sleeping or watching me on the TV?

She’s never a fan of Summer Dreame.

I hope she’s having fun at Hawaii.
I can’t wait to hear her voice’

I wore my sleeping mask and closed my eyes to sleep.

…………. …………….. …….

At the girls room, Grace laid on her bed, Claire, Honey and May but Sam’s bed was empty. She went to have her bath.

The time was 10:25pm.

May was asleep with her blue coloured sleeping mask over her eyes.

“I’m going to sleep. Goodnight Grace, Goodnight Claire, Honey said to Grace and Claire.

“Goodnight Honey,” Grace said to her.
“Goodnight Honey,” Claire said too.

Honey removed her lav mic, her Name Card, dropped them at her bedside table and then covered herself with her duvet and wore her purple sleeping mask.

Claire turned to Grace. “I’m going to sleep too, goodnight.”
Grace smiled. “Goodnight”

Claire also took off her mic and Name card then covered herself well with the duvet but didn’t wear a sleeping mask.

Now it was just Grace who wasn’t feeling sleepy and Maybe Sam if she comes in.

Just then, Sam walked in, fresh up from bath.
She wore a red ladies hosiery short, a white crop top hoodie and on her feet are her Adidas Dreame slide slippers.
Her wavy hair was packed into a ponytail and she held her white sleeping mask.

She walked to her bed, sat down, took off her mic and her Name Card and then laid down, covering herself with her duvet and wore her sleeping mask.

Grace decided to try and sleep too.
She took off her mic , her Name card and covered herself with her duvet but there was no Sleeping mask to wear.

She was relieved that she isn’t the only housemate who had no sleeping mask to wear tonight.

(Sorry readers, I made a mistake.. Summer Dreams isn’t a 24hours Reality Show. It begins from 5am to 12am but only 24hours on Saturdays . Please note that)


[Star Castle resort, Hawaii]


I smiled as Ivan was shown again, sleeping.
All the housemates had returned to their bed.
They are all sleeping but here I am, still wake, smiling each time Ivan is captured.

He’s the most handsome in the house.
The cameras kept showing him all the time more than the rest of the housemates….

but there is this girl that the camera also focused more on, Grace.

I don’t even like her.
Sam is better, she’s like me, beautiful, classic with a good sense of fashion. Though I’m better.

“Kimberly,” I heard my dad call. I turned and saw him by the corridor door.

“Yes dad,” I answered.

“It’s 11pm dear. The show is almost over for the day. You should turn off the TV.

“I will dad but I wanna do a live video before that…Goodnight dad,” I said.

“Goodnight dear,” he said and went back in.

I smiled and grabbed my laptop.

I clicked on my YouTube Channel and turned on a live video.

I smiled to the screen.

“Hello my lovely fans.. You guys are soooooo lovely… I know lots and lots of you are pretty upset with me for not being in Summer Dreame show with Ivan so I’m gonna tell you something cute…

The cute thing I wanna say is that….I love you all…. Hahaha…..

I know you wanted to hear something more…but I can’t just stop saying it. You guys are my strength. I’m sooo lucky to have you all..”

Comments were coming in bunch.

#Tina Keaton: You are so beautiful even at midnight😍… I love you Kim.

#Aisha Comb: You have the prettiest smile ever. I’m giving Ivan all my votes for you. ❤❤❤

#Kim.b Fan: I will never stop loving you too❤❤

I smiled.

“Thank you guys… I’m still on the TV watching Summer Dreame and woah…. All the housemates are soo cute but Ivan is exceptionally cute, who agrees with me?
Hahahha….. Don’t forget to be an Ivie for Ivan… Alright guys, I gotta go. Love you all….”

The ended the live video with a smile.


[The Blake’s residence]

🖋Writer’s pov🖋

Mrs Blake was focused on the TV, smiling at her daughter, Grace who was asleep.

“She’s so cute…just like me,” she said with an exciting smile and then sipped from her glass of juice.

The camera switched over to the boys room showing the five boys sleeping.

“This boy, Ivan is so handsome… I hope he and Grace become good friends in the mansion and even more,” she said.

“Stop imagining such thing,” Mr Blake suddenly said coming out from their bedroom.

“What do you mean by that honey?” Mrs Blake asked.

“Ivan Lincoln is the son of Brown Lincoln.” he said.

“I know that…so?” Mrs Blake said.

“Grace is there to win a prize and not to become more than friends with a wealthy man’s son. You don’t expect that to work, do you?”

“Don’t talk like you know the future. I am already seeing them together,” she said.

“I know. That’s so like you.. Just twenty minutes more to end the show for the day, you can choose not to sleep, I’m going back to bed,” he said and walked back into the room.

“Yes, you can go to sleep, I’m not going to sleep until the TV screen shows. ‘GOODNIGHT’



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