June 29, 2022

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Summer Dreame Episode 6

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💫Summer DREAME💫
(💜Are You Eighteen?)

✅Rejoice Jeremiah. C.®

~WEEK 1 #Day 1

(The HOM Nomination♦)
(Time- 8:30 am)

Claire, Grace, Honey, Cruz and Chris were at the kitchen.
Claire was the main cook while Honey and Grace were cutting the vegetables.
Cruz and Chris decided to do the dishes.

Since there’s no team yet, housemates can do any work of their choice but immediately the HOM post is given, Big Daddy would tell the HOM to make a three team election.
Once that is done, the HOM will read to each team what chores big daddy had given them to do each day.

Alex and May were at the living room but May got up and headed to towards the female room.

“Have a taste,” Claire said to Honey.
Honey took a spoon and tasted the almost done pasta.
“Yummy, You are really a good good cook Claire,” Honey said to Claire who smiled.
“Thank you.”

“What’s the secret?” Honey asked her.
“My mom is a chef,” Claire said.

Chris turned to Honey. “Her mom is Mrs Regina Hunter, the owner of Chicken Descendant. You should know it. It’s a well known Eatery franchise.”

Honey gasped. “Really? Wow! Who doesn’t know Chicken Descendant. It’s one of the top five restaurants in this country.”

Grace smiled at Claire. “So you got the good chef from your mom.’
Claire smiled at Grace. “Yes but I can’t say I’m as good as my mom.”
“You are good enough,” Grace said and they laughed.

Chris returned back to Cruz.

“How do you know her, Claire?” Cruz asked Chris.
“I saw her with her mom at a family friend’s wedding five years ago,” Chris said.
“Really? And you remembered that she’s the same girl from five years ago?” Cruz asked him.
“Sure” he said and took five plates to the counter.
“Ready,” he said to Claire, fixing his gaze at her.
“Okay,” she said and began dishing the pasta into the plates.

((Viewers, did you just notice something?))

Cruz came with the rest of the five dishes and lined it up with the rest.

Alex came to the kitchen.
“Wow I guess breakfast is ready,” he said.

Honey turned to him with a smile.
“Yes, have yours,” she said and gave him a plate of pasta.
“Thanks Honey,” he said with a smile.
“You’re welcome,” she smiled back.

Alex took a juice from the fridge and went to the dinning table.
Cruz was next to go to the dinning, then Chris.

May and Sam returned. They took their plates and went to the dinning.

Chris and Cruz sat next to each other. May and Sam sat opposite them. May sat beside Alex.

“I don’t really enjoy pasta but I think this looks yummy,” Sam said to May.

Chris gave Cruz a funny glance which Sam and May didn’t see.

“Yes it does… What’s your favorite?” May asked Sam.
“Pancakes and Casserole” Sam replied.
“I love Casserole but don’t like Pancakes that much,” May said.
“I can eat pancakes all day,” Sam said and chuckled.

……….. …………

At the boys room, a round table with three tables are at a corner of the big room.

Ivan sat on of the chairs and was going through a Summer magazine on the table.
But the dropped the magazine, got up and left the room. At that same moment, Finn came out from the bathroom to the bedroom.

He found the room empty and left to the living room.

…………… ………..

Ivan walked in to Grace, Honey, Claire, Alex, Sam, May, Chris and Cruz eating at the dinning table.

Grace saw him and faced her food.

“Your breakfast is over there at the counter,” Claire said to him.
Finn also walked in.
“Yours too Finn” Claire said.

Ivan went to the kitchen and took one or the two dish on the counter, he grabbed a juice from the fridge and came to the dinning and sat between Alex and the last empty chair.
Finn came and sat on the last chair.

Since the dinning table was wide and long enough to contain up to six more chairs, therefore each space between two seats were wide enough.

Each housemate ate quietly.

[Star Castle resort, Hawaii]


I was watching Summer Dreame when I got a call.

A call from an unsaved number.

“Who’s this?”

Since the call was on my private phone number, I decided to pick it.

📱”Hello who’s this please?” I asked.

The caller was silent but when I wanted to repeat my question, that voice that I was almost forgetting about spoke.

📱”I miss you Kim” Shawn said.

📱”Don’t ever call me!” I said, hung up and dropped my phone.

“Why the hell did he call me. It was over between us three months ago!” I snapped out in anger.

I had almost forgotten about him, about every minute I had with him…

Why did he had to call me?

Memories immediately returned. I tried so much for them not to return but they did.

I felt tears gather in my eyes.
I grabbed my phone, dialed Ivan’s number and called

Switched off.
That was when I recalled that he is on the TV and far away from my reach.

I bursted into tears and watched on the TV screen as Ivan got up from the dinning and walked to the kitchen.

Ivan who never touches a kitchen soap, was at the sink, watching the dish he ate with.

That made me chuckle.

‘I guess this is one of the reasons his dad wanted him to be in the dreame manaion’

The door made a sound. I knew it was my dad so I wiped my tears and sat well on the couch.

The door opened and my dad walked in.

“Hey dear,” my dad said, he looked so excited with the shopping bags he held.

My dad went out to get some things at a nearby mall. He told me to go with him but I declined.
I wanted to watch summer Dreame.

“Welcome dad. Hope you got me something?” I asked.
“Yes I did of course…” he said and came over. “Here” he stretched a bag to me. I took it.

“Wow what is this?” I looked into the bag and smiled.

A designer shoes.

“Thanks dad,” I said.
“We are going to a bigger shopping tomorrow and no excuse, you are going with me,” dad said.

I smiled. “Sure dad”

I took out the water heels and wore it. “Wow, it fit so perfect on my feet. I love it dad,” I said.

“I know you will.”

“Sure I do.”

