May 14, 2022

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Summer Dreame Episode 7

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💫Summer DREAME💫
(💜Are You Eighteen?)

✅Rejoice Jeremiah. C.®

~WEEK 1 #Day 1

(Introduction👐 and Hamburger🌭)
[Dreame mansion| Time: 11:20am]


Big Daddy said then everywhere became quiet, each housemates glanced at each other, waiting for who would get up first and introduce himself or herself.

‘This is an opportunity for me to be the first again’ thought Grace as she immediately stood up before Chris could and she walked to the front of the housemates, in her bum short and yellow top.

She tried her best not to glance at Ivan.

“Hello fellow housemates, my name is Grace Blake. A final student of Willards High school…” Grace heard a chuckle from her a fellow housemate.

That scoff was from Sam and Grace saw her but Grace ignored it and went on.
“…I love to study. I love to go to the movies and I’m an aspiring…” she halted immediately she recalled Ivan and what he did to her two years ago.

‘Will he remember who she is if she mention being an aspiring actress?
Is it possible? It can’t be. He sure had came across a hundred of aspiring actresses over the two years.
He must have forgotten such event’

She had the urge to glance at him but she strongly refused to.

“You are an aspiring what?” Alex asked her thus shooting her out of her thoughts.

Grace smiled and said. “Actress.”

“Wow, really?” Chris said.
“Yes. It’s been my dream ever since I was a kid,” Grace said.
“You are beautiful and you will make a wonderful actress,” Chris said.
Grace smiled. “Thank you.”

“But it seems you were finding it hard to say,” Sam said, fixing her eyes at Grace.
Grace smiled at her. “No Sam. I was just thinking what to add after the the actress.”

“Okay,” Sam said and glanced at Ivan who’s eyes were Grace.

‘Why is he gazing at her?’ Sam thought.

As Grace returned to her seat, Cruz’s didn’t take his eyes off her.

Honey got up and went over.

“Hello housemates, I’m Honey Becker. A finale grade of Barbras Girls High. I love swimming, I love to travel to new places, I love to meet new friends. I have two talents which is waking up every 5:am and dancing which I have a nice dance studio. I love to take tea every night as well. It’s so nice to meet you all. I hope we become good friends and housemates to each other.”

“Wow… You have a dance studio?” Claire asked her.
“Yes with a good number of dancers too.” Honey said.
“Wow, that’s great. I’m gonna make out some time for you to teach me some moves. I’m really bad at dancing,” Chris said.

Honey laughed. “Alright Chris”

Before the next Housemate to introduce himself, Finn could stand up, Sam had cat walked over.
She has a really beautiful figure that whatever cloth she wears, would fit on her so good.

“I’m Samantha Moore but I love to be called Sam for short. I’m a model, a tiktok star and a finale student of OnFord High school. I love to go to the beach, stay with my camera making videos and taking photos. I love to travel and make wonderful friends.” She said but all this while she kept stealing glances at Ivan who was watching her as everyone else was.

Their eyes met a good number of times and she will smile.

‘Yes! he didn’t look away. Now, he’s finally noticing after so many years with him in the same class…. I’m going to make him mine’

“You must love hoodies too,” Chris said to Sam.

Sam smiled. “Yes I do, a lot.. Oops I forgot to add that.”

She returned to her seat and Finn was next.

“My name is Finn Andres. A finale student of MacLeod High school. I love basket ball. It’s Nice to meet you all here.” Finn said and returned to his seat.

Claire was next.
“Hello fellow housemates, I’m Claire Hunter. A short hair lover and finale student of Crestal High. I love cooking and I love to watch movies a lot and listen to music. I’m allergic to strawberries… I’m happy to be in dreame mansion with you all. I hope we become good friends,” she said.

Just then, her eyes and Chris met and she smiled then looked away and returned to her seat.

Chris was next.

“Hello ladies and gentle men, It’s your boy Chris Dalton. I’m an eighteen year old teen and a finale student of
St.West High School. I’m a painter. I could make a painting of you without even looking at you… Okay just kidding…”

The housemates chuckled.

“…my number two hobby is listening to music because I love to have my headset on whenever I’m painting. I love to crack jokes sometimes too. It’s a great happiness for me to be here with you guys. Thank you big Daddy for this opportunity,” Chris said and kissed the air.

The housemates laughed.

((Viewers, you all will agree with me that Chris got so much vibe))

Cruz stood up and went over. He glanced at Grace and then looked away.

He smiled to the housemates.
“Hello guys, I’m Cruz Justin. A finale student of MacHill High school. I’m a music artiste. I love everything about music but I also love soccer and driving. Nice to meet you guys. Let’s become best of friends and housemates. We can do it!” he said and smiled to Grace first and Grace smiled back.