“What happened to your eyes?” he asked.

“What?” I asked pretentiously.

“Your eyes look red. Did you get hurt?” he asked.

“Actually dust got in my eyes but its cleared now,” I lied.

“Are you sure. You should go see a doctor,” he said.

“No dad, I’m fine.. It’s gone and my eyes will be cleared in no time.” I said.

“Okay dear…uhm I met someone whom you two might become friends,” dad said.
“Someone? A female?” I asked.
“No, a male.. I invited him over and he will be coming for a dinner with us tonight,”
“Dad… You Know I don’t need any make friend, I have Ivan.” I said.
“But you don’t have Ivan here in Hawaii. He’s over there in the TV screen. You have to make friends dear,” dad said.

I sighed.
“How’s the someone?” I asked.
“He’s handsome, you will like him,” dad said and sat down beside me.

“Yes” he said with a smile.

I glanced and phone and looked away.

[Dreame mansion, Canada]
▶▶Fast forward▶▶

(@ Living room| Time- 11am)

“Jennie was so immature, Alec couldn’t bear her immaturity. She’s always telling her friends every single thing that happens between she and Alec.. What the hell? She’s at fault.. She gave room for Molly..” Chris said to Claire who shook her head.

“No way.. Jennie was the sweet soft hearted girl. She was the emotional type who loved Alec so much and ran to her best friends each time for them to help her out in reconciling with Alec. Alec was always picking at her at every single thing. He knew her condition. How could he hurt her that much… She loved him with all her heart. She was never at fault. You are supporting Alex because he’s a guy like you are,” Claire threw at Chris.

Grace and Honey smiled.

“And you are siding with Jennie because she’s a girl.. Come on, look at it at the right way and see that Jennie lost Alec because she was too immature and uses her illness as an excuse every time. Like seriously she wanted every single person to defend her because she’s diagnosed with cancer.”

“You can’t say that about someone who’s with cancer. It’s so wrong. She was only trying to get off from loneliness and fear of death. Alec shouldn’t have left her even for a day because of whatever.” Claire said.

Chris and Cruz were arguing about a movie titled ‘Jennie’s Love Song’

Honey was the housemate who brought up the movie, Cruz said he hadn’t watched it.
Grace said she had and it’s interesting.

But then Chris mentioned that it was all Jennie’s fault that Alec broke up with her before coming back again to beg her but she was already dying.

Claire flared up at him, defending Jennie with all she had got.

The five housemates were at the living room while the other five were at the bedrooms.

All housemates had taken their bath.
Grace was putting on a yellow short sleeve blouse, a black jean bum short and packed up her hair with a red bold hair band.
Honey wore a white short sleeve shirt-dress which stopped at her thighs.
Claire wore a black leggings with a pink long blouse that stopped below her butts.
Chris wore a red trouser and white shirt.
Cruz wore a black polo and white shorts.

“Yeah I know but Jennie should have been less timid. She was just too afraid of everything. She was afraid of her illness, afraid of loneliness, afraid of Alec, afraid of of her words, every single thing. I just think that if she was confident enough, she would have survived a little longer,” Chris said.

Claire looked at Grace and Honey and asked. “Are you agreeing with him?”

Grace shook her head. “I don’t agree with you Chris because Alec knew he was wrong and he came back to her and she forgive him. Jennie is someone who never deserve to die.”
“I agree with Grace,” Honey said.

Chris looked at Cruz and Cruz shrugged.
“I think you should stop arguing now. They won you,” Cruz told him.
“Yeah I think so,” Chris said.

Claire smiled and crossed her leg.

Finn walked into the living room and joined Claire at the couch.

Chris gave Finn a kinda gaze before taking his eyes off.

…………………. ………………….

Just like in the boys room, there is also a round table with three chairs at a corner of the girls room.

May was sitting on one of the chair and munching on a chocolate biscuit she got from the fridge.

She was a green singlet gown that stopped just before her thighs. Her hair packed in a bun.

Sam laid on her bed but then, she sat up and got off her bed and headed to the table.

She was on a yellow yoga shorts and a matching yellow crop top hoodie.
She packed up her wavy hair in a ponytail.

She got to the table and sat next to May.

“You want some?” May asked raising the biscuit pack to Sam.
“Sure, thanks” Sam said and took a piece from the pack.
“Do you always bun your hair?” Sam asked May and took a bite from the biscuit.
“I like it but I do leave it unpacked some time,” May said. “I guess you like ponytail.”

Sam smiled. “Sure I do though I know letting it fall to my shoulders fit more.”
“Yes it does but ponytail doesn’t look bad either,” May said.

Sam smiled and ate another bite and then looked at May and asked. “What do you think about the HOM nomination?”

May shrugged. “Nothing. It’s Big Dad’s decision”

“The decision look quite unfair.. Nominating a housemate only because she kept back a fallen duvet. Big Dad should have used his usual question method. I prepared so much for it,” Sam said.

“Everyone did. Big Dad is just full of surprises,” May said.

Sam took a bite from her biscuit, she didn’t look pleased but May looked like she didn’t mind.

Sam crossed her legs and balanced more on the chair.


Sam and May stood up and began to leave the bedroom.


At the boys room, Alex and Ivan got up from their bed and began to leave the room.

Alex, Sam and May were first to arrive the living room and lastly, Ivan.

Grace saw Ivan and faced away.
Ivan eyes went to her first then he headed for a couch.

He sat on the blue couch with Finn. Sam and May sat with Chris and Cruz.

Grace tried hard not to make eye contacts with Ivan while Cruz couldn’t stop looking at Grace.
Chris kept giving glances at Claire.
Sam kept glancing at Ivan.
Honey couldn’t help not glancing at Alex.



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