“Wow, we have a musician in the mansion. That’s awesome,” Honey said.

Cruz smiled at her. “Thank you Honey”

“Who’s your role model?” Claire asked him.

“Drake and, The Weekend,” he said.

“Wow, so you rap?” May asked him.

“Yes I do,” Cruz said.

“Can you rap few lines for us?” Honey said and winked playfully at him.

Cruz smiled. “Sure”

“Don’t disappoint the girls man,” Chris said to Cruz.

Cruz smiled. “Of course not”

Honey crossed her legs with a smile.

He cleared his throat. “Okay okay here I go..”
“🎶 go way back with my friends, we used to kick it all the time
Summertime cruising, listening to blues and sipping orange juice kicked with booze smoke a doobie snooze.
Then we wake up shake up, girls put on your make-up, we’re going to tear up the club
every time the bass drops and a bottle pops
And shots don’t stop dropping till the credit cards stop shopping
And the bartender starts mopping, we hit the road, what’s popping?
X’s and O’s at Alexis and her hoes
Then its’s relaxing your toes on the beaches with your bros
Bottles of ice cold rose and tequilas from Don Jose
We only do the right way till there’s nothing left yeah!🎶”

Cruz stopped rapping and the girls clapped for him.

“Woah! You killed it man,” Chris said.
“He’s good,” Alex said.

“Thank you.” Cruz said

“Wow… That was awesome!” Honey said.
“I wish to hear more of it,” Grace said.
“You are sooo good,” Claire said.
“I love it!” May said.

Cruz smiled and bowed to the girls with right his hand to his chest “Thank you ladies.”

” I loved that line…. Summertime cruising listening to blues………..and smoke a…doobie snooze. Something like that,” Finn said.

“Summertime cruising, listening to blues and sipping orange juice kicked with booze smoke a doobie snooze,” Cruz sang it.
“Yes, that..” Finn said with a smile.

“Thank you all for the compliments, I’m so honored,” Cruz said with a smile, bowed and returned to his seat.

The next housemate was May.

“Hi guys, I’m May Callisto, a finale student of Medland High school. An aspiring medical doctor. I love to study, eat snacks and when I’m less busy, I love to take a ride around and see a movie.” May said.

“Medland is a science school right?” Honey asked May.
“Yes,” May answered.

Medland is one of the top five schools in the country.

“It’s so nice to have a doctor among us for emergency purpose,” Chris said.

May chuckled.

May returned to her seat and Alex stood up.

“My name is Alex Whitman, a finale student of Monell High school. I love sports but soccer specially. I love swimming too.

Monell is also one of the top five schools in the country.

The last housemate was Ivan, the only housemate who haven’t spoken a word.

All housemates stared at him as he stood up and walked over.

Every housemate could bet that he’s the most handsome guy in the mansion and who doesn’t know Ivan Lincoln.
All eyes were on him except Grace who fought hard not to look at him.

“I’m Ivan Lincoln, a finale student of OnFord and a model. I love riding around the city with my motorbike..” His voice was calm yet so sweet.

“You always come to school with your motorbike,” Sam said with a smile at Ivan who glanced at her.
“And your desk is the first desk at the second role,” Sam added.

The housemates stared at her.

Sam smiled at the housemates. “I told you guys that I school at OnFord. We are classmates.”

“Then you two know each other?” Chris asked Sam and Ivan.

Sam smiled. “kinda”

Ivan returned back to his seat.

“Wow well….now we’ve gotten to know ourselves.. I think it’s time to head to the Delivery room. Big Daddy has a present for us,” Honey said.

“Yes that’s right,” Chris said.

The housemates got up and began to leave to the delivery room.

The delivery room is a room with ten delivery machines. Each housemate has one delivery machine.
If a housemate has enough Dreame coin and want to order anything, he uses his delivery machine to make the order and returns in one hour or more to collect the items he ordered, via the Delivery box. The Delivery box is a box attached to the delivery machine where the housemate sees the item he has ordered.
There’s a limit to what a housemate can order and a housemate can’t make orders more than two times in a day.
Housemates names are attached to the top of the machine so housemates can know their own machine.

The housemates arrived at the Delivery room and they went to their machine.

They are five machines by the right and five by the left.

Finn, Sam, Ivan, Grace and Cruz’s delivery machine are by the right.

(Wait a second viewers, did you just read that? Grace is in between Ivan and Cruz right now! And what about Sam, beside Ivan. Oh my goodness 😲)

Alex, Claire, Chris, May and Honey’s delivery machine are by the left.

Though there are quite wide space between two machines, it feels like each housemate are close to each other.

‘Oh my Goodness!…why must I be next after Ivan? Why! Anyway, thank God there is enough space between us’ Grace lamented within as she stood next after Ivan.

‘Yes! I’m next to Ivan… I’m going to be right next to him from now on, wherever he sits, I’m gonna sit there, where he go, I’m going right there’ Sam said within but then seeing Grace standing next after Ivan changed her happy mood a bit. ‘I’m suing big daddy for this!’

The first housemate to open his delivery box was Alex.
A pack wrapped hamburger and mayonnaise.
Alex took the pack out and closed the box.

The second and third housemate to open their delivery box were Chris and Honey. It was the same with Alex.
The next three housemates to open their delivery were Cruz, May and Claire but shockingly, Cruz and Claire’s box were empty and May got two packs of hamburger.

“I got none,” Cruz said.
“Me too,” Claire said.

“How can mine be two?” May asked.

Everyone was confused.

Other housemates quickly opened their boxes.

Finn got two.
Ivan got two.
Grace got none
Sam got one.

“I got nothing too,” Grace said, staring at her empty delivery box.

“What does this mean?” Cruz asked.

“I have an idea,” Chris said. “Since three people have more than one and three have none, I think big daddy wants the three people who has more than one to give the three who have none.”

“I really think so,” Claire said.
“Big Dad is full of surprises,” Alex said.

Chris didn’t feel good about it.
Within him, he wished he had two to give one to Claire but since he has just one, someone else is going to give his to her.
‘But May has two.. Is she going to give it to Claire?’ he wondered as he wished to do but just immediately, May walked over to Cruz.
“Have this,” she said to Cruz with a smile.

Cruz collected it and smiled back at her. “Thank you May.”
May nodded.

‘Now who’s going to give one of his to Claire, Finn or Ivan?’ Chris wondered, feeling unhappy about it.

‘Finn please bring yours to me, please I beg of you’ Grace begged within her as she prayed that Finn give his to her.
She doesn’t want it to be Ivan. Never! Oh never never’

But as the devil always play his games, Finn walked straight to Claire and stretched one of his two hamburgers to her.

‘Noooooooooooooo’ cried Grace within her.

But Claire smiled and took it from Finn. “Thank you Finn”
Finn smiled at her.

‘Oh my goodness… What do I do?’ Grace lamented.

Chris felt unhappy.. ‘It should have been me’

Sam watched with fury as Ivan held two of the hamburgers and Grace had none.
Certainly, Ivan is going to give Grace one of it.

‘It should have been me! I should have been the one with no hamburger! Why did big daddy do this shit thing!!’ she roared inside of her. ‘Now Grace is gonna get the hamburger from Ivan! This is so annoying me!’

Now, Ivan and Grace stood, facing their delivery machine.

Who is going to speak first?

‘Well, it should be him…just like Finn and May did!’ Grace said, refusing to take a glance at him.

‘Ahh I should have given this to Cruz… Why do it have to be this curly thing?’ Ivan sighed.

‘So proud! He can’t even give a hamburger to his fellow housemates!’ Grace sneered within angrily.

‘I’m just gonna let this shit out of my hand. I got no option’ Ivan concluded and the next thing he did was to turn to Grace and stretch it to her.
“Here” he said to her.

Grace heard him then saw his hand and gasped

‘What do I do? If I collect this what I’m I to tell him!’

….But well she had no idea where the courage came from but she raised her face, turned to him and took the hamburger with a smile which of course was fake.
“Thank you,” she said to him and instantly looked away.

‘Damn this!’ Sam felt so bittered about it.

She left the delivery room first, followed by Finn, Claire, Chris, Cruz, Alex, May, Ivan then lastly Grace and Honey.

“Grace,” Honey called her.

Honey made sure there were the last housemates and a distance away from them.

“Yes Honey?” Grace answered.

“I wanna ask you something, no offense,” Honey said.
“Sure go on,” Grace said.
“It’s not like I’ve been watching you and Ivan ever since yesterday night but seriously, I feel and see something odd about you two.. Like, have you guys met before?” Honey asked Grace.

Grace heart skipped and she immediately shook her head in negative.
“No we haven’t..” Grace answered.
“Really? But it seems like..”

Grace pretentiously sneezed out loud then again.
That was enough to bring her into the living room.

She headed to the dinning table.

Finn is next to Claire, Claire is next to Chris, Chris is next to Cruz, Cruz is next to May, May is next to Ivan, Ivan is next to Alex, Alex is next to Sam.

Grace walked in and sat at the seat after Sam’s.
Sam almost rolled her eyes but held herself.

Honey came and sat at the last chair beside Grace.

They began to munch on their lunch with the others and Grace tried not to look at Ivan.



